Beach Chairs for Kids

If you are looking forward to having a great family day at the beach, it might be useful to plan and purchase some high-quality beach chairs for the kids. This buyer’s guide will be evaluating the best choices that you have when it comes to purchasing beach chairs for children.We will be factoring in several important things, including price, quality, comfort, color styles, and more. This product review will be a great place to start conducting your research and it might even help you to find the best beach chair for your kids.We are now prepared to start the product review section and we will kickstart this buyer’s guide by taking a look at our first product. Our top selection for this review goes to the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flex Octopus Folding Beach Chair.

Product Reviews – The Top Beach Chairs for Kids

Option #1 – Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flex Octopus Folding Beach Chair [Amazon Link]

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flex Octopus Folding Beach Chair could be a great purchase for young kids that are looking forward to a visit to the beach. This convenient folding chair is comfortable and convenient for storage purposes. The durable and stylish fabric is themed for children and the metal frame is sturdy and durable.


  • Convenient Folding Design
  • Vibrant Color Theme for Kids
  • Comfortable and Sturdy Design


  • Minimum Recommended Age of 4
  • Minor Durability Issues

Option #2 – Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair [Amazon Link]

The Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair could be a great purchase because it is durable and comfortable. There are also over eight different color styles and themes that you can customize on the product page. This beach chair is lightweight and convenient for portable purposes.

This folding beach chair is ideal for small children and it can enhance your overall beach experience.


  • Eight Color Options are Available
  • Easy for Storage and Extremely Portable Design
  • Comfortable and Sturdy Design


  • Vulnerable to Rust (Not Waterproof)

Option #3 – Redmon for Kids Beach Umbrella Camp Chair [Amazon Link]

Our third beach chair product is extremely stylish and has several color themes and styles that you can choose from. The Redmon for Kids Beach Umbrella Camp Chair is extremely safe and comfortable for young kids and it even comes with its very own umbrella.

There are two armrests and a convenient cup holder where kids can place their juice boxes and beverage containers.


  • Comfortable Chair with Umbrella
  • Several Color Options are Available
  • Integrated Cupholders and Arm Rests


  • Limited Quantity Available
  • Minor Durability Issues

Option #4 – Disney Finding Dory Fold-N-Go Beach Chair [Amazon Link]

This Disney Finding Dory Fold-N-Go Beach Chair is a great choice for kids that are visiting the beach because of the vibrant color scheme. No assembly is required because this is a folding beach chair and it is ideal for portable situations. This chair is sturdy, safe, and durable and it should be considered one of the best options for children that visit the beach.


  • Colorful Ocean Theme
  • Sturdy Design Quality
  • Convenient for Storage and Transport
  • No Assembly is Required


  • Recommended Age (3 – 7 Years Old Only)

Option #5 – Baby Delight Go-with-Me Chair [Amazon Link]

It is finally time to begin our final product review and this time we are taking a look at the Baby Delight Go-with-Me Chair. This particular product is available in six different color themes and has a safety harness for younger children. There is an integrated snack-tray, canopy, and a carrying bag. This particular beach chair is ideal for extremely young children and even infants.


  • Six Color Options are Available
  • Ideal for Children and Babies
  • Includes Snack Tray, Canopy, and Carrying Bag


  • Not Ideal for Older Kids


A beach day is never complete without the entire family and a solid set of beach chairs. These products are a great way for children to not be excluded from a beach visit. There are outstanding color styles and themes that are perfect for young kids and there will certainly be at least one product within this review that is right for you.

It is important to compare all of the product features between these products, especially since many of these chairs are significantly different. There is no doubt that you can conduct some product research and confidently purchase one of these high-quality beach chairs for your next visit to the beach with your kids.