Car Cup Holders

A Comprehensive Product Review: Best Cup Holder Attachments

In this product review, we’ll be discussing some of the most impressive accessories for improving your travel experience. As long as your vehicle is in good shape, you’re going to spend a lot of time behind the wheel, so you’ll need to be comfortable.

We’ve been spending a lot of time on the road during family vacations, so we’ve had a chance to test out some of the most exciting travel accessories available on the market. After trying out these gems, we don’t know how we were living without them.

There are a variety of ways to improve an existing cup holder, and there are a few ways to add a cup holder into a vehicle that doesn’t already have one.

If you don’t have cup holders, we’ll show you some products to assist your passengers with storing their drinks. This will help keep your vehicle looking pristine.

Do you need a place to store your phone while you’re driving? We’re also going to take a look at a few accessories that mount into the cup holder to make driving safer.

A Comprehensive Product Review: Best Cup Holder Attachments

In case you’d like a sneak peek, the cup holder attachments we’ll be reviewing in this article are as follows:

The Hopkins Euro Mini Console by Go Gear

CupFone Mobile Phone Holder by WeatherTech

BottlePro Cup Holder Adapter for Large Bottles

The LEDGE Auto Cup Holder

Detailed Product Reviews

The Hopkins Euro Mini Console by Go Gear — Best Value for a Sturdy Drink Holder

  • 1) Overview and Introduction:

    Even though this organizer is larger than any of the others on this list, it’s actually the least expensive item that we’re reviewing today. This affordable console organizer from Go Gear provides plenty of room for drinks and other essential items.

  • 2) Unique Features:

    The beige option is a couple dollars more expensive, but it’s still incredibly affordable.

    The Hopkins organizer has three compartments. It works in a variety of locations within most vehicles; it fits nicely between the front seats, or use it in the back.

    This product has adjustable cup holders, and the manufacturers offer a warranty for parts.

  • 3) Pro(s):

    Parts Warranty

    Adjustable Drink Holders

    Affordable Option


  • 4) Con(s):

    Bulky Item

  • 5) Bottom Line:

    If you need a sturdy cup holder, the Hopkins from Go Gear is a great product to consider. This cup holder is a large item compared to others on this list, but it provides a sturdy place to stash your beverages.

CupFone Mobile Phone Holder by WeatherTech — Best High-End Mobile Phone Holder

  • 1) Overview and Introduction:

    This mobile phone holder from WeatherTech is the perfect travel accessory for anyone who is frequently taking long trips in a vehicle. In many states, it’s illegal to hold a phone while driving. CupFone provides a safe alternative for driving with a phone.

  • 2) Unique Features:

    Although CupFone is one of the higher priced accessories on this list, it’s made in the USA by a trustworthy company.

    This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the friendly folks at WeatherTech.

    The unique design of CupFone allows for full rotation of your phone.

  • 3) Pro(s):

    Adjustable to Fit Any Cup Holder

    Full Rotation Makes Phone Visible to Anyone in Vehicle

    American Made Product

    Great Warranty

  • 4) Con(s):

    Doesn’t Work With Large Phone Cases (Ex. Otterbox)

  • 5) Bottom Line:

    CupFone is made by a trustworthy company, and it comes with a nice warranty. This is an alluring product for anyone who needs help holding their phone while driving. You’ll be able to rotate the screen, and CupFone adjusts to fit the size of your cup holder.

BottlePro Cup Holder Adapter for Large Bottles — Most Inventive New Cup Holder Design

  • 1) Overview and Introduction:

    Finally, a brilliant inventor came up with an idea for how to solve the problems drivers have been having with storing their big water bottles. If you are tired of seeing your canteen fall from your console, you should invest in this quality adapter from BottlePro.

  • 2) Unique Features:

    This adapter is meant to work with a large Hydro Flask, Nalgene, Yeti, and many other brands. Check to see if yours will fit.

    It comes with a foam sleeve to help ensure that the BottlePro will fit into your cup holder.

  • 3) Pro(s):

    Friendly Customer Service

    Adjustable Base

    Easy to Return If It Doesn’t Fit

    Affordable Product

  • 4) Con(s):

    Poor Fit for Some Vehicle Cup Holders

  • 5) Bottom Line:

    This bottle holder is a unique product that could potentially save you from experiencing a lot of aggravation. If you’ve been having trouble finding a place in the vehicle to store your large water bottle, this adapter will make life easier.

The LEDGE Auto Cup Holder — Best Minimalist Design

  • 1) Overview and Introduction:

    The LEDGE is an incredibly simple little device that will save your passengers from having to hold their drinks between their knees. This impressive product is an affordable drink holder that is made in the USA.

  • 2) Unique Features:

    The manufacturers have created videos to help you with installing this cup holder.

    The LEDGE has a plastic edge that easily slips into the window of any automobile.

    The LEDGE’s window insert is deeper than similar products, which will minimize the chances of spillage inside of your vehicle.

  • 3) Pro(s):

    Deep Window Insert

    Easy Installation

  • 4) Con(s):

    Blocks Access to the Window

  • 5) Bottom Line:

    As long as you don’t need to access your window, the LEDGE is a great way to hold any large drink. If you don’t have any available cup holders, purchase the LEDGE to give your passengers a little help with safely storing their beverages. It’s easy to install.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Travel

It’s time to upgrade your traveling experience by increasing the amount of space you have available for storing drinks and other accessories.

Before you purchase one of these products, you need to figure out which aspect of your vehicle needs to be improved.

Do you need a cup holder? If you have a lot of space in between your seats, I recommend the Hopkins organizer. If you don’t have a lot of space, the LEDGE is a fantastic product because it clips onto the window area.

If you need help with holding your phone, take a look at CupFone. This product provides a solution to the dangers of texting while driving. Every motorists should consider this unique design, which adjusts to the size of your existing cup holder.

With a little help from these impressive accessories, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable road trip.