Commercial Baby Changing Station

A baby changing table is essential in your bathroom if you have a store or space open to the public. They’re sleek, compact, and they make your customer’s lives easier when they need to change their baby’s diapers. But how do you pick out the best one?

With so many different styles and brands available, it can be difficult to compare the various products and narrow down your choices. It gets even more complicated when you start looking at different brands. Our top five picks will allow you to compare them side by side to decide which one is best for your situation.

The Five Best Commercial Baby Changing Stations – Reviews

1. ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

This changing station works well for kids up to 3.5 years old, and it has a comfortable and smooth concave surface that comes equipped with a child safety strap to keep your kid secure. It can hold up to 250 pounds without breaking, and it has an antibacterial coating on it that helps to keep it clean.

The neutral white coloring goes well with any type of decor. You’ll get two diaper bag hooks that can each hold up to 25 pounds and two built-in sanitary paper liner dispensers. As long as you have the table installed by a professional, it’ll comply with ASTM, ANSI, and ADA regulations. You can use it in ah host of locations like a restaurant, public or private restroom, preschool daycare, church, or business. It weighs in at 20 pounds when you assemble it.


  • Has a durable and thick plastic design
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds without breaking
  • Has a protective antibacterial coating


  • Installation hardware isn’t included
  • Have to pay a professional to install it
  • Installation process can be difficult and time-consuming

2. Koala Kare KB200-01 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

This simple changing station has a concave surface that prevents your baby from accidentally rolling off when you place them on it. It’s compliant with ASTM and EN guidelines for safety and build, and the table has a very slim profile that helps to keep it out of the way when it’s not folded down for use.

When you have a professional install this table, it also meets the most recent ADA requirements. The table can comfortably support up to 200 pounds without breaking or cracking. There is a liner dispenser in the back of the table that has dual compartments you can load up, so you don’t run out. The table weighs 25 pounds when you hang it up with all of the mounting hardware and the table’s weight itself. It has a sleek off-white finish.


  • Liner dispenser is very conveniently located
  • Only sticks out four inches when you close it
  • Has a sleek grey color scheme


  • Restraint buckle is flimsy and prone to rusting
  • May not be deep enough to secure your child
  • Liners are very thin

3. Alpine Industries Fold Down Baby Changing Diaper Station

The high-density polypropylene plastic construction lends an antibacterial coating to this changing table while increasing the durability factor. The antimicrobial coating makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and it’s thick enough to last for years. This table meets the safety standards set by the ASTM, FDA, and the ADA to keep your child safe and secure when you use it.

You’ll get the mounting hardware you need to install this table. It’ll install in under an hour in your private or public restroom. Once you install it, it can support a child up to 220 pounds. There are two hooks on the side to hang your diaper bag or purse. It comes with dual liner compartments that can hold up to 100 liners in total when you fill them. It folds flat to keep it out of the way.


  • Comes with two larger, sturdy side hooks
  • Compliant with several child safety regulations
  • Can hold up to 220 pounds


  • Can be difficult to get liners out
  • Mounting the table can be confusing
  • Slightly small than other tables

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Horizontal Baby Changing Station

This simple and secure table comes with a secure safety strap that stretches across the table and is easily adjustable to keep your baby secure. The plastic build is slightly thicker to be able to bear more weight, and the plastic has an antimicrobial coating built right in. It meets global safety standards set by the ADA, FDA, ASTM, and EN.

There are hooks and an accessory stand built into the table that keeps your things off of the floor and out of the baby’s reach. The liner holder is also built-in, and it can accommodate up to 40 liners between fills. The table opens with one hand to allow people to keep holding their baby while they get the table ready to use. The white coloring will enable it to blend into the wall and not interrupt your decorating scheme.


  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Has an easy one-handed opening design
  • Has hooks and an accessory shelf


  • Wall anchors are flimsy
  • Can be difficult to close back up
  • Not a user-friendly installation process

5. SafetyCraft Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

This table is commonly found in preschools, daycare centers, and private or public restrooms. The high-density plastic makes it very easy to clean and disinfect between uses. It also has an antimicrobial solution built into the plastic. The smooth, concave changing area makes it difficult for your child to roll out when you’re using it. There is also a durable safety strap.

There is a built-in paper liner dispenser that can hold up to 100 liners. The bag hook keeps your items off the floor and clean while freeing up your hands. You get all of the necessary mounting hardware when you purchase this product to install it yourself. There is a five-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects or damage from the date you buy the table. Finally, it has a helpful strap to pull the table open with a single hand.


  • Includes a hard plastic construction that is easy to clean
  • Able to install it yourself
  • Has a five-year warranty attached to it


  • Dimensions may be incorrect
  • Liner dispenser is very flimsy
  • Security strap is rough

Our pick for the best commercial baby changing station is the ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station. It can hold up to a maximum of 250 pounds without breaking, and we liked that this table had dual diaper bag hooks that could hold up to 25 pounds.

It complies with several global safety regulations with a professional installation, and the table has a lightweight and streamlined design that looks sharp. It comes from a well-known brand, and it has a comfortable surface to lay your baby when you change them.

All of these reasons put this changing table at the top of our list.