CR123A Batteries

Having a backup power supply that is portable is important when you travel. It is also important if you need a battery to replace ones that die, and you need that product working now. These products can be alarm systems, flashlights, or other household required products.

The right CR123A battery is not just the one that works in your home. It is the one that is long-lasting or possibly rechargeable. Either way, it needs a long shelf-life. Rechargeable batteries have up to eight hundred possible charges, with non-rechargeable batteries always ready for use.

What to look for in CR123A Batteries

All batteries have three components to their makeup. They have an electrode, a separator, and an electrolyte. All three components work together to help the battery store and discharge energy through the positive end of the battery. When you are looking for your next CR123A battery, you should look for the following.

1Long Life Span

The life span of the battery rechargeable or disposable depends on when the company manufactures the battery. Inside each battery is a gel-like substance that contains particle ions that electrically charge. The ions need to stay active to generate long-lasting electricity.

To find a battery with active electrical ions, you need to check the expiration date on the battery before purchase. While many batteries will work just as well, if you purchase them in the middle of their life span, you will want something that is young and will last for many years in your fire alarm.


Having a battery be rechargeable is nice, but unneeded. A good quality battery will, with a recent manufacturing date, will provide you with years of use. A rechargeable battery extends those years and is “green” in approach to your home. You will find recharging the batteries easy and will give you many years beyond the normal expiration date of a regular battery.


The capacity of a battery, Ampere-hours, indicates how many hours the battery will last. The capacity, whether rechargeable or disposable, should have a large supply of hours listed for the battery to ensure a lot of use.


The voltage of your battery is an indication of how much electrical force the battery has. The lower the voltage, the more slowly the current moves. You will want to have a strong battery that will produce a strong charge for years. Batteries can link in a series, which combines charges to create more voltage, but will want each battery to have the most voltage as possible for long use.

Best CR123A Batteries

The best CR123A battery is the one that works for your needs and keeps working.

1SureFire CR123A Lithium Batteries

The SureFire CR123A Lithium Batteries are high-performance batteries. The batteries come with a shelf-life of ten years of high-draining using in products such as flashlights.

The batteries are temperature tolerant batteries, meaning they won’t drain if the temperature of your home or workspace swings wildly. They are manufactured with short-circuit protection to ensure the batteries operate the way they are intended from the date of manufacturing through the following years.

The batteries have a rated ampere-hour life-span of one thousand ampere-hours with a voltage of three volts each. The Surefire batteries come with an EdisonBright BBX3 battery carry case so you can easily transport them with you for work or storage.


  • The batteries come with one thousand ampere-hours.
  • The SureFire CR123A Lithium Batteries can last up to ten years.
  • The batteries work well in smoke alarms as well as flashlights.


  • Batteries die quickly with constant use.
  • Batteries are not rechargeable.

2Surefire CR123A Lithium Battery 3v with LightJunction Battery Case

The Surefire CR123A Lithium Battery 3v with LightJunction Battery Case is high-performance batteries with a ten-year shelf-life. They work best in other SureFire products such as the SureFire Flashlights though they are high-drain batteries and will work just as well in other devices that are not SureFire.

The Surefire Batteries come with fifteen hundred fifty ampere-hours of life, which is equal to ten years of life if the device they are in sees fairly regular use. The batteries come in a twelve-pack, which gives you a lot of chances for use across your devices. They are also not temperature sensitive, so you will not need to worry about heat or cold killing them.

The lithium batteries, made in the United States, meet all safety and health requirements for manufacturing. The batteries also come in the protective LightJunction Battery Case for safe storage and transport.


  • The SureFire batteries are high-performance batteries designed for high-drain products.
  • The batteries have a shelf-life of ten years.
  • The batteries are not temperature sensitive.


  • The battery case only holds four batteries.
  • The batteries do not work well in some types of cameras.

3Panasonic CR123A Lithium 3V Photo Lithium Batteries

The Panasonic CR123A Lithium 3V Photo Lithium Batteries are high-current batteries. They have a pulse discharge while in use to keep the voltage consistent. They are high-energy and density batteries that have a long lifespan.

The lithium batteries have a life span of up to ten years with consistent use. The batteries are manufactured in the United States with high accountability for safety and health. They fit most common high-drain products, including flashlights, children’s toys, and smoke detectors.


  • The batteries have a ten-year life span.
  • The Panasonic batteries fit most common items, including flashlights and smoke detectors.
  • The batteries work in motion detectors.


  • Some of the batteries do not match their expiration date.
  • The batteries don’t work in all smoke detectors.

4CR123A Lithium Batteries

The CR123A Lithium Batteries are top-quality batteries. They offer you one thousand, five hundred mAh with a capacity that will last three to five years longer than regular batteries. They are high-current consuming batteries that support consistent discharge, while the voltage remains stable.

The batteries are UL, ROHS, and CE certified for safety and long-lasting. They are low-discharge batteries with a ten-year life span. The batteries’ design includes built-in protection from temperature, pressure, and current surges. The batteries also come with an air hole in the positive end of the batteries to keep the battery temperature consistent.

The batteries are explosion-proof and have thick steel shell to ensure safety while in use.


  • The batteries work in extreme temperatures of hot and cold.
  • The lithium batteries are wide application use batteries and work in most devices.
  • The batteries are high-capacity batteries with fifteen hundred, fifty mAh.


  • The batteries are not compatible with Arlo Cameras.
  • The batteries are not rechargeable.

Final Thoughts

Finding a battery that is strong and long-lasting can be hard. Even with expiration dates, they do not always work as long as projected. The batteries require compatibility with your devices, and you will need to monitor them for the long-term if they are weak. The best batteries for almost any device are the CR123A Lithium Batteries.

The CR123A Lithium Batteries not only hold their initial charge, but they work in almost a device. They are not temperature sensitive, so they will survive when there are extreme temperature shifts. They will also hold their charge as a good backup battery so you won’t have to worry if you purchase them and use them years later.