Displayport Cables

Tired of your breaking, cracking, or strained computer cables? If you opted for the cheapest cable you could find at Best Buy, or are using an outdated input rendering technology, chances are that you’re suffering from low frame rates, fragile cords, and frustrating visual flickering.

For those who are unaware, DisplayPort is an alternative technology to HDMI. Developed by several different brand-name computer technologies, the standardized VESA chip is usually used to connect a video source to a display device (like a monitor).

Additionally, DisplayPort can also carry audio, USB, and other forms of data. Designed to replace VGA, DVI, and FDP-Link, DisplayPort can be thought of an all-in-one interface for input and output.

In short, if you’re a gamer or enjoy fast-paced content, DisplayPort is one of the only connection formats that ensures consistently high resolutions and wicked fast frame rates.

Moreover, most high end DisplayPort cables are completely resistant to breakage while ensuring consistently high refresh rates. Save yourself the pain of an under-performer and invest in a DisplayPort cable you can rely on.

Review of the Best DisplayPort Cables

Below, we’ve reviewed some of the most cost effective, durable, and long lasting DisplayPort cable products on the market.

AmazonBasics DisplayPort HD Display Cable


Offered in lengths ranging from three to ten feet, the AmazonBasics DisplayPort cables provide an excellent budget option for any conscientious shopper. Ideal for video streaming and gaming, these cables use gold-plated connectors in order to ensure the highest degree of reliable connectivity.

Moreover, the bare copper conductors and fold-braided shielding mean that these cables can withstand unnatural twists and turns without breakage. Compliant to version 1.2 specs, the DisplayPort cables work for DP support video resolutions of up to 4k by 2k.

It’s hard to beat the one year hardware defect warranty provided by the manufacturer, too. Ultimately, there’s no risk for any investor in these cables. At virtually any standard length, the manufacturer offers the cables in one, ten, and twenty-five feet.


  • Gold-plated connectors ensure proper and continuous connectivity
  • Resistant to breakage caused by twists and turns in the cable
  • Very cost effective option


  • May not perform as well at monitor connections higher than 60 Hz
  • Not 1440p resolution compatible

Capshi 4K Nylon Braided DisplayPort Cable


Constructed from upgraded, military-grade fibers, the braided nylon Capshi continues to remain a dominant performer. The industrial 24K, gold-plated connectors, along with the 28 AWG tinned copper, provide for excellent connectivity every time.

For years, consumers have trusted the Capshi brand due to the manufacturers’ use of third-party testing. This particular model has passed 10,000+ cable bending tests, meaning that it can reliably bear strain better than the standard cord.

Ultimately, buyers love the non-flickering gaming experience, which makes this cable ideal for streaming video and audio. The manufacturers are so confident in the product that they provide an 18-month “no questions asked” warranty for the ten feet cables.


  • Robustly tested to ensure good tensile strength
  • Continuous connectivity ensured for high quality audio and visual inputs
  • Generous warranty provided by manufacturer


  • Lacks standard locking clips found on most cables

KabelDirekt 8K Display Port Cable: Gaming Edition


If you’re looking for a pliable yet extremely durable cable, look no further than the KabelDirekt DisplayPort cable. With a maximum performance for any system up to 32.4 gigabyte per second, the KabelDirekt is an excellent option for anyone who requires zero lag.

Buyers love the soft and flexible outer rubber coating on the cable. Thicker than most DisplayPort cables in its class, the KabelDirekt can handle continuous strain with ease. You won’t have to worry about flickering or loss of image when the cable bends.

In contrast with most competitors, this cord consistently reproduces color accurately with a more favorable refresh frequency. Even better, this product comes at half the price of those you’re likely to find in store.


  • No risk of short circuit due to pin-less design
  • Boasts full support for 4K (120Hz) and 8K (60Hz)
  • Cost effective option


  • Cord itself may be too thick depending on how tight your system set-up is

Ivanky DisplayPort Cable


Great for video streaming and gaming, the Ivanky DisplayPort cable boasts a 2K-165Hz refresh rate to make all flickering non-existent. With DP, DP++, and DisplayPort++ support, the Ivanky is likely the most cost effective cable you’re likely to find with the best performance guarantees.

Moreover, the cable itself is constructed using multiple shielding technology to prevent all sources of corrosion, strain, and breakage. The 24K gold-plated connectors, 28 AWG tinned copper and interference-free data transmission ensure the most consistently accurate connectivity.

Additionally, the manufacturers now offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on all sizes of DisplayPort cables. Though it’s hard to believe, all replacement and shipping costs are covered.


  • Uses patented multiple shielding technology for cord durability
  • Great refresh rate allows for the ultimate zero flicker gameplay and streaming
  • Lifetime warranty provided with Ivanky cable purchase


  • Manufacturer often runs out of sizes of 6.6 feet

Final Thoughts: What’s the Best Displayport Cable?

Ultimately, it’s hard to find a better deal than the Ivanky DisplayPort cable. With a fast refresh rate and durable build, the Ivanky cable reduces all flickering and input lags. If you’re a hard core gamer or you like streaming fast-paced sports, the Ivanky will not disappoint.