Body Exfoliation Brush

A good exfoliating brush should be able to brush your skin clean from all the dead skin cells. It should also be something that stimulates blood flow around your body for greater skin health. As you start looking for a brush, you need to consider the quality of the brush and how it will work for the long-term with your body.

What should you look for in Body Brushes?

1Type of Bristles

The type of bristles in the brush can make a difference for the experience you get from using the brush. The brushes typically come as boar or vegetable bristles. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will want to ensure you are buying a brush with vegetable bristles, though both boar and vegetable bristles do an excellent job of cleaning out your pores.

You will need to know which will work best for your skin as they both will work to give you a very good cleanse. There is very little difference between the two, as both bristles are soft types of exfoliates that will produce excellent results in your skin.

2Handle or No Handle?

Not all types of stimulating brushes come with handles. Some are only a circular or oblong wooden brush that holds the bristles in place. If you have trouble reaching places on your body, a brush with a handle that detaches or remains attached should be your choice.

The brush often detaches from the handle, which makes it easier to have the best of both worlds. You know what you need. The benefit of just a brush means having very good control over the brush while you use it. You will not have as fine control with and handle.

What are the Best Body Brushes?

1Dry Skin Body Brush 16."

The Dry Skin Body Brush 16" is the highest quality body brush. The brush’s handle is polished wood with all-natural bristles made with the leaves from the agave plant, which is extremely good for the skin. The brush is a two-in-one brush with a handle you can use to reach the hard-to-reach places or detach the handle for up-close work.

The body brush arrives with a hook and a travel bag so you can hang it up while not in use or travel with it in the convenient storage bag. The brush produces the best results for skin exfoliation. You will notice a healthy glow and a reduction in cellulite.

The brush will also encourage more blood circulation to your skin and a reduction in the buildup of dead skin cells. The elimination of the dead skin cells will also help stop your pores from clogging up, and you will see more nutrients absorbed by your skin for a healthier appearance.

Key Features

  • The brush comes with a sixteen-inch handle.
  • High-quality polished wood makes up the handle of the body brush.
  • The bristles of the body brush are all-natural agave leaves.
  • You will receive a travel bag for your body brush when purchased.
  • You will see a reduction of cellulite as you use the brush.
  • Blood circulation increases toy your skin as you use the brush.
  • You will notice a reduction or cession of blocked pores from using the brush.

2Wooden Shower Body Brush with Boar Bristle

The Wooden Shower Body Brush is a luxury bath and shower brush. The bath brush rejuvenates your skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. The bristles of the brush are all-natural boar bristles that are soft, yet strong at 3/4- and inch long. The bristles gently lift dead skin cells off of your skin so your air and water can flush it clean.

Using the brush regularly will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The brush is terrific for encouraging blood flow throughout your body and lifting dead skin cells out of your pores. The brush works well for dry or wet, brushing your skin and can even help reduce stress.

The brush comes with a sixteen-inch handle so you can reach all over your body to get those hard-to-reach areas of your body. The handle is a soft and strong wood that curves to reach easier. You can remove the handle from the brush head for traveling or for using the head only in your hand.

Key Features

  • The bristles of the brush handle are boar bristles.
  • You can exfoliate your skin gently with the boar bristles to lift out dead skin cells.
  • The bristles of the brush encourage blood flow around your body.
  • You can use the brush for wet or dry brushing your skin.
  • The handle is sixteen-inches long and curved to reach around your body.
  • The head of the brush detaches from the handle for traveling or close scrubbing.

3Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush

The Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush is natural. The bristles are good for exfoliating skin to free it of dead skin cells as well as increase the blood flow around your body. The increase of blood infuses the skin with a healthy glow.

The brush comes with an easy-to-grip handle that allows for an easy grip as you massage your skin with the brush. The bristles are all-natural as they are soft vegetable fibers taken from gourds. The fibers are bendable and resilient as they massage your skin.

The brush is easy to hold in water or dry as a casual exfoliate. The brush works well dry or wet in circular motions. The wooden brush is easy to hold and will resist the test of time as you use it.

Key Features:

  • The brush increases blood flow around your body.
  • The bristles are natural vegetable fibers that bend as you use them.
  • The natural vegetable fibers exfoliate your skin in deep, even patterns.
  • You can use the brush in water and as a dry brush.
  • The wooden brush is easy to hold.

4C.S.M. Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing

The C.S.M. Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing is a combination brush and rub. You can use the soft bristles to lift dead skin cells out of your pores and encourage the collagen in your skin to produce a clean glow. The brush feels natural on your skin as it has real wood for the handle and boar bristles.

The brush is easy to hold onto with the canvas strip attached around the back of the brush. It is palm-sized, so you can hold it easily in your hand while it exfoliates your skin. The nodules of rubber in the brush massage your skin and your muscles while you gently press it into your skin.

The brush is lightweight and easy for anyone to use. It can travel without taking up too much room, and it easy to use in the shower or on its own.

Key Features

  • The C.S.M. Body brush comes with soft bristles.
  • You can use the soft bristle to exfoliate your skin.
  • The nodules around the bristles can massage your skin and muscles.
  • The brush is easy to hold because of the canvas strap.
  • You can take the brush with you while you travel.

5Premium Dry Brush for Cellulite and Lymphatic Massage

The Premium Dry Brush for Cellulite and Lymphatic Massage comes as a complete kit for skincare. You will receive a long-handled brush, shower gloves, a face sponge, and a footstone as well as a book to use all of these tools to the best advantage. The kit allows for you to exfoliate your entire body from face to tones using the soft-bristled brush. The wood of the brush is polished lotus wood with boar bristles for the brush.

The brush will unclog your pores from dry, dead, skin cells while massaging blood throughout your body. The brush can help relieve pain from water retention or swelling. You will feel energized and clean from using it.

The brush and tools help to remove the toxins under your skin by stimulating your lymphatic system. The stimulation will help reduce the appearance of cellulite under your skin and distribute it throughout your body.

Key Features

  • The brush has boar bristles for stimulating your skin.
  • You will get a natural lotus wood handle to hold while you cleanse your skin.
  • Your kit comes with nylon gloves and a pumice stone for your feet.
  • You can use the brush to relieve water retention and swelling.
  • The brush removes toxins from under your skin as it stimulates your lymphatic system.
  • The brush will reduce the appearance of cellulite under your skin.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to quality bristles, you need to consider the type of bristles and how well they work dry as well as wet. You need to look for a brush that has high-quality bristles, handle, and strap. The C.S.M. Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing will get your body clean and exfoliated.

The C.S.M. Body Brush comes with nodules built around the bristles to massage your skin. Using the brush stimulates the blood around your body to encourage circulation and promote the production of collagen. It will give you a fresh, clean feeling inside and outside the shower.