Dog Proof Trash Cans

Anyone who has ever owned a pet probably understands the daily challenges that come along with that responsibility. Dogs are curious creatures and they always find themselves snooping around for interesting things about the house. It is not uncommon to find trash cans knocked over and broken furniture after leaving your pet alone for an afternoon inside of your house.One of the most useful accessories that can stop these types of issues is a dog-proof trash can. You can comfortably leave your pet at home alone and not have to worry about your trash being dragged all over the house while you are away.

We are going to look at five of the best product choices for dog owners. A dog-proof trash can could go a long way to reducing your stress and increasing your comfort with leaving your dog alone at home.

Product Reviews – The Best Dog Proof Trash Cans

Option #1 – iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can [Amazon Link]

Our initial product review for this buyer’s guide will present the iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can. This ‘touchless’ trash can is completely automated and requires hand sensors to open the lid. For this reason, it is extremely useful for pet owners that have snoopy dogs and cats.

There are several sizes and color options that you can choose from on the product page and other unique features include odor control and multiple power options. This trash bin can either be powered by batteries or an adapter cable that is sold separately.


  • Dual-Power Options (Cable or Batteries)
  • Odor Control System
  • Trash Lid Control Sensors (Great to Protect from Pets)


  • Poor Reliability and Durability
  • Power Adapter is Sold Separately

Option #2 – Simple Human Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can [Amazon Link]

The Simple Human Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can is available in multiple color styles and has earned positive ratings from nearly 5,000 customers on Amazon. This exceptional trash bin is completely immune to pets because it has a lockable lid mechanism that cannot be compromised by pets.

Another possible bonus feature for customers is that this particular bin has a relatively large internal capacity.


  • Multiple Color Styles
  • Large Bin Capacity
  • Locking Lid Mechanism


  • Poor Durability
  • No Instructions for the Assembly Process

Option #3 – SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can [Amazon Link]

The SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can is available in four different color styles and has a large bin capacity. Two convenient foot pedals must be operated to open the lid. This feature is great for pet owners because it makes it much more challenging for dogs to break into the trash bin. This convenient dog-proof trash bin is extremely popular on Amazon because of its cost-effective value and simple design.


  • Four Color Choices Available
  • Dog-Proof Design with Lid Pedals
  • Heavy-Duty and Reliable


  • Not a Very Sturdy Trash Bin

Option #4 – HEFTY 12.8-Gallon Trash Can [Amazon Link]

If you are looking for a cost-effective and affordable trash can that can still prevent dogs from entering, you might want to consider this HEFTY 12.8-Gallon Trash Can. This product has a specialized locking mechanism to prevent pets from roaming through the trash and it uses a foot pedal for hands-free interaction.


  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Simple Locking Mechanism
  • Simple Foot-Operated Pedal for Lid Controls


  • Poor Durability (Not Heavy-Duty)

Option #5 – Simple Human Kitchen Step Trash Can[Amazon Link]

Our fifth and final product review will take a look at the Simple Human Kitchen Step Trash Can. This premium trash can is dog-proof and comes with a lengthy decade-long warranty. There are two stainless steel color options, including silver and black.

This premium top-tier product choice is extremely effective and is equipped with a special pedal system and locking mechanism. Dog owners might not be able to find a better trash can on the entire Amazon platform.


  • Lengthy 10-Year Warranty
  • Two Stainless Steel Color Options (Silver and Black)
  • Completely Dog-Proof


  • Steel Coating Starts to Chip Off as Time Goes By
  • Poor Durability


The desire to find a high-quality trash can that prevents dogs from roaming through the trash is usually high in a household with curious dogs and busy owners. The good news is that each of thees five products has exceptional ratings on Amazon because of their convenient designs and effective prevention techniques.

Some of these products use advanced foot-pedal systems that prevent pets from opening the lid. Alternatively, some of these products use special locking mechanisms that will not open unless it is triggered by a person.

It is highly encouraged that you take your time and browse through each of these five product pages. After comparing each of these products, you should ultimately be able to come to a conclusion and make a confident purchase decision.