Deal With It Glasses

Best Online ‘Deal With It’ Glasses On the Market

Wearing ordinary glasses is so yesterday if you care about your street cred. Want to look cool? Get your fine self a pair of ‘Deal With It’ glasses online and you don’t have to say a word to show the world that ‘you get it.”

This popular 2010 phrase started out as a meme, but so many people in the know adopted the look, a plethora of options appeared on the retail scene. You, of course, want in.

This bold declaration bestows upon you the rare opportunity to wear your attitude on your face. And while these shades don’t have “I don’t give a damn” written on them, that’s the message you’ll send every time you slide these bad boys onto your face.

Deal With It Sunglass Reviews

1. Lorigun Thug Life Pixelated Mosaic Party MLG Shades

As party props go, this pair of shades checks off all the boxes: you get the right look, a fierce aura and you don’t have to buy cheap pet food to afford a pair. These sturdy plastic party glasses come in black only (Seriously? You would consider another color?).

Black the hot shade to wear when getting your swagger on, so if you must add another color to your wardrobe, how about some gold bling? On the practical side, these pixelated mosaic glasses feature a nose support, so yours can’t get out of joint if someone disrespects you.

-Makes the ideal, affordable gag gift
-They look awesome on dogs (forget cats)
-They’re UV400 resistant
-Fits over some prescription glasses.

-They scratch easily
-The hinge could snap.

2. Deal with It Glasses-Thug Life Sunglasses by Swagasaurus Rex

We don’t know about you, but who doesn’t want to own a pair of Deal with it Glasses made by a company called Swagasaurus Rex? These highly-rated shades will set you back twice the amount of the aforementioned Lorigun Thug Life specs, but higher quality comes at a price.

If American-made products turn you on, stop reading now. These see-through specs deliver minimal vision obstruction and UV 400 sun protection is a feature you will appreciate if you insist on going out during the day. No nose dents, please. These sit on your face all day delivering all of the swagger and none of the discomfort.

-They’re a 10 on the thug style scale
-Fit faces of all sizes, including the fat dude on the block
-Designed to be worn by both sexes
-Expect great customer support if these break.

-Lenses could scratch easily (you could, of course, just deal with it)
-If screws snap out, you’re screwed.

3. Sunovelties 6-Pack Thug Life Party Sunglasses

Just because you have adopted a well-honed thug persona, that doesn’t mean you can’t save money purchasing the props you need to complete your look. This 6-pack could make you feel even better than getting your hands on a 6-pack of brews; they will stick around longer and delight the folks you hang with if given as gifts–especially those eager to look menacing wearing green, blue or purple pixel shades rather than black.

These non-polarized party glasses have composite frames and lenses. Since one size fits all, you don’t have to measure heads to make sure everyone gets a decent fit. Made of sturdy ABS and featuring a comfy nose support, when was the last time you not only got your thug on but aided and abetted your nearest and dearest so they get the look, too?

-Only losers don’t get the value of a 6-pack
-Company also makes all-black packs
-Wear them to gamer parties and watch your cred skyrocket
-Even grandma will want a pair!

-White images could block sight, but wearers may not care
-These are so popular, bad reviews don’t exist.

4. Bshenshen Thug Life Deal With It Unisex Pixel Sunglasses

Looking to find the perfect gift for your fav gamer, meme-enthusiastic or troll but your budget is pathetically small? A pair of Bshenshen Thug Life Deal With It Unisex Pixel Sunglasses is practically guaranteed to turn the recipient of this small gift into your BFF, so be careful who you give them to if you’re not big on attachments.

Both frame and polarized lenses are crafted of eco-friendly ABS plastic, and the design is wildly trendy. Get a pair for yourself. You can afford two. Put ‘em on and you become a walking “Deal with it” statement maker without opening your mouth. The company calls these shades “8 bits of attitude.” You’ll call them the ultimate reputation-building accessory.

-They’re cheap. Really cheap
-One size fits all
-Lenses are polarized
-They’re eco-friendly.

-Size/fit may be off by between 0 and 2cm
-Photos don’t promise color accuracy.

5. SA106 Flat Top Cat Eye Pixel Rimless Party Sunglasses

Not everyone can—-or wants to wear–the “cat eye” look, but if you’re all about funky sunglasses shapes that stand out in a crowd, these non-polarized, rimless specs will do the job. And if you deign to get out of bed while the sun is still in the sky, these polycarbonate lenses offer 100-percent UV400 protection.

Do you have to tell anyone that these cat eye party shades are made to keep your eyes safe? Of course not. You’re all about image and for the price of a couple of Happy Meals, strut your stuff in style wearing these. Not wild about the color black? It’s part of the look, Friend. Don’t make us come and lecture you.

-Comes with a cool glasses bag
-Medium price range
-Guaranteed to deliver the attention you seek
-Flashy and fun.

-Is your face fat? They may not fit
-May scratch easily.

Call us frugal, but when all of your friends have adopted the Deal With It mantra, why wouldn’t we choose the Sunovelties 6-Pack Thug Life Party Sunglasses? Feature-for-feature, they stand up to the other products on this list and not every one of your buds wants to wear black, ergo this green, blue and purple assortment.

The pixel pattern is strongly represented, so even in other colors, wannabe thugs and thugettes broadcast a universal message of disdain when wearing them. Heck, this is a birthday gift that begs to be given—-and in case you have more than 6 friends, you can go back to Sunovelties for a 10-pack: