Detox Drinks for Drug Test

Drug testing is common across the working world, and even some parents are getting into the action. You need to prepare for those tests, surprise tests, or not. Being clean on time is not always easy, and having supplies on hand is important if drug tests are a part of your life.

How Do Detox Drinks Work?

Not everything on the market will get you clean. That is a reality you need to face before you purchase a detox drink. The effective detox drinks require careful research to find and an understanding of how your body works and what will work best for it to clean you out quickly. Knowing how your body works is a start, but you also need to understand the timeframe for getting your body clean for the different types of drugs.

1Types of Detox

The type of detox you most need is the permanent detox. The permanent detox ensures you are safe even if retesting happens within the next week of ingesting it. A temporary detox will get you clean for your test, but it will not keep you clean for more than eight hours after ingesting it, which makes it more difficult to pass retesting.

APermanent Detox

A permanent detox takes at least a week of consistent intake of your choice of detox medicine. The medicine requires you to follow a strict diet, free from fatty or greasy foods, to ensure all the chemicals in your fat cells are clean. The permanent detox gives you plenty of time to prepare for your test and is a lot more complete and likely to work if followed exactly.

The permanent detox, when used correctly and with enough time before your test, will help to eliminate any remaining traces of THC or other chemicals in your urine and blood. The permanent detox will also ensure you are clean should a retest or another testing comes up.

bTemporary Detox

A temporary detox is effective for those surprise drug tests that occur at work. Those tests give you at most twenty-four hours to get clean. Temporary drinks will help to flush your body out with just enough time to pass your test. The test is perfect for if you are in a hurry and have little time to prepare.

The temporary tests will only give you enough time to pass the test and little else. If you have multiple tests, you will need more time to cleanse your body, and the chemicals removed will only be gone from your blood and urine. Some shampoos can take care of hair sample detox tests because the detox drinks only work for pee or blood tests.

2Timing of the Detox

Most detox drinks require at least a week to ensure your system is empty of chemicals. There are super drinks that you can ingest within hours of your test that will get you clean enough to pass, but because of the twelve to forty-eight-hour time frame requirement, you might not have enough time to manage. The drink is also temporary, so if there is retesting within a day or two of the drink, you will not be covered.

3How to Pass

Labs cannot test for detox drinks as they will not appear in your blood or urine samples. They leave no trace behind, but they will notice fake or diluted urine samples. To fully pass the test, you must follow the instructions completely and give your body the time it needs to let you pass without a problem.

Also, detox drinks work the best with marijuana though some types of drinks will work with other types of chemicals in your body. Some types of drinks claim to work to clean out other types of drugs, but you should depend on them to be as thorough. Make sure you have done your research on which detox drink will work the best for other types of drugs before you assume it will let you completely pass.

What are the Best Detox Drinks?

The best drink to help you get clean is the one that will clean you out quickly and thoroughly. Purchase your drink with the time frame you need to meet in your perspective. That is one of the main determining factors on how well you will be clean.

1Mega Clean Cleansing Drink

The Mega Clean Cleansing Drink works best for supervised drug tests. If you consume marijuana daily or have a larger body mass, the Mega Cleansing Drink is for you as it works to flush out a larger body, quickly within the hour of completion. The formula will keep you clean for up to five hours with three hours being the ideal time for your test.

How does it Work?

The Mega Clean Cleansing Drink allows you to drink up to twenty ounces of liquid up to two hours before you consume the Mega Clean Cleansing Drink. The drink requires you to avoid toxins and any toxins in your environment until you complete your test. The drink works best if your toxins drop naturally, as well as you cleanse out anything from previous ingestion.

The drink will work to remove what is already in your body. Anything in your home or vehicle that still has marijuana your skin can absorb back into your body. Your environment can betray your efforts, so you must remain in a clean environment until after your test, as it will help your toxin levels drop more quickly along with using the six free PreCleanse supplement tablets.

Along with avoiding toxins like marijuana, you must avoid alcohol, fat or greasy foods, and over-the-counter drugs like aspirin that can trap toxins in your body. Drinking lots of water will help speed the process and help your body become clean faster.

Does it Work?

The Mega Clean Cleansing Drink will work if you avoid toxins, other drugs, alcohol, and fatty or greasy foods within the couple days you need to be clean. Drinking lots of water, up to six, sixteen ounces of water a day will help as it will naturally clean out your body. A toxin-free environment will help you as well as and your efforts will pay off.

2Toxin Rid Detox

Toxin Rid is a multi-step cleanser that will get you clean in ten days. If you want a permanent clean that is safe, using Toxin Rid is the thing you need to do. The system works best for people who have extremely high levels of toxins in their body. The cleanser will naturally remove toxin from your urine, blood, and saliva.

What comes with the kit?

The kit comes with one hundred fifty pre-rid tablets, a one-ounce packet of dietary fiber ad one fluid out of detoxing liquid.

How does it work?

The package together requires you to take three tablets an hour for the first day, followed by eating a lot of high fiber foods, lean proteins, and drinking plenty of water. You will repeat the pills daily for nine days. You will then use the detox liquid on the last day of the cleanse. You drink half of the liquid two hours after you take your last set of pills.

You will swallow the other half of the detox liquid with sixteen ounces of orange juice or water. You will repeat two hours after the first half of the cleanse. You must fast for at least two hours after you are done with the detox drink to help your body fully absorb the cleanser.

You can eat the dietary fiber as an added step four days after completing your cleanse and one hour before you are ready to take your test. You will follow that fiber with eight ounces of water, followed by a wait of fifteen minutes, and then you will drink sixteen ounces of water. You must urinate at least twice before your test to ensure the last traces of toxins are free from your body.

Does it Work?

The Toxin Rid is a full cleanse of your body that requires at least a week and a half to clean out your body fully. Using a permanent cleanser helps you to know your body is completely clean. You are more likely to test positive on a temporary cleanse because there are multiple factors like time working against you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a temporary cleanse or a permanent one, the need to be healthy around the drink will help you meet the requirements of your test date. Be on top of your health, and drink plenty of water to have a completely clean test. The best drink for you to get there with is the Mega Cleansing Drink.

The Mega Cleansing Drink has a record of success without many of the problems found in other drinks. You can drink the drink and avoid the pitfalls of surface toxins, and you will be clean for your test. Be prepared to take charge by making the right choices to pass your test.