Feminine Wipes

Top 5 Feminine Wipes of 2020

Feminine wipes are a crucial part of feminine hygiene. Traditional soap and water does not clean the vaginal area as well as pH balanced body washes or feminine wipes do. When women experience their monthly, it can be a painful and embarrassing time, especially with the odors that come with a menstrual cycle.

Thankfully, most feminine wipes on the market are pH balanced to neutralize menstrual cycle odors and get rid of the harmful bacteria for a better clean. Feel fresh and confident during your next menstrual cycle with the top 5 feminine wipes products of 2020.

1. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths

When women look for feminine wipes, the first brand that comes to mind could be Summer’s Eve. These cleansing cloths come in packs of 32. On Amazon, they sell a bulk deal of 4 packs of 32 each. Select from sheer floral or simply sensitive scents. Be ready to refresh and revitalize during your menstrual cycle week for the next few months by purchasing the 4 pack.

If you want to do the bulk deal of 12 packs of cleansing cloths, you can choose from aloe love or island splash scents. You’ll be stocked for the entire year taking advantage of this stock up deal.


  • pH balanced wipes to use on whole body.
  • Dermatologist tested and recommended by gynecologists.
  • 5-in-1 formula including removing odor-causing bacteria, safe scents clinically tested, and more.


  • Package bulky and may not fit in a woman’s purse.
  • Women with most sensitive skin can only use simply sensitive because other scents may not work well on their skin.

2. Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Feminine Vaginal Wipes

Enjoy white jasmine scent as you refresh yourself with Vagisil Scentsitive feminine wipes. You can purchase in a 1 pack of 30 count wipes or a pack of 3 with 30 wipes per package. The yellow and white jasmines on the Vagisil marketing pictures on Amazon symbolizes the freshness and beauty that women will feel when using this product.


  • pH balanced
  • No dyes or parabens
  • Good for sensitive skin due to white jasmine scent
  • Resealable package small enough for travel and daily on-the-go activities.


  • If not resealed properly, the wipes could dry out
  • This package may be better with a plastic closing tab on it like Summer’s Eve

3. Always Wipes-to-Go

Now these Always feminine wipes will definitely fit in your purse. They are individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience and can fit perfectly in the special compartment of your purse where you keep your feminine products.

You can “always” bet that Always feminine wipes will refresh you throughout the day and make you feel revitalized during your monthly. The wipes are lightly scented and formulated for women with sensitive skin.

Always on-the-go feminine wipes come in boxes of 20 wipes. You can get bulk deals of 2 boxes or 4 boxes when ordering off of Amazon.


  • Individually wrapped for one-time use on a bathroom trip.
  • Convenient storage in a purse or suitcase for on-the-go
  • pH balanced and dermatologist tested.


  • Smaller wipes and may not cover as much surface area as other feminine wipes
  • Not as thick so must be careful not to tear during use.

4. Cora Essential Oil Bamboo Feminine Wipes

Here’s a special feminine wipes brand on our top 5 list. Cora Essential Oil Bamboo Feminine Wipes are made with plant-based pH balanced ingredients for a healthier, greener cleaner for your body. With such an elegant box and individually wrapped sachets, you’ll feel like royalty as you clean yourself up throughout the day.

The natural ingredients will have you feeling revitalized. Cooling coconut water, aloe, and coconut oil are the base ingredients that keep you smelling fresh. There are a variety of scents to try! One box has 18 individually wrapped sachets. If you want just one box, you can choose from lavender, eucalyptus, or rose-geranium scents. If you want higher counts, (36, 48, or 60), you can only get lavender scent.


  • Does not contain synthetic fragrance, alcohol, glycerin, or parabens.
  • Thicker wipe to for clean-up because of 100% bamboo ingredients.
  • With every Cora box purchased, pads are given to a young teen girl in need.


  • Cannot get higher count boxes in other scents besides lavender.
  • If you want a resealable pouch rather than individually wrapped wipes, you have to purchase the 48 or 60 count deal.

5. Vagisil Anti-Itch Medicated Feminine Vaginal Wipes, Maximum Strength

The special feature of this type of feminine wipe is that it’s anti-itch medicated. Not only does it neutralize odors and cleanse bacteria during your period, it also helps with vaginal itching. If you are having vaginal itching issues, Vagisil Anti-Itch Medicated Maximum Strength feminine wipes would be the best brand for you to purchase!

If you want individually wrapped wipes for on-the-go, purchase the box of 12 count feminine wipes. If you prefer resealable packages, you can get the 3 package deal with 20 wipes in each pack.


  • Odor block technology to get rid of menstrual odors.
  • Neutralizes period, urine leakage, and work out odors
  • Individually wrapped packs or resealable packs the perfect size for on the go.


  • Individually wrapped packs bring less wipes than resealable packs.
  • Higher priced than other feminine wipes because of the presence of anti-itch medication.

Choose feminine wipes that work for you and your body. What may work for one woman may not work for another. Remember to always take care of yourself during your menstrual cycle so you are in your best health during the rest of the month. The best feminine wipes are pH balanced for your vaginal health.