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Best Arcade Machines in 2020

If you grew up between the 60s and the 90s, then you almost certainly remember what it was like to play video games at the arcade. It was a near-mythical area where many people had their first video game experience. There were no online connections; you had to meet your opponent face-to-face in a challenge of quarters and gaming skill.

Others would play titles that infuriated and ate your quarters by the handful. No matter your choice, arcades were a pivotal part of pop culture before the rise of advanced gaming systems.

Despite modern gaming and it’s sophisticated implementation of graphics and technology, retro games are perhaps more popular than ever. Not only do old-school gamers love to play their childhood favorites, but new-age gamers have come to enjoy the charm and engagement these simple, yet challenging games offer.

Modern games are so advanced that they often require gigabytes worth of storage. However, retro games are often only a few kilobytes with of info, and this has led to the creation of mega, arcade gaming units. Unlike the original gaming cabinets, these selections house hundreds, and sometimes thousands of titles in on game station

Today, we are going to review the top 5 Arcade Machines for home and commercial use. These selections offer options that help you capture the experience of playing your favorite titles in the arcade. These machines even offer the option to charge quarters for play to add an extra stream of income to your commercial establishments.


This selection is the first of two tables we will cover from Prime Arcades. The LLC Cocktail Arcade Machine contains a library that houses 1,000 titles and features classics from the 80s and 90s.

Any retro gaming enthusiast will appreciate the titles this machine offers. Classics from the 80s like Frogger are accompanied by the legendary, and sometimes unbeatable 90s classics like The Simpsons.

This table comes with two seats for comfortable play, and can adjust to seat 4. The 22″ LED monitor displays the gaming action in a way true arcade fans will love. One of the best parts of this machine is that you simply have to plug-and-play to get started with this machine.


  • Includes 1000 vintage titles that retro gamers are sure to want.
  • No assembly required.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • No trackball.


Our second Prime Arcades machine is the slimmed down Cocktail Arcade Machine. The title of games is considerably smaller at 412, but it includes retro titles that old-school aficionados will appreciate.

It also includes sequels to many of these legendary titles. You can enjoy multiple titles from your favorite game series with this single machine. You will also appreciate the protective measures that Prime Arcades takes by including tempered glass. No spill or liquid will harm this machine, ensuring a long-lasting game unit.

Just like the previous listing, this model comes fully-assembled. Just take the station out of it’s packaging, plug it into the freest outlet and get started with all of your favorite titles. You can even add coin-operated play if you put this unit into any dining or business establishments you own.


  • Includes 412 legendary titles.
  • Includes timeless classics like Frogger, Pac-Man, Joust, and others.
  • Two sitting stools for comfortable gaming.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Unrivaled customer service department.


  • Missing certain classics that retro gamers love.
  • No trackball with this model.


On a list featuring video games machines, you might wonder why we include a basketball unit. Well, any true arcade lover knows that the arcade didn’t just feature video games. Classics like pinball, air hockey and skee ball would fill the arcade with just as much sound and excitement as the video games did.

This Pop-A-Shot basketball unit is the original arcade basketball game, and it comes with a host of features to make you feel like you are in the arcade when you play it. Choose from over 10 gaming variations with six adjustable audio options that will keep you coming back over and over again.

You have the option to play solo or with a rival, ensuring that you have can play this game in any situation. These machines had a notorious history for inaccurate scoring, so you will be pleased to hear that Home Dual includes infrared sensors for 100% accuracy.


  • 10 game variations to choose from.
  • Supplies a welcome classic to your retro gaming area and room.
  • 6 dynamic sound options and LED scoreboard.
  • Adjustable height that allows both children and adults to play together.
  • Includes balls and a complementary air pump.


  • Instructions are somewhat unclear.
  • Long and tedious assembly process.


Our fourth listing is one of two gaming machines from Creative Arcades. This machine doesn’t mess around when it comes to titles, containing a whopping 3,500 titles from the classic 80s and 90s gaming periods.

This console not only features well-known titles like Pac-Man, but also features cult classics like Dragon’s Lair. It comes with single and multiplayer options, and the large, 32″ LED screen displays the gaming excitement for both spectators and gamers to enjoy.

You’ll love knowing that this machine is fully-assembled upon delivery. All you have to do is plug the machine in, and options for free play and paid play give you a full-fledged gaming unit that puts the arcade right into your home or place of business.


  • Humongous game list with over 3,500 titles
  • Includes cult classics like Space ce and Dragon’s Lair.
  • Chrome stools for sitting while you play.
  • Plug-and-play setup.


  • No featured list of games.
  • Very expensive.


This last selection is the second of our Creative Arcades gaming machines, with the Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine. This tilt-screen unit contains a library that is just shy of 1,200 titles, and the chrome-plated stools allow you to recline while you play.

This unit requires no assembly whatsoever, so you can start playing as soon as it arrives to you. It also comes with free or paid-play options, and the large, 26″ screen displays all the gaming action in vibrant fashion.


  • Tilted screen provides a welcome nod to the old arcade gaming boxes.
  • Contains over 1000 classic titles.
  • 8-position joystick and trackball features.


  • Two-player only works when you tilt the screen.
  • No list to view the gaming titles on.

Thoughts and Considerations

Video game arcade machines hold a unique value that retro gaming enthusiasts consider irreplaceable. However, there are a number of considerations you want to keep in mind before you commit to a video game station.

  • These video game cabinets require a pretty hefty investment. The average price of these cabinets is $2,400, so you want to make sure that you are prepared to invest such a high amount.The price is steep, but many people consider it more than a fair sacrifice. These games are very hard to come by and are rare classics. Moreover, these cabinets store and average of 1500 games.
  • The safety features in these cabinets are vital for long-term use and operation. The tempered-glass feature for these machines protects them from outside damage, and is an irreplaceable quality for long-term sustainability.

Top Pick

With such a sizable investment, you want to make sure that you are getting a machine that emphasizes features that give you the most for what you pay for. With that said, there are more things to consider than just games.

We choose the Creative Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine. It doesn’t have the largest library out of the bunch, but it does have an impressive library that will satisfy any retro gamer.

There is impressive buyer security with this machine, coming with a 3-year warranty. Moreover, it sitting stools that players can use to play comfortably. Some people scoff at the limited number of players, but retro gaming boxes were not like modern systems that support 4 or more players at once. It’s really an awesome machine, and blends the features it includes perfectly for one-of-a-kind, home-gaming experience.


These 5 selection really bring the entire, nostalgic feel of these retro video game titles right to your own home entertainment room. You really can’t have full-fledged arcade room without a retro gaming cabinet, and these selections are the best of the best.

We also included the original arcade basketball machine to add a welcome variety that will complement your growing list of home-based arcade games. These machines are also perfect additions to work environments and commercial businesses, allowing you to charge for play to bank in some extra money!

Either way you look, you can loose with these vintage gaming cabinets!