Folding Hammocks

The 3 Best Folding Hammocks for Sleeping Outdoors

Portable hammocks are a game-changer. Unlike traditional hammocks that require a large frame or two perfectly placed trees to set up, a folding hammock has a frame that can be broken down for easy transport.

I love sleeping in a hammock. Not only does a good hammock keep you comfortable when sleeping outdoors, but it also keeps you off the ground and away from the dirt and creepie crawlies while you sleep.

Some quick online research will show you that not all travel hammocks are created equal. While some manufacturers make excellent and safe portable hammocks, many buyers we found reported they found certain models to be structurally unsound and even unsafe!

Questions to ask before buying a folding hammock:

Is the hammock safe? What is the weight capacity?

Is it easy to set-up and break down?

How much does it weigh and how easy is it to transport?

Does it have extra features that I would use? (Examples: pillows, storage, cup holders, etc)

Is the hammock big enough for my body? (Especially important for taller people!)

Our Recommendation: The Fold and Go Travel Hammock

Our top pick was one of the sturdiest hammocks we found, with a very solid weight capacity of 225 lbs. It also has a brilliant design that allows for effortless set-up and folds back up in seconds.

We spoke to buyers who use this hammock in all kinds of places. They report that it’s light and portable enough to carry with them camping or to the beach. We also found many buyers who have this hammock set up permanently in their backyard.

Continue reading to see the top 3 portable folding hammocks we reviewed.

1. The Stalwart Collapsible Hammock Review

This is one of the lightest and most portable offerings we reviewed, making it ideal for situations where you need to keep size and weight to an absolute minimum. However, there are also some concerns about durability.

The Stalwart Collapsible Hammock has an aluminum frame that can fold down to a tiny 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 44.5” for easy transport. When it’s opened, the sleeping surface measures a spacious 97.5″ x 31.5″ x 32.25″, making it a good choice for taller sleepers.

Available in three colors, blue, red and black, this hammock also has a weight limit of 250 pounds. It also includes a high-quality carrying bag, reaffirming this hammock as a top pick for portability

The most frequent complaint about The Stalwart Collapsible Hammock is about comfort. Some buyers did not like how the small frame limited the swinging of the hammock. There are also several reviews indicating the stitching on the canvas tends to the fray over time, leading to concerns about durability.


Most Portable Offering

High weight limit and large sleeping surface

Convenient, high-quality carrying bag

Aluminum construction


Not as comfortable as other options

Issues with long-term durability.

2. The Kijaro Folding Hammock Stand Review

This hammock immediately stands out because of the attractive and unique canopy that accompanies it. This is the best option we found for buyers who want to take their own shade along with them. Unfortunately, the extra parts can also cause extra durability issues.

This hammock seems custom-designed for a perfect nap on the beach. It has a large rotating canopy that detaches and lots of extra goodies like a built-in cooler, multiple cup holders and even a magazine holder.

The Kijaro Folding Hammock gets high marks for solid construction and great durability. It’s also one of the largest offerings we looked at, with enough room for two people to lounge comfortably. We also found several reviews from buyers over 6’ tall who say they have plenty of room on this hammock.

To be clear, this hammock was designed for leisure. At 33 pounds, this hammock is one of the heaviest we reviewed. However, it does come with a very nice carrying case that has wheels allowing you to easily transport the hammock anywhere that isn’t too far off the beaten path.

Most buyers we spoke to loved the canopy attachment and agreed it created a very cozy napping environment, though some reported that some parts of the canopy are prone to damage with repeated use. The extra parts can also make set-up and break down more of a hassle than with other hammocks.


Ideal for the beach or backyard

Unique and useful canopy attachment

Enough room for 2

Carrying case with wheels


Heavier than most other options

Not very portable, would not recommend for long hikes

Canopy parts tend to break

3. The Fold and Go Travel Hammock Review

If comfort is your goal, this is the hammock for you. Buyers of this hammock universally agree this is the most comfortable folding hammock on the market. This makes sense, as it is also one of the higher-priced options.

At a reasonable weight of 29.4 pounds, this hammock features a very durable steel frame. When folded up, the hammock has very compact measurements of 6.9” x 12” x 54”. There are not any extra features as the Fold and Go Travel Hammock seems to focus on quality over quantity.

We found buyers who raved to us about the sturdy construction and comfortable design. Many noting that this hammock was their “Go to” place for afternoon naps. Many users also report having this hammock for years with very few signs of wear and tear, even with daily use.

Unfortunately, this improved quality does not seem to extend to the including carrying bag, while sturdy, the bag is a little difficult to work with, making set-up and stowage a little more of a hassle than it should be.

One buyer summed up our thoughts on this hammock by declaring it “The perfect Father’s Day gift.” We couldn’t agree more.


The most comfortable hammock we reviewed

Sturdy steel frame

Excellent durability


More expensive than other options

No extra features


The Fold and Go Travel Hammock – Best overall pick. Perfect hammock for naps in the backyard or great nights of sleep at your campground.

The Kijaro Folding Hammock Stand – Best portable hammock for a day at the beach and for 2 people to lay on at the same time. Lots of fun extras.

Stalwart Collapsible Hammock – Most portable hammock we found. Not quite as comfortable as some other options, but perfect for carrying long distances.

While each hammock comes with its own set of pros and cons, it is clear that portable hammocks have come a long way in a very short time. There’s nothing quite like a great nap in a hammock on a warm breezy day. We hope this list helps you find the right hammock for you to enjoy the outdoors!