Cheap Bunk Beds

Top Cheap Bunk Beds: A Buyer’s Guide and Review

Do you need to free up space in your child’s bedroom? Are you looking for inexpensive but durable beds? If you’re asking yourself these questions and more, then cheap bunk beds might be a great option for you.

Bunk beds are not what they use to be when options were limited, and they were made from cheap materials. Today, you can find a variety of styles and designs that are relatively affordable but can handle the wear and tear children put them through.

That said, it’s good to consider a few factors before you purchase bunk beds and review a few sets before you decide on one. As a result, we’re offering a buyer’s guide as well as 4 of the best and cheapest bunk beds available.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Bunk Beds

Child’s Age

Considering your child’s age before you purchase bunk beds is a critical step because younger children will need more safety features and older children may need sturdier bunk beds. Also, if your children are older you may want to consider full size bunk beds instead of a twin bed.

Room Size

Whether it’s bunk beds with a tent or those with desks, there are many designs and features available for bunk beds. However, many of these additions take up more space than traditional bunk beds. You should always consult the manufacturer’s measurement guide to ensure the bunk beds will fit into the room you want. Furthermore, there are bunk bed sets made specifically for small spaces.

Functionality and Style

Some other considerations you can make are what your children are going to use the bunk beds for other than sleeping and if buying bunk beds with additional features will be more convenient for you. For instance, some bunk beds or loft beds, are for one child and can include a dresser and a computer desk.

Number of Kids Sleeping

Believe it or not, there are bunk bed sets that can sleep three children. This is a great option for those with several kids who want or need to share the same room. Sometimes these beds have an extra bed that pulls out or they have other designs to incorporate the third bed.

Safety Features

One of your concerns about bunk beds might be whether or not your toddler can get in and out of the bed safely, and you’re right to consider this. Traditional bunk beds are not the safest for small children, but there are some bunk beds made for them. Bunk bed sets for smaller children have steps to get in and out of the bed and extra guards to keep them from falling.

The Best Inexpensive Bunk Bed

Below you’ll find 4 bunk bed sets that made our best and cheapest list. We’ve selected several different types in order to provide an option for almost anyone.

DHP Twin-Over-Twin

The DHP Twin-Over-Twin bunk bed set is a great option if you’re on a budget but need sturdy beds for your kids. It’s designed to fit in small spaces and its simple style makes it an ideal piece of furniture for different bedroom designs.

Furthermore, the DHP Twin-Over-Twin features a heavy-duty metal frame that’s great for older kids who might put it through some abuse. It also has a basic ladder and guards on the upper bunk to keep your child from rolling off.


  • Fits in small bedrooms
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty


  • Not ideal for small children

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Like the DHP bunk bed set above, the DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed also features a sturdy mental frame that will hold up to some wear and tear. It too has a guard around the top to keep your child safe while their sleeping.

However, the DHP has a few different components too, such as two ladders and a full-size bed on the bottom bunk. It also can support more weight than smaller bunk beds; the top bunk supports 200 pounds while the lower bunk supports 450 pounds.

Although the DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed is made to save space, it’s larger than traditional bunk beds, so you should check the manufacture’s measurements to ensure if will fit in the room you want it to.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for sleepover guests
  • Works for youth and teens


  • Not ideal for small children

Meritine Wood Bunk Bed Twin-Over-Twin

The Meritine Wood Bunk Bed Twin-Over-Twin is an excellent bunk bed set for smaller children and youth because they have stairs instead of a ladder and are a bit sturdier than the bunk beds above. They’re available in two colors – expresso and white.

You also get a trundle bed with the Meritine Wood Bun Bed Twin-Over-Twin set which is ideal if your little ones have guests. The guard bar is built in, so you don’t have to worry about your children removing or bending it. It’s also a great space saver because you don’t need a dresser since it’s built into the bunk bed.


  • Relatively safe for toddlers
  • Extra space for 3 sleepers
  • Easy assembly


  • More expensive than traditional bunk beds

Harper & Bright Twin Bunk Beds

The Harper&Bright Twin Bunk Beds made our list because they are inexpensive and have some unique features. First, they can be used as bunk beds or unassembled to be separate twin beds, which is great if you want to change your kids’ room around.

The wood frame is sturdy, and the simple features make it easy for toddlers to use. We particularly like that these beds are lower to the floor than traditional beds with the bottom bunk being just a few inches off the floor.


  • Excellent for low ceilings or toddlers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile design


  • Not suited for older children and teens


We chose the 4 bunk bed sets above in order to provide a diverse selection, so that you might find a set that will fit your distinct needs. However, it’s best to review them more closely to ensure they will be the optimal fit for you and your family. Reviewing our buyer’s guide will also help you determine in conjunction with reading more in-depth information about them through the links we provided.