Antennas for Attic

A high-quality television antenna is a must for anyone living far outside cities. Often, these areas will not provide a wide range of channels, but with a television antenna, you will be able to pick up these channels. Finding the right antenna means knowing what to look for and understanding the range you need to get the most channels.

What should you look for in Attic Antennas?

1Types of Signals Received

The types of different signals received should be UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency). Having both types of frequencies will be free through the air stations depending on the type of antenna you use. Having both frequency ranges will restrict the number of channels you have to the ones you receive through these frequencies.

2Signal Strength

Having UHF and VHF frequencies will give you a wide range of signals to receive from both signals. The frequency range will give different channels to access that come through the UHF and VHF signals.

3Range of Frequencies

The wave cycles are in megahertz. The frequency range determines the number of channels your antenna will pick up without interference. The higher the frequency range your antenna has, the greater the reception you will receive without interference.

4Ease of Installation

Getting an antenna is a great way to get more high-quality television stations, but if it is not easy to set up, you will have trouble viewing your new channels. The antenna needs to be easy to install and weather-resistant so you will not have problems viewing the television stations you pick up.

What are the best Attic Antennas?

1FiveStar Outdoor HD TV Antenna

The FiveStar Outdoor HD TV Antenna is a high-image-quality antenna. The FiveStar Outdoor model antenna is the updated 2019 edition that comes with a full package, including an installation kit with forty-foot and four-foot Coax Cable, a four-way spiller so you can use up to four televisions in your home and cable clips.

The FiveSar Antenna comes with auto gain control up to thirty-five decibels. The new technology in the antenna adjusts the signal for updated performance and signal quality. The single receive has a reduction in noise for low noise amplification with an operating frequency of eight hundred sixty megahertz.

The antenna is good to use with your Smartphone as it removes interference for four-G phone signals for quality, streaming television reception on your phone or four-G device. The built-in receiver for the antenna supports four-K television at 1080p, 1080l, and 720p Broadcast radio. You also receive signals in a three hundred sixty degrees rotation so you can pick up channels from around the world, including Latin America, Mexico, and Canada.

With an updated antenna, you will receive up to fifty percent more VHF elements and reception for higher-quality images and sound. You will have advanced reception through the use of high-quality copper cables. The design includes special features to withstand wind and poor weather conditions.


  • You can receive an updated broadcast range that includes channels from South America and Canada.
  • Your Cell phone will receive Four-G signals so you can stream television through your devices.
  • The antenna can withstand poor weather conditions.


  • The remote does not tell you what direction the antenna is pointing.
  • The antenna requires electricity.

2Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna

The Antennas Direct ClearStream provides a clear stream of television. The antenna will allow you to receive television from networks such as PBS, ABC, CW, MeTV, and NBC with full HD 1080 capabilities. The antenna has a rating for sixty miles of reception where you can pick up a signal.

The antenna has dedicated UHF and UHF multi-directional elements so you can have a wide range of channels and less disruption around your channels. The range and channels stream from a 2V antenna with a twenty-inch mount that comes with all-weather hardware so it can withstand wind, rain, and snow.


  • Your new antenna will give you a clear picture on all channels.
  • The VHF channels coming through are high in quality.
  • The channels received are wide-ranging.


  • The cable splitters are cheap.
  • If you live many stories up an apartment building, it will not work.

3Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna

The Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna provides you with a strong multi-directional antenna. The eight-element antenna will give you a range of up to seventy miles of pure reception. The reception is UHF with four hundred seventy megahertz up to six hundred ninety-eight megahertz. The wide range of reception will allow you to pick up channels from fourteen up to sixty-nine depending on your location.

The antenna receives television from multiple networks, including Fox, PBS, and ABC with full HD 1080 pictures, where available of channels like MeTV and CBS. The installation is simple, and you direct the antenna towards areas with stations. The degree of the beam angle will give you up to a six hundred ninety-eight megahertz range up to seventy miles away from your antenna.

The kit you receive will come with a DB8e antenna that comes with all-weather mounting, so you won’t need to worry about snow, rain, or wind. The antenna produces up to seventy-five ohms and comes with a lifetime warranty on parts.


  • The antenna components are resistant to weather.
  • You can receive signals up to seventy miles away.
  • You gain up to 17.4 dBi when installed.


  • The antenna is very large.
  • The signal will not be as strong as other antennas if trees or mountains are around.

4Winegard Platinum Series HD7694P Long Range TV Antenna

The Winegard Platinum Series HD7694P Long Range TV Antenna is a premium outdoor HD antenna. The antenna receives high-quality VHF and UHF digital TV settings. The frequencies from both provide you with uninterrupted digital TV.

Your new antenna will work with a range of up to forty-five miles. The signal range is reliable, and with the Winegard Boost, the XT LNA-200 antenna receives a boost. You will receive a wide range of free TV programming, including live sports channels, news, weather, and many top-rated programs.

The antenna has an Ultra HD 4K signal and an ATSC 3.0 signal. You will receive more features and content through these signals, such as 3D television, including higher frame rates for a clearer picture. Winegard Antenna is a US product that produces high-quality signal reception. You can pair your streaming devices such as Chromecast and Fire TV.


  • The range of the antenna is forty-five miles.
  • You will receive free TV programming, such as top-rated television programs.
  • You can pair your new antenna with your devices.


  • If you have a mountain near your location, you might receive fewer stations.
  • The antenna will not always pick up all stations.

5pingbingding HDTV Antenna

The pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna reaches up to one hundred fifty miles. You will receive dual TV outputs with Full HD TV with 720p, 1090i, and 1080p. The frequencies they operate at are VHF up to 230 megahertz and UHF up to 860 megahertz.

The installation is easy as they come with Snap-on installations. The installation is easy and requires no tools. A user manual comes with the antenna so you can follow step-by-step instructions without getting confused. The antenna is weather-resistant and comes with lightning protection.

The antenna comes with a wireless remote control with a built-in three hundred sixty degrees motor that rotates the antenna for higher gains. The antenna has a low noise amplifier so you can receive channels without distortion or interruption.


  • The antenna comes with lightning resistance.
  • You will not have trouble installing because the installation is Snap-On.
  • The antenna has a range of one hundred fifty miles.


  • You need to use the remote to direct the antenna.
  • You need to point the antenna in the right direction for use.

Final Thoughts

When you want to get a lot of high-quality television channels, you need a television antenna that will reach the distance. You also need one that will last through storms and will consistently provide you with high-quality television. The best antenna for your needs is the Winegard Platinum Series with the long-range TV antenna.

The Winegard Platinum Series antenna provides you with VHF and UHF signals. You will receive high frequencies to provide you with multiple quality channels within a forty-five-mile range. The antenna comes with the Winegard Booster to ensure you will receive the maximum range.