Best Confetti Cannons – Confetti Cannon Reviews

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Hey guys, welcome to this video. It’s the first one in the series for the top product review series.

What I’m going to be talking about today is the best confetti cannon launchers. So if you’re planning a party or you’re trying to get some festivities going, we’re going to go over the top confetti launchers that you can find on the internet. So, amazon.com is pretty much where I’m going to be looking at the top ones. And so I’ve got some notes here on the different ones, why they’re the best. And so I’ll go through them real quickly. So if you’re planning a party, confetti’s a great way to make it a special event. You’re looking at different types of confetti cannons, automatic ones, ones you have to press a button but we’ll just go through them here.

So this is the number one, the VEVOR Confetti Launcher Machine Cannon. It’s got LED lights and special effects for what you’re looking for. So this is kind of the top tier one. Yeah. So this one basically has the fanciest gear on it. It’s probably going to be more expensive than the others.

So there’s three ways to control it. You can do it manually through a DMX. I’m not exactly sure what a DMX is yet, or by just doing a remote control. It doesn’t have any compressed air and it doesn’t have any carbon dioxide that will be harmful to your kids or anything like that so it’s probably one of the more safer ones out there as well. It covers 50 meters of distance, of 50 square meters so it’ll shoot out a good area. So yeah, that’s the first one that we have here. Let me figure out what a DMX is for you guys.

Okay. So it looks like DMX… DMX control. Let’s go to Google here. Digital Multiplex Signal. So I guess you can use it with your computer in order to program when it’s supposed to shoot out. So all right, that’s our first one. Probably the more advanced type.

The second one is the CHAUVET DJ FunFetti Shot and Professional Confetti Launcher. So this one’s great for parties. It doesn’t have compressed air or CO2. I think it’s a lot more simple than the other one. It is a little more pricey, but you can control it through, in the same ways. It just doesn’t have as many of the other features as the first one that we looked at. So, it’s very similar. It might be a little more pricey. What was the other one? Yeah, it’s a little more pricey.

So let’s take a look at the coverage. It looks like it shoots 20 feet in height for the confetti. So maybe this is one that you will want to shoot up into the air if you want more of that type of confetti blast. If you’re looking at covering more area this one’s probably better for that. So let’s go to the next one here.

This is just a normal cannon. One that you can pop. It’s like a handheld one that you can pop. So this is good for giving to other kids or other people at your party or at your event or whatever. So, a lot cheaper, but it’s a manually-done product. It’s got four and a half stars on Amazon and… it’s better to be used for individual people. Confetti cannon. 12 pack of confetti cannons.

So this is a similar product as the other one. These use compressed air. So they’re a little bit… I believe they’re a little bit cheaper. Yeah. Because they use that compressed air. But again these are individually popped confetti cannons. They can be used indoors as well.

Let’s go to our last one here. So these are a lot smaller but they are great for individuals to use. This one also uses compressed air as well. They’re good for putting on tables. So whenever you are, let’s say you’ve got a wedding going on or a party, you put these on the table and you can tell the guests like, “Pick them up and use them at a specific time.”

So those are the top five confetti cannons. If you want a big one that’s not manually used we’re recommending going with the first one here. It seems like you get more bang for your buck because it has the lighting as well. You can always turn the lighting off. So that’s it. Thanks guys.