At Home Drug Test Kit

At-home drug testing is a common way to know how your body is handling different types of substances. A quality test will give you more than just one or two things to test but multiple. Your everyday life exposes you to multiple types of toxins and staying clean for your work, or other reasons is important. The right test will help see you through and show you how you need to clean yourself out.

What to Look for in At-Home Drug Testing Kits

1Number of Substances Tested For

Every type of drug test on the market will test for one or more substances and will provide you with negative or positive results. Known as the Drug Panel, the more substances you need to test for, many can test for up to twelve different substances. Not all tests test for the same substances, so you need to read the list of tested substances carefully before you buy.

Having an accurate test for all possible substances means buying a test for all the substances in your body. You don’t want to miss one and end up with a false negative, then go to your test and fail. Your positives also need to cover all the substances in your body, and you don’t want to test positive for something you haven’t done. It could mean the difference between keeping your job and losing your job.


If you are self-testing yourself for drugs and you want to know if you are clean, accuracy is a huge deciding factor. You need the test to be accurate every time. Without you knowing if you are clean, you could fail. The test should provide you actuate negative or positive results without the worry and anxiety of a false positive.

For the test to be as accurate as possible, you should do your homework and read reviews as well as follow the instructions to the letter. For the test to be successful, you need to do your part to ensure your tests will be reliable as well by working to be clean before you start your testing.

3Shelf Life

Sometimes you need to have at-home drug tests available for the unexpected drug testing. You need to know that the test you bought in advance is still good. You can overnight your drug test, but that costs a lot of money, and you might not get the one that is accurate and will give you the information you need.

Having a drug test sit around for a couple of months between drug tests should not take the drug test fail to work for you. Make sure you know when the drug test expires before you use it as well as when you buy it. Old ones do end up on the shelves, and an over-night order can also give you a drug test that is out of date, be on top of your dates, and you will be fine.

What is a positive test?

Testing positive in an at-home test is common if you expose to anything around your testing. It is important to be in a sterile area for your test because residue in your home or smoke in the air your body can absorb, causing a positive result where there is none. Most lab tests have a control strip to show you what a negative result looks like.

Even if the line is faint, it means you may have some substance in your system without it being a true positive. If there is no line, you are clean of the tested substances. If a control line does not appear, then the test is faulty, and you need to throw it away.

What are the Best Drug Testing Kits?

1Hair Confirm Regular Hair Drug Testing Kit

The 5-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test is an extremely accurate way to test your drug history. The test kit uses only a hair follicle to indicate if you have any drugs in your system ninety days after your last use. It is very sensitive to five select drug’s presence in your body and has a greater degree of sensitivity that Urine or Saliva testing.

The kit is CLIA and CAP-accredited and comes with an ISO lab certificate. The results guarantee to be fast as well as accurate. The test screens for marijuana, cocaine, codeine, morphine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and phencyclidine and gives you accurate readings.

How does it work?

The testing uses very little hair to confirm the presence of drugs, so if you have limited hair on your body, it can pick up the smallest traces. The hair used to test for multiple substances and can pick up over-the-counter drugs, causing false positives. So you need to be careful when you select your hair samples.

The test requires you to remove ninety to one hundred twenty hairs and send the samples off to the specified testing site. A shipping label is included in the kit with a Specimen ID number, a passcode, and email so you can register your test.

Your test will be available two business days after they receive the samples and will be available online. The results will give you clear readouts of positives and negatives for each type of drug tested.


  • The test tests up to five different drugs.
  • The accuracy of the test is ready within no time.
  • The test is fast and easy to do.


  • The test is not cheap.

210-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test

The 10-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test is an affordable home drug test. It allows you to test yourself in your home for cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, amphetamine, opiates, methadone, PCP, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and tricyclic antidepressants. Your results will be available up to five minutes after you do your test.

The test will show you a test line for every substance it is testing for and will show you a second strip for each with one line for positive and two lines for negative. The design on the test is set towards the testable levels that might appear in your body because there are certain levels it will show up at and will not be a positive reading.

How does it work?

The test is ninety-nine percent accurate for your single-use home drug dip test. The test arrives ready to use in a sealed pouch to prevent contamination. The pouch must be at room temperature before you use it.

The test comes with a test end to ensure the usability of the test, and the immerse portion of the test takes little time for your urine specimen. The test strip must immerse vertically for at least fifteen seconds without passing the arrows on the cup’s test panels.

The panels rest on a non-absorbent surface for at least five minutes. The non-absorbent surface can be your bathroom counter. Lines of color appear on the test and are complete after ten minutes.

How do you interpret the Test?

1Two Lines with one being a control line, if another line appears even faintly, it is negative. The negative reading means the levels of drug detected are negligible, and it is a negative test despite the faint line reading.

2One line means a positive reading. If there is no indication of a second line, then the reading is positive at a level that a testing agency can detect.

3No lines appearing means there is a flaw in the test, and the results are invalid. You will need to buy another test and try again with a panel.

35-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test

The 5-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test is a test you can take at home. The test will test for opiates, amphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine in only five minutes. The test is a dip test that uses your urine to present you with readable results.

The test displays each type of drug you are testing with a control line and a second line if you are negative for the drug or no line if you are positive for it. If no lines appear on the test than the test is faulty and you will need to discard it and buy a new one.

How does it Work?

The test is ninety-nine percent accurate with a single-use test strip. You will receive a sealed pouch that prevents contamination. The test panel will be ready to use after it reaches room temperature. With your urine sample, you can dip the included test strip to see if it is reading accurately.

Arrows are one the test to show where each type of drug will read. Immerse your test vertically in the urine for up to fifteen seconds. You must not pass the arrows to prevent ruining your test. You will then allow it to sit for up to ten minutes on a non-absorbent surface where readings will begin to appear after five minutes.

What do the Readings Mean?

A negative result will show two lines, with one being a control line. A second line will appear beneath it as a negative reading. Even a faint line is still a negative reading as it indicates the levels of the drug in your system are below detectable levels for workplace drug tests.

A positive result has only the control line visible on the panel with no other lines, however faint. If there is no second line, then the levels of drug detected are detectable by any other agency that might be running a drug test.

There is always the possibility of an invalid test where no lines appear. If this happens, you must discard the test and get a new one. The test might be faulty, or there is an insufficient amount of urine to test, so you will need to retest for accurate results.

Final Thoughts

Testing for controlled substances is never fun at home or work. The right test for you to be in the clear is not only the one that is accurate but is one that has everything you need testing for in one test. If you need more than one substance test, then the 5-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test is the one you should try.

The hair test is more accurate, but for a quick, at-home reading of what you currently have in your body, then the 5-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test is the place to start. The test is easy to use, you will not need to wait for the results, and you will have more time to start cleansing your body for at-work drug testing or other types of testing. The hair test is the most accurate, but you should use it after you cleanse yourself for at least ninety days.