Best Bed Fans For Under The Sheets

Many people aren’t even aware that temperature can have a direct effect on your quality of sleep. Many people find themselves incapable of getting a good night’s rest, waking up or failing to sleep because they are too hot. If this is a problem for you, then a reliable bed fan can lead you to the restful sleep you desire.

Bed fans come in a large variety of different machines. Each machine caters to specific preferences, and choosing the right fan requires you to know what you want out of a good bed fan.

The selections we are going to look at today highlight the top 5 Bed Fans that you can use to improve your sleep. These units will include fans that attach to your bed, as well as tower fans that sit next to your bed. We even include a mattress cover that takes an alternative, but still effective approach to your body-cooling needs.


If there is a gold standard when it comes to bed fans, the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort fan certainly fits the description. Although it is more expensive than most fans, the list of features that this fan includes definitely justify the price.

This selection is the only fan tat offers both warming and cooling options, and uses biorhythm technology to adjust your temperature settings to their optimal levels. However, you also have the option to customize your own settings if you are more confident if you are already familiar with your body’s heating cycles.

In addition, the BedJet give you two options to remotely control your fan. If you lose the remote than comes standard with this fan, you can use your phone to download BedJet’s mobile app. This give you full control of your machine through your phone.

Due to the integrated, biorhythm technology, this machine can use these functions to wake you up at the appropriate time. With so many features and unique functions, the BedJet V2 is a hard selection to beat.


  • Wireless remote control with downloadable app that gives you control through your phone and other internet-ready devices.
  • Customize settings to fit your particular sleep patterns.
  • Operates as an alternative alarm that wakes you up with temperature control.
  • Also provides warming options that ensure temperature regulation in bother directions.


  • Rather expensive in comparison to other fans.

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The Bed Fan Cooling Fan is another clip-fan selection with a simple purpose: to keep you cool so you can rest easily. It attaches to the foot of the and blow air directly on to you.

Bed fans can often cause conflict between spouses. However, this fan focuses it’s airflow directly on you, allowing you to cool off without interfering with your partner.


  • Securely clips to the end of the bed to keep you cool.
  • Can run all night for constant cooling or you can turn it on later if you get too hot.
  • Does not bother your spouse.


  • No remote-control options.
  • Rather expensive.


This tall fan model comes to us with the Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan, It comes with 3 different output settings that allow you to adjust the rate of airflow. It also is uniquely quiet so that you can sleep without disturbance.

This fan has an oscillating feature that allows the fan to rotate 80 degrees. This feature allows for cool air to flow throughout your entire sleeping space, making sure that you stay cool for a good night’s rest.

This model is also a very unassuming addition to your home, fitting neatly into any space. Moreover, you can adjust the height to a maximum of 42 inches or to a shorter sie to align perfectly with your bed.


  • Less expensive than most fans that clip to the bed.
  • 80-degree oscillation to ensure even cooling throughout your room.
  • Comes with remote-control to adjust fan settings from bed.


  • may not be suitable with your spouse.


Our fourth selection for body cooling is not a bed fan, but a mattress cover. By using crystal gel fibers, the Leggett Platt Sleep Chill absorbs heat from the body and redirects away from you. The 3D fibers allow this mattress cover to generate maximum airflow for increased comfort and cooling capacity.

This mattress doesn’t just cool the body, but also shields you from environmental contaminants and irritants like dander, stains, moisture and dust mites. You’ll enjoy the 10-year limited warranty, and this mattress cover is machine washable.


  • Easy-to-wash and maintain.
  • Specialized crystal-fiber technology that absorbs and redirects heat away from the body.
  • Impressive 10-year warranty.


  • Customers report issues with securing bed sheets on the mattress cover.
  • Some people have reported that the cover does not support their heat output.


The last of our fan selections comes from the Tornado Fan, a 6” addition that fastens securely onto your bed. With two speeds you can adjust the airflow to your desires and preferences. Tilt the fan to also control the direction that air is blowing.

One standout feature is the 5-foot power cord that allows you a lot of options on where to place your fan. It comes with a 12-month warranty that provides you with an extra layer of purchase security.


  • A lot more affordable than similar units.
  • Allows you to adjust the direction of airflow.
  • Easily clamps to your bed and provide stable placement.


  • .
  • The speed adjustments are rather slim.
  • No oscillation features.

Thoughts and Considerations

Finding the right bed fan will really rely on you knowing what will work for you. People who are single will more than likely find it easier to pick a fan that is suitable for them. Married individuals or people who sleep with their spouses must also take into consideration the sleeping needs of their partners as well.

If you have a spouse that shares your bed, the Leggett Mattress cover is a worthwhile consideration. This mattress cover only cools you when you need it, and can be a welcome alternative that makes both your and your partner happy. You get the cooling you need and your partner doesn’t have to worry about temperature changes they don’t like.

You might think that the last selection is clearly less valuable than the other selections. It doesn’t even oscillate, really highlighting the lack of features this fan has. However, if your needs are very simplistic, this model can be perfect for you sleep quality and your pocket book.

Top Pick

Since you already read the selections above, then you might be agreeing with us when we recommend the BedJet V2 Bed Fan. It is more expensive than the other fans, but this particular fan also contains a number of standout features that no other selection has.

First, it is the only selection with heating and cooling options. This is an important feature because temperatures can fluctuate during the nighttime. If you are just focusing on cooling, you could run the risk of being too cold and possibly being vulnerable to illness.

The second feature is the integrated biorhythm technology that monitors you heat output so that it can easily cool and warm you for to create the optimal sleeping conditions. However, you don’t need to rely on this technology if you already know you temperature patterns. You can customize your own settings into this machine.

Lastly, this machine comes with two remote control options. A wireless remote in included with this fan, but BedJet takes it a step further by including a remote control app that allows you to control the machine through your phone.


These selections have features that uniquely help with your body-cooling needs. Some models rely on simple fan mechanics to do the trick while other brands utilize specialized technology to help you. No matter the case, these selections can help you get on the road to restful sleep that you can rely on.