Automatic Cat Feeders

Automatic cat feeders are an extremely convenient accessory that can automatically feed your cat daily. This can be a great addition to your household, especially if you are not home during the day. You might also find these types of cat feeders useful for vacations, holidays, or other similar events that might prevent you from manually feeding your cat.

We are going to take a look at all of the important purchase factors that you should consider before completing your purchase. These factors include design quality, durability, reliability, price, and overall customer feedback. All of these aspects are extremely important and we take them all very seriously when reviewing each of these five products.

Product Reviews – The Top Automatic Cat Feeders

Option #1 – WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder [Amazon Link]

The first product that we are going to analyze is the WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder. This convenient cat feeder is ideal for automatically feeding your pet while you are not at home. You can easily control the portion of food that you want your cat to have access to and you can also adjust the mealtime. The simple control interface is extremely useful for customers and the overall design of this product is highly rated by customers.


  • Simple User Control Panel
  • Customize Portions of Food and Meal Time
  • Microphone with Recorded Messages for Pets


  • Minor Durability Issues
  • Short Battery Life

Option #2 – Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder [Amazon Link]

We are now prepared to take an in-depth look at the Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder. This convenient device is equipped with a full control system that will allow you to control the time of every meal as well as the size of the food portion. There is also an automated sensor system that can prevent too much food from entering the bowl.

One of the cool features that many customers have enjoyed is the voice recording feature. This allows you to record a fun message for your cat to listen to during their meal. A simple power supply is also included. Customers have the option to use the power supply or separate batteries.


  • Advanced Sensor System for Portion Control
  • Voice Recording System
  • Programmable Portions and Times


  • Batteries are Not Included
  • Partially Faulty Design
  • Minor Durability Concerns

Option #3 – Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder [Amazon Link]

Our third review will primarily focus on the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder. This cost-effective cat feeder is simple and easy to operate. The LCD Clock and Display screen make it easy to configure the settings for this device. You can control portions, meal times, and adjust several other settings to ensure that your cat is fed a sufficient amount of food every single day.


  • Simple Design Quality
  • LCD Clock and Display Panel for Adjustable Settings
  • Message Recording System


  • Requires Batteries
  • Durability Issues
  • Vulnerable to Food Jams

Option #4 – Westlink Automatic Pet Feeder [Amazon Link]

Our fourth product happens to be the Westlink Automatic Pet Feeder. This cost-effective product choice is extremely convenient because of its reliable design. All customers can easily configure their desired feeding settings on the front-end of the control panel. Several settings can make your life easier when trying to feed your pet. Cats will love this food dispenser because of its simplistic design and its overall reliability ensures a tasty meal.


  • Extremely Reliable
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Cost-Effective Design


  • Requires Batteries (Sold Separately)

Option #5 – PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder [Amazon Link]

Our fifth and final product review inside of this buyer’s guide will look at the impressive PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder. This premier device can be completely controlled from a mobile smartphone. Simply load up the mobile app on an iPhone with iOS 9 and you will be able to initiate a meal for your cat at your command.

This device is also safe for cleaning inside of the dishwasher. If you are looking for a high-quality cat feeder with premium design features, you can certainly not go wrong with the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder.


  • Controlled through Mobile App (iPhone iOS 9 or Newer)
  • Flexible Portions
  • Safe for Cleaning in the Dishwasher


  • Premium Price Range
  • Backup Battery is Not Reliable


We have now had the opportunity to discuss five of the highest-rated automatic pet feeders that are currently available in the industry. Are you concerned about the type of pet feeder that you purchase? If you are worried about this, your concern could be justified.

Nobody wants to risk the health of their pets when they go on an extended vacation away from home. Additionally, nobody wants to spend a large amount of money boarding their pets outside of their house.

With that being said, you have a great chance to analyze each of these impressive products to ultimately make the best purchase decision for your cat.