Best Tactical Glasses – Top Military Grade Tac Glasses

When you are participating in any outdoor activity, it helps to be able to see clearly. Being able to see your surroundings clearly is especially important if you are out hunting to make sure you get just the right shot. Wearing Tac sunglasses can give you protection from UV rays as well as help sharpen and improve your vision, especially in bright and sunny weather. Here are a few tips on reviews to help you find the Best Tac Sunglasses for your next outdoor adventure.
So, you may be wondering what makes a pair of tactical sunglasses different from normal sunglasses. A pair of typical sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays while tactical sunglass will protect your eyes from projectiles and small projectiles as well as provide you added UV protection. Other protection provided by Tac sunglasses includes fog, dust, debris, leaves, and small particles in the air.
With impact-resistant tactical eyewear, you are prepared for combat situations where you need to protect your eyes from debris, sand, dirt, and shrapnel that could be flying in the air towards you. Keep in mind that a good pair of tactical sunglasses will have an impact-resistance certification, which can be either an ANSI certification or MIL-PRF certification.
Both will be rugged and impact resistant, but a MIL-PRF can withstand seven times more impact than an ANSI certification, plus it will provide more UV protection, environmental stability, optical clarity, and chemical resistance. If given the choice, choose the MIL-PRF Certified sunglasses for the best eye protection, especially in a tactical situation. ANSI Certified sunglasses are durable and work well in an everyday situation. Either way, always choose sunglasses that are durable and will last you more than just a couple of months.
You will find that most sunglass lenses feature one of these coatings:
• Anti-glare or polarized
• Anti-fog
• Anti-scratch
If you are looking at the best pair of tactical sunglasses, make sure they come with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. You may also find higher-end sunglasses with anti-grease or anti-water coatings as well. All sunglasses should have a minimum amount of UV protection while a good pair of tactical sunglasses should also have UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C protection that will cover pretty much all the bad stuff you can get from the sun.

Tac Sunglasses Reviews

Bell + Howell Tac Sun Glasses with Nightvision

Featuring Nightvision, the Bell & Howell Tac Glass are polarized, sports eyewear that comes with gradient lenses and plastic frames. With a one-size-fits-all design, these sunglasses are perfect for both female and male wearers.
Protecting against harmful UV rays, these polarized sunglasses will help to reduce the glare you see on a sunny day giving you optimal visual acuity. The Bell & Howell Tac Glasses with Nightvision are designed to protect your eyesight from slowly degenerating due to UV ray exposure.
They do what is advertised
They are perfect for driving at different times of the dayCons:
A little on the expensive side
The glasses are a bit flimsy

Bell + Howell TAC Glasses (no night vision)

Blocking glare and harmful UV rays, the polarized Bell & Howell Tac Glasses are perfect for both women and men with their one-size-fits-all design. Improving visibility, these Tac Glasses are perfect to wear on snowy or asphalt-covered roads or around any reflective surface. Plus, they sit tightly and firmly on your face when they are worn.

With a light-filtering feature, these sunglasses improve your visual clarity, even when worn in low light conditions. The Bell & Howell Tac Glasses also help to sharpen edges and colors of objects. For a fraction of the cost, you can get the functionality, construction, and aesthetic design of expensive sunglasses.

The Bell & Howell Tac Glasses also come with a black matte frame that is extremely durable. These sunglasses also come with rust-proof screws and lenses that are corrosion-proof against alkaline conditions like ocean spray exposure.
They cut down on glare
They fit well and are good quality
The glasses work really well when driving and facing the sun
They are too fragile for everyday use
The tint is a bit too dark

Battle Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses

The Battle Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses helps to improve your visual clarity. Not only can you see clearer, but the Battle Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses will also help to enhance color, eliminate glare, and provide the best UV protection for your eyes.

With the shape-memory polymer frames, the Battle Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses are pretty much unbreakable giving you incredible flexibility. The lenses measure 5.3 inches and are perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities.
They aren’t too fragile for everyday use or getting tossed around in a bag
A nice pair of sunglasses, especially for the price
They are great for outdoor activities


They don’t work as well as the commercial says
The fit is too tight on your head

Bell + Howell TAC FLIP UP Polarized Sun Glasses

Featuring gradient lens and a plastic frame, the Bell & Howell Tac Flip Up Sunglasses are polarized and multi-functional. With 2 ½ inch lens width, they can fit over your existing eyeglasses to provide visual clarity while protecting your eyes from harmful UV-rays.

These versatile sunglasses easily flip out of the way when you don’t need them and then snaps right back into place when you need them. The Bell & Howell Tac Flip Up Sunglasses are comfortable and non-intrusive on everyone that wears them.

They are pretty comfortable and cut down on glare

They do not block side views completely
The side shield is not big enough

Bea·CooL Tac Polarized Sports Sunglasses

100 percent HD Polarized sunglasses, the Bea-CoolL Tac Polarized Sports Sunglasses are ideal for kids, women, and men whether you are fishing, hunting, running, or playing baseball. With a high-density Revo coating, these colorful sunglasses can keep their original color while improving both contrast and visual clarity effectively. Wearing the Bea-CooL sunglasses helps to eliminate scattered and reflected light while protecting your eyes and making scenery softer and clearer.
With UV400 lens, the Bea-CoolL can totally block harmful UVB and UVA rays. Made of high-quality PC and Tac material, these lenses are strong enough to wear for prolonged periods of time. With the lightweight PC frame, they are unbreakable and scratch-resistant making them perfect for any outdoor activity.
Featuring soft, anti-slip rubber nose pads, the Bea-CooL uses a special rimless jacket design that provides a clearer low vision field. With a fashionable design and rich color combinations in lenses and frames, these Tac sunglasses won’t drop down when you sweat, and they fit well on your face so that you remain relaxed and comfortable.

The glasses come with a case, screwdriver, and cleaning cloth
They block glare from the sides
You see an immediate improvement in clarity
They are cheaply made
The glasses are painful to wear after a while due to the pressure of the frames on your head

All the Tac Sunglasses on the list should give you pretty good protection when it comes to harmful UV rays and is also a good choice when it comes to visual clarity in sunny conditions. One pair stands out from the rest for their durability and overall performance. The Bell + Howell TAC Glasses block glare and UV rays with polarized protection that is good for men or women.

Using a one-size-fits-all design, they fit tightly and firmly while improving visibility when you are around reflective surfaces. The included light-filtering feature improves your visual clarity, even when worn in low light conditions. The Bell & Howell Tac Glasses give you the performance and aesthetics of an expensive pair of sunglasses for a very affordable price.

With the ability to sharpen edges and colors of objects, the Bell & Howell Tac Glasses feature a durable black matte frame, rust-proof screws, and lenses that are corrosion-proof against alkaline conditions like ocean spray exposure. If you spend a lot of time outside, the Bell & Howell Tac Glasses are definitely worth checking out for your next adventure.