Creeper Seats

Creeper seats are a type of rolling stool used to assist with projects that are low to the ground, ideally vehicle maintenance or flooring. The best creeper seats usually offer a tray that holds tools. Some even fold out and are lined with soft padding for when you are seated or need to “lay around” on the job, making work a little less rough on the back and knees.

Below is a list designed to offer you the best creeper seats available. We did our research and went over reviews to see how each one held up to regular use, making your search that much easier. Scroll through and see what we came up; we are confident you’ll find the best option for you.

1.Pro-Lift C-2036D Z Creeper

Engineered with 300-pound weight capacity, the PRo-lift Z Creeper is a multi-tool, helping you get low without the pain. The “Z” design folds and unfolds easily, allowing you to go from sitting to laying without hassle.

To add to its maneuverability, Pro-Lift gave the Z Creeper 6 swivel casters. One user did find it challenging to go in a forward motion on less than perfect terrain, stating he is only able to use it on his smooth garage floor and not at work where the area is more rugged.

The seat is cushioned with thick padding and has a retractable pin that makes it easy to remove. One customer said it works better as a work chair than a creeper. Both the seat padding and the back support are easy to clean vinyl that doesn’t rip easily under pressure.

The Pro-lift Z is very affordable and is said to have a sturdy build that is easy to put together. However, if you aren’t satisfied, they offer a 90 day, 100% money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.

2. Torin TR6300 Big Red Rolling Creeper Garage/Shop Seat

Torin Big Red gives you a shop seat design that has a segmented tray that helps you stay organized and your tools close. It is made from heavy-duty tube steel and supports up to 250 lbs.

With only four heavy-duty castors, you get a 360-degree turn that is smooth and precise. One customer did lament that they do not lock and can slip out from under you if you don’t sit right. However, another praised the fact that the castors worked perfectly and never got stuck even on rockier and dirtier floors.

Torin has been making products since 1968, proving they can make an affordable creeper that withstands the workload. They also offer a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty if something doesn’t work as described. If you are looking for a creeper seat for a DIY at home project, this is perfect in function and price.

3.WEN 73011 Rolling Mechanic Seat with Onboard Storage

WEN Rolling Mechanic Seat is made for comfort and has a multi-layered absorbent vinyl seat that gives extra support. Below, there is a 150-square-inch tray to help keep you organized while you roll from one area to the other. All this atop 100% ballbearing 360-degree-swiveling castors.

The ballbearing engineering gives more life to your roll; one customer raved about the stability and smoothness. All that engineering also manages up to 250-lbs without bending or warping over time. Another advantage is the assembly; most found it easy to put together and were thrilled by its 2-year warranty.

4.Pro-LifT C-2800 Grey Creeper Seat

PRo-Lift offers another great addition to the top 5 best creeper seats with its stool and creeper seat combination. It also comes with a handy tool tray for a comfortable and organized workspace. The C-2800 is exceptionally versatile, with one customer saying the step stool combo gave him the ability to wok on the top of his van with ease and comfortably do undercarriage work as well.

The seat has a solid vinyl padding that adds extra comfort when in use. It also offers four swivel casters and has been said to roll really well over obstructions. One consumer said the metal was a bit soft, so they upgraded the hardware for a more secure fit and assembly. They also suggested that you should leave the bolts loose until everything is together and then tighten accordingly, making the holes line-up more efficiently.

5. Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat

Traxion ProGear Mobile is a bit more pricer, but it also is a lot sturdier and offers a swivel tray that allows you to access your tools much faster than the standard try. The height is also adjustable, and the frame is made of extra durable steel.

With four sizeable 5-inch castor wheels made from TPR synthetic rubber, you get the tractor of creeper seats. These roll over cables and debris without toppling, making this great for those messy or busy shops. ProGear Mobile also has breaks, which you can use to keep yourself stable no matter what position you find yourself.

It also offers a “cool” racer seat that is made for functionality and comfort. Most users raved about the fat they could sit for more extended periods without pain or numbness in the rear. Also and for an added feature, you get a carrying handle, making it easy to move with one hand when rolling to the next job isn’t an option.


All of these are great options; however, the Pro-Lift “Z” is top gear for the 5 Best Creeper Seats. Its versatility, engineering, and cost are all equally above standard, and consumers seem to be very happy with the affordable combination.

We suggest making a choice based on your needs, but we are sure the Pro-Lift “Z” will fulfill most any shop or DIY project. And with its warranty and heavy-duty build, we think you will be more than impressed.