2B Cosplay Costumes

Nier Automata came out in 2017 and was popular among gamers and reviewers. After all, the story provided excellent music, fun gameplay and memorable characters. People love this game and really enjoyed it, so people naturally want to cosplay the main character, 2B. However, cosplay outfits can vary in price, material and authenticity.

When you purchase a cosplay outfit, you want to make sure that it’s true to the character and looks just like their outfit from the game. Also make sure that it’s comfortable for you to wear. You may wear it for hours, so you don’t want an uncomfortable outfit.

You can find different 2B cosplays online, so here are 5 ones that we recommend. Since they are all 2B cosplay costumes, we will put the name of the company that sells it in the headline.


This costume works well for people that want an authentic outfit that also keeps them covered. While a 2B outfit still reveals skin, this one uses extra thick material to avoid exposure. This way, people can wear the outfit for a long time without worrying about revealing too much.

It also includes the headband, blindfold and bow. This way, you have most of the outfit. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with the wig, so you still need to purchase that from somewhere else.

This one works great for people that want to wear the cosplay but worry about materials that may be too thin.


This version of the 2B cosplay costume offers a variety of sizes that allow you to pick one that will fit your body type. It includes the outfit, blindfold, headband, waistband, stockings and thigh-high socks. This one has most of the pieces, meaning that it minimizes the amount of purchases that you need.

The outfit itself is made in a mesh style. This makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear, though having mesh makes the outfit see-through. You can easily alleviate this problem by wearing something black underneath the costume. The price also varies depending on the size that you buy, so smaller sizes get the best deal.

This outfit works great for someone that wants to keep cool and for those that wear a smaller size.


This outfit takes a different approach by providing an elastic air layer to keep the outfit around your waist. This minimizes the odds of the skirt getting blown upward by wind or other issues. This one includes most of the pieces minus the wig and boots. This helps since you don’t need to worry about the core outfit.

The design remains true to the character while avoiding a see-through outfit. It mentions that you can wear this to conventions, parties and outside. You also have a size chart available, allowing you to find the right size for you. The price varies depending on the size that you buy, though it’s a small difference.

This one works great if you want a fair price between all sizes while getting one that you can use at multiple events.


This outfit takes a different approach by providing a white skirt underneath the outfit. This allows you to cover more skin for those that want to cosplay the outfit without worrying about the slits on the skirt. This one also includes most of the pieces so that you just have to purchase the wig and boots.

The company allows you to get it custom made. This lets you ensure that you get the right size based on your measurements so that you have a comfortable costume that fits perfectly. It also uses a material that prevents it from exposing too much of your body. This way, you can wear the costume without worrying about skin showing.

This works great for someone that wants to 2B cosplay without worrying about the exposure of the original design.

1/3 Delusion

Though this one costs more than most other cosplay outfits, it also includes a wig along with the other pieces. It doesn’t have the boots, but the price and quality of the outfit make up for it. The company made it out of velveteen and used high-temperature resistant fiber.

This cosplay costume works great for people that want to go outside in warm areas since it will help you avoid overheating. It also includes a wig cap so that the wig stays on your head without slipping as much. You can wash the outfit, making it great for multiple uses or if it gets dirty.

This outfit sticks out for its high-quality and excellent material.


Each of these cosplay outfits have their benefits, so here’s a quick summary.

  • miccostume: Includes most of the pieces and prevents unnecessary exposure.
  • HalloweenCostumeParty: Lightweight outfit that allows people to remain cooled off during hot weather.
  • DAZCOS: This one works for people that may vary in sizes that want a fair price while remaining true to the character.
  • ZYHCOS: Provides an extra skirt layer to avoid unnecessary exposure.
  • 1/3 Delusion: Includes the wig, which the others don’t, while made out of high-quality material to avoid over-heating.

Many people don’t have time to make their own cosplay costumes, so go and look at these to find one that works for you.