Best FM Antennas – Top Radio Signal Antenna Reviews

The 5 Best FM Antennas

Do you love relaxing to the music played on the radio? Do you rely on your FM radio to update you on current events? Do you listen to the radio to find out the weather forecast for each day? Many other people do these things as well, but most of them have one similar complaint: their broadcasts are frequently disrupted.

What if I told you there is a way to fix that? It may be time to replace your FM antenna. Ask yourself these questions:

Does my FM radio lose signal frequently?

Is it common for my radio to produce static and noise?

Am I constantly having to adjust the position of my antenna to regain signal?

Does my antenna have any noticeable signs of corrosion?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to invest in a new antenna. There are many to choose from. You can choose an indoor or outdoor antenna; a small antenna or a large antenna; a short-range reception or a long-range reception; it all depends on your needs.

Today we will be talking about 5 FM radio antennas:

  • Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna
  • TERK Indoor FM Antenna
  • ANTOP Indoor FM Antenna
  • Herdio Waterproof Antenna
  • Superbat FM Antenna

We will be reviewing each of these products and providing you with a list of pros and cons. Our goal is to help you find the right FM antenna to suit your needs. Continue reading to learn about these products, and find out which one of the five we declare as the best FM antenna.

1. Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna

The Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna is fully assembled, simply take it out of the box and install it on an existing mast pipe or in your attic. It features a rugged mounting clamp that makes installation easy. The round dipole design allows your device to receive signals from many frequencies without losing quality. The 360-degree pick-up pattern allows this antenna to receive signals from all directions.

You are able to stack multiple units to boost your signal. The antenna is designed with heavy-duty construction to protect it from corrosion and damage. It provides great reception for FM broadcast stations, including HD radio.


Frequency range: 87.5 – 108Mhz

Maximum gain: 4dB

Impedance: 75ohm

Diameter: 17.75″


  • It arrives fully assembled
  • It has a 360 degree pick up pattern
  • You can stack multiple units
  • It is designed with heavy-duty construction
  • It receives great signal for FM stations
  • It features rugged mounting clamps


  • Signal strength is best outdoors
  • Mast pipe is not included

2. TERK Indoor FM Antenna

The TERK Indoor FM Antenna is truly Omni-Directional; you will be able to listen to radio broadcasts clearly and without signal disruptions. Its gamma-loop technology allows you to listen to broadcasts with little noise or static. It is compatible with all FM radio broadcasts, which means you can listen to your favorite stations, even the HD ones. This powerful antenna is designed and engineered in the USA.

The antenna’s small design allows you to place it anywhere in the home without it taking up much space. It is easy to install and comes with many connection options. It can be mounted on a wall, or it can be placed on a table or shelf. It comes with a coax cable and a matching transformer.


Frequency range: 88 – 108 MHz

Maximum gain: 15dB

Impedance: 75 ohm and 300 ohm

Measurments: 7.8 x 6.3 x 1.6 in.


  • It is Omni-Directional
  • It has gamma-loop technology
  • It is compatible with all FM broadcasts
  • It is small in size
  • It comes with many connection options
  • It can be mounted or placed on a flat surface
  • It includes a coax cable and a matching transformer


  • It can only be used indoors

3. ANTOP Indoor FM Antenna

This antenna features a built-in adjustable dial. With just a turn of the dial, you can choose the perfect reception range that goes anywhere from 0 to 80 miles. The multi-directional reception pattern allows you to receive local FM/AM radio broadcasts. You are able to connect 2 devices to this antenna simultaneously with the secondary output; whether it be a TV, stereo, or another device.

This antenna features a built-in 4G LTE filter that shields against interruptions and prevents noise from unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals. It can be installed in many places throughout the home. It can be mounted on the wall vertically, mounted on the wall horizontally, mounted on a table vertically, or mounted on a table horizontally. It comes with a 15ft coax cord and a Smartpass AC/DC power adapter.


Frequency range: 87.5 Mhz to 230 Mhz 470 Mhz to 700 Mhz

Maximum gain: 30dB

Impedance: 75 ohm

Measurements: 29 x 4.7 x 1.6 in.


  • It has a built-in adjustable dial
  • It has multi-directional reception
  • You can connect 2 devices simultaneously
  • It has a built-in 4G LTE filter
  • It can be installed multiple ways
  • It comes with a coax cord
  • It comes with a power adapter


  • It is large in size

4. Herdio Waterproof Antenna

The Herdio waterproof antenna has a signal range of up to 10 miles. It is great for use in a car or on a boat, but it can also be used in the home. You will not have to worry about your antenna being damaged by water or rain since it corrosion and rust-resistant. It features a 180-degree swivel base that is easy to move back and forth and the antenna itself is very flexible.

The antenna is made of rubber dipole, stainless steel nut, and PPC line. It comes with a 54.4-inch cable. It has multiple angeled mounting options that make it easy to install in many locations. This antenna comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return.


Frequency range: N/A

Maximum gain: 3dB

Impedance: 50 ohm

Measurements: 1.5 x 1.3 x 16.5 in.


  • It can be used in the car, on a boat, or in the home
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It has a 180-degree swivel base
  • The antenna is very flexible
  • It comes with a 54.4-inch cable
  • It has multiple angled mounting options


  • It does not come with instructions

5. Superbat FM Antenna

The Superbat FM antenna comes with T-shaped dipoles that can easily be attached to your device. The connectors fit snug for a tight contact. It works well with popular brands, such as Yamaha, JVC, Sherwood, Pioneer, Denon, Panasonic, Onkyo, Sony, Kenwood, and more.

The antenna connects to your stereo and enhances FM stereo reception. The cable comes with 2 dipoles that are approximately 27in. long. It also comes with a coax adapter so it can be used in more models. This antenna would be great for those who need an extension for their stereo.


Frequency range: N/A

Maximum gain: N/A

Impedance: 75 ohm

Measurements: 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.8 in.


  • It has T-shaped dipoles
  • The connectors fit snug
  • It works well with popular brands
  • It enhances FM stereo reception
  • It comes with a coax adapter


  • The cable may be too short

In Conclusion

We talked about many FM antennas today. Each one has its own unique features and they are all different in some way. Although the Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna, the TERK Indoor FM Antenna, the ANTOP Indoor FM Antenna, the Herdio Waterproof Antenna, and the Superbat FM Antenna are all fantastic products, only one can be the best.

The TERK Indoor FM Antenna is the winner of our roundup today. There’s one con: it can only be used indoors. This is not a huge problem because it receives just as good, if not better, reception than many outdoor antennas. Plus, you do not have to worry about an indoor antenna being damaged by the weather.

If you’re currently searching for an FM antenna, be sure to check out the TERK Indoor FM Antenna. We recommend it!