Gifts & Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Are you going to a baby boy’s first birthday party and not sure what to get for the little guy? Do you want to get a present that is going to be a hit with both the birthday boy and his mom? To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for a one-year-old boy that are both fun and educational.

One-year-old boys are just learning how to walk, talk and explore the world with all five senses. At this age, boys love playing with just about anything that they can get their hands on. With that being said, curious toddlers can sometimes get into things around the house that they shouldn’t, so safe and engaging toys are important. Make the one-year-old boy in your life smile with one of these great toys.


This toy may look simple, but anyone who has had a toddler knows that sometimes the simplest of toys become the most loved. There’s something about stacking cups together that seems to fascinate toddlers, and you’ll be amazed how long a little boy will play with this. A one-year-old boy will also be delighted by the bright colors.

When the birthday boy gets tired of nesting these cups, he can also stack them into a tower and then knock the tower over. Simple pleasures like nesting, stacking and knocking things over are a joy for one-year-old boys. With large numbers displayed on the bottoms of the cups, this toy is also educational.


At one year, independence is the name of the game. A one-year-old boy will be thrilled with this balance bike because it will make him feel like such a big kid. At the same time, he will be learning vital coordination skills and taking the first steps to learning how to ride a bike.

The Avenor Baby Balance bike is designed for toddlers aged 6-24 months, and it is fully certified for safety. The smooth, sturdy design allows a toddler to build confidence before he’s ready for a standard balance bike. With minimal assembly and no tools required, this makes a hassle-free birthday gift that both the parents and the baby will love.


You could pretty much buy any VTech toy and know that it is going to be a hit with the recommended age group. With so many buttons, noises and moving parts, this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker entertains and engages young minds for hours. When baby is sitting, the toy can be placed on the floor, and when baby wants to cruise, the toy becomes a walker.

I love this toy for a one-year-old boy because it can be used in many different ways. Toddlers have insatiable curiosity and energy, and this toy engages all five of their senses. Baby boys can play the piano, pretend to talk on the phone, learn their numbers and so much more. When your boy gets tired of pressing the buttons and fiddling with the gears, he can push the wheels around the house.


A big bag of building blocks is a classic toy that will never get old. These Mega Bloks are sized big enough for toddlers to use safely and colored brightly to delight their young minds. With lots of shapes and sizes, this large bag of 80 blocks can allow a toddler to construct an infinite number of creations.

Building blocks inspire creativity and imagination while also helping toddlers to develop the fine motor skills that will prepare them for more complex tasks later on. When a boy gets really into building, he is also strengthening his focus and attention skills. With a little encouragement, a boy may also learn to love putting the blocks back into their bag, which can help him with organization skills.


The VTech Spin and Learn Flashlight can provide joy both during the day and after dark. With five different colored lights to shine onto the wall, this flashlight can help to make some awesome shadow puppets at bedtime. The toy is also preloaded with more than 50 sing-along songs, phrases and noises. Interactive number buttons help teach counting.

Designed especially for toddlers, this flashlight shines lights that are not too bright to damage young eyes. The volume on the flashlight can be turned to low, and it has an automatic turn-off feature when the toy hasn’t been played with in 45 seconds.

If I had to pick one toy from this list to buy for a boy’s first birthday party, I would choose the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. This toy offers so many opportunities for imagination and learning while also allowing a toddler to stay active while using it. Boys love to move, especially when they are just learning how to walk, so I love that this toy does not require a child to sit still.

From classic to high tech, all of the toys on this list can help a one-year-old boy to learn and develop cognitive skills in a fun way. Choose a toy from the list that will make the one-year-old boy in your life giggle with joy. If you can’t decide, then go with a couple toys and see what he ends up liking best.