Books to Learn German

Learning a new language opens up a person to travel in a different country, the ability to read books, and see movies in that language. Previously, Spanish and French were the languages that were thought to be the most useful. They were also the languages that were most often taught to high school students. There are several languages that have risen in popularity and this includes the German language.

If you are interested in learning German because you like the language, if you plan to one day, visit a German-speaking country and want to communicate with the locals. Then there are many resources to help you achieve the goal of learning German.

If you aren’t planning to enroll in a language class, then you will have to get materials for self-study. There are countless books that can teach you the German language. There are many books in print and digital that are available for German language learning. Some of the books include software. In order to help you choose a good book for learning German, we have compiled five excellent books with pros, cons, and a description.

1.German How To Speak it and Write It
The first edition of German: How to Speak and Write It is a complete self-study textbook and uses an informal conversational method to teach you how to speak and write. The book has 330 illustrations done in a 1940s style to help clarify the text. This book explains the pronunciation of words, parts of speech, and illustrates the adventures of the Schulz family in everyday life. A hardback, paperback, and digital version of this book are available.

Thorough explanations
Historical bits of information with photographs are included
Clear examples of pronunciation
Includes practice exercises
Breaks down examples
Good for visual learners

An older self-study textbook

2.German All in One for Dummies,Includes CD
The German All In One Book is five books collected into one book. The book is extremely thorough and starts with teaching the basics of time, numbers, and dates. It also teaches how to speak through several real-life examples before delving into the foundations of German grammar and more advanced grammar lessons. The included audio CD helps you learn the correct pronunciation of the German language as you work your way through the book. This book is available in the paperback and a kindle edition.

Focuses on teaching you how to write and speak German
CD has additional practice exercises and helps with audio pronunciation
Great deal for the price

Beginners may find all the information overwhelming

3.German – Learn German Grammer For Beginners
The German Learn Grammar For Beginners is comprised of three sections: a grammar section, a short stories section, and a German phrasebook section. Each section builds upon the other to guide you from beginner to more advanced lessons. This book is perfect for someone who plans to visit Germany as it uses examples that show you how to buy snacks, order at a restaurant, use an ATM, visit a doctor, buy a prescription at a pharmacy, attend the cinema, make small talk, and more. This book is available in a paperback and digital version.

Includes grammar
Includes stories section
Includes common phrase section
Uses everyday activities as examples

No straightforward answer sheet for exercises/ Has a mini-lesson after the exercises that are supposed to help you figure out the answer but it may confuse people.

4.The Everything Learning German Book
The Everything Learning German Book teaches you the basics of German and how the language evolved. The text includes tables with clear examples. The text offers concise and clear information that is easy to navigate. If you are someone who needs to hear an example of German pronunciation, the included CD will be beneficial to your self-study. This book is good for beginners that want to learn the basics of the German language. The Everything Learning Language Book is available in paperback and digital format.

The layout makes it easy to navigate
The audio CD helps pronunciation
History of Germanic language is included
Clear answer key

Short exercises

5.Speak German In 90 Days
The Speak German In 90 Days textbook is a self-study guide that includes a lesson and vocabulary words for each day. The book was written to help you learn and speak the German language within 90 days. However, the text mentions that a language learner should work at their own pace even if it takes longer than 90 days. The book covers German grammar and pronunciation. The book suggests that you listen to German songs to learn the correct pronunciation. This book includes study tips and emphasizes daily practice and saying the words out loud to perfect your knowledge and use of German. The Speak German in 90 Days book is available in paperback and digital format.

Well structured
Includes study tips
Made for self-paced/self-study

Very basic introduction

The books on this list vary on the method and amount of information taught. Some of the books teach the basics and get you ready for a more advanced book, but out of all the books listed, I would recommend that you start with German How To Speak it and Write It. This book is an older text that focuses on an informal conversational method for people who want to study at their own pace. The illustrations are delightful and help the lessons move along as you follow the Shulz family. The phonetic guide can be supplemented by typing words into Google translate to hear the pronunciation spoken out loud. Historical information is accompanied by a German description and a description key. The exercises have an answer key. German How to Speak It And Write It offers a comprehensive and fun text to learn the German language.