Countertop Wine Cooler

If you’ve spent any amount of time around wine lovers, you know just how fiercely they try to protect their exorbitantly expensive collection. For those who are just foraying into the world of wine collection, listen up: wine coolers are virtually a necessity.

Just in case you’re unaware, conditions like temperature, humidity, light, and the presence of oxygen all play a huge role in the flavor of wine. Even the slightest amount of excess heat could prematurely age a brew, causing it to forever lack important dimensions of flavor.

Through providing a completely vibration-free and regulated environment, tabletop wine coolers ensure that your wine retains exceptional quality for an indefinite time period.

Depending on the size of your collection, investing in a wine cooler may provide the financially soundest decision to protect your wine. Luckily, many high performance, cost effective, and sleek wine coolers are available online.

Review of the Best Countertop Wine Coolers

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most customer-loved, durable, and consistently high performing wine coolers on the market. In particular, the three wine coolers have been chosen for their high guarantees and energy efficiency.

Belwares 12 Bottle Counter-top Wine Cooler

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Through the power of thermoelectric cooling, the Belwares tabletop wine cooler delivers consistently cool beverages every time. This freestanding fridge uses cooling determined by slight temperature fluctuations in order to protect the sensitive fragrances of both red and white wines.

From 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re able to easily store your best wines for either short or long periods of time. By utilizing a uniquely low energy cooling system, the Belwares cooler creates the perfect climate without racking up the electricity bill.

In particular, customers appreciate the sleek and stylish design of this cooler. Designed for modern homes, the Belwares features an unobtrusive LCD temperature reader and dark thermal pane door to ensure correct preservation.

For the safety of your favorite wines, the control panel even features an automatic locking feature after twelve seconds. Of course, this can be individually customized depending on your needs.

Unlike other coolers, the Belwares produces minimal vibration and noise. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just reach out the the team for a one year money back guarantee.

The manufacturers make it painless to receive a free replacement or full refund at any time – no questions asked.


  • Produces minimal noise and vibration for peace of mind
  • Offers automatic locking feature and LCD temperature readout
  • Low energy, efficient design saves energy


  • Some complain that the bottom of the fridge may collect mold over time

NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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Constructed from dense stainless steel, the sleek NutriChef ensures that your high quality wine selection is always kept temperature regulated. The fridge, which is equipped with a high precision thermoelectric cooler, produces very consistent cooling at whatever temperature you choose.

Simply by using the LCD temperature adjustment buttons, you can always specify the internal cooling of the fridge to your preference. The built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill provide even more serious temperature assurance than other, lower end fridges.

With its slim appearance, this unobtrusive cooler is elegant enough to pass off as decor. The reinforced, tinted glass door is shut with an airtight seal while giving you safe view to your favorite wines.

Ultimately, users appreciate the very quiet cooling system that keeps beverages at the right temperature without a hint of noise. It’s perfect for the kitchen, living room, and office.

The one consistent drawback that some mention is that the fridge doesn’t fit twelve standard bottles. Due to the slim design of this product, only two standard sized bottles can fit side by side on one of the stainless steel racks.


  • Temperature can be easily customized for specific types of wine
  • Slim and sleek appearance is great for modern home decor
  • Features bolstered cooling and ventilation system for fail-safe wine cooling


  • Thin style restricts internal wine storage

Ivation Premium Stainless Steel Eight Bottle Wine Cooler

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Through providing a generous cooling range of 46 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ivation wine cooler is meant for aficionados who want to perfectly preserve the quality of their drinks.

If you care about protecting the taste and quality of your wines for the short and long term, the Ivation makes it simple for both experts and amateurs alike. The Ivation automatically defaults to the best possible cooling settings for both red and whites wines, requiring no extra customization.

Buyers appreciate the perfect humidity, minimal lighting interior of the Ivation. The solid polyurethane walls and airtight door ensure all harmful oxidation is kept away from the wine.

Additionally, the class and reinforced stainless steel doors keep harmful UV rays from breaking down the complex molecules that lend old wine its special flavor. Due to the Ivation’s energy efficient design, all sources of vibration and noise are minimized as much as possible.

Users should be sure to give the back of the unit plenty of space to ventilate, otherwise it may not be able to cool down the wine to the proper temperature.


  • Simple enough for plug-and-play, customizable enough for professionals
  • Airtight and UV-resistant design protects sensitive wine against all sources of degradation


  • Users can’t put cooler flush against the wall due to ventilator design

The Verdict: What’s the Best Countertop Wine Cooler?

Although it’s hard to pick between these three high performers, the Belwares Twelve Bottle Wine Cooler continues to beat out the competition. Whether it’s the sleek black design or the extremely energy efficient cooling system, you’d find it difficult to identify a more customer-loved wine cooler online.

At the end of the day, the Belwares wine cooler has won over diehard fans due to its sturdy construction, customizable functionality, and maximized interior space. If that’s not enough to sell you on the fridge: it’s an incredibly cost efficient product that’s half the price of in-store options.