Gifts & Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

There has never been a better time than now to be a kid, or at least play like one. Modern toys are made for enrichment and challenge, allowing kids to become more engaged with tons of discoverable activities and ideas.

Your 5 year-old may be attending Kindergarten at this time, so the toys kindergartners typically prefer reflect the child’s ability to socialize, share, and explore.

Industry is an important concept for children at this age, so any toy that makes your child feel busy and accomplished is going to be the winning choice.

This is a look into 5 amazing toys that will
be on your kid’s most-wanted list for holidays, birthdays, rewards, or just for plain fun. Check them out and make your 5 year-old smile. Or buy them for yourself!

Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter

Get your child started early in all things Star Wars with this awesome playset made by Playskool Heroes. Character games get kids’ imaginations flowing through role play, inventive dialogues, and imaginary settings. The pieces are well-crafted, keeping children’s security in mind, with no small pieces and lead-free materials.

The set includes the Poe Dameron and BB-8 mini figurines along with the Boosted X-Wing Fighter vehicle. The minifigs fit perfectly in the X-Wing Fighter. Poe Dameron comes with a blaster to keep the baddies away, and he can launch up to 2 projectiles at a time.

Great for role play and imaginative dialogues
Age-appropriate for school-age children
Trendy Star Wars toy made with high quality in mind

Dameron’s blaster is removable and may pose a risk of choking in some children
Projectiles are also removable and small for some children to choke

Black and Decker Power Tool Workshop

Your 5 year-old can spend hours of constructive play and inventive role playing with this awesome workshop. It comes with 50 accessories, a drill, and 75 workshop instruments. It is one of the most impressive sets designed for children to use fine and gross motor skills. The workshop makes sounds associated with real workbench workshops, so the experience is more realistic for your child.

The workshop comes with a light, so your child can play at night, or in the dark. The pieces are made with quality plastics that help create very realistic pieces, and the noises respond perfectly to each action your child does. The total weight of the unit is about 8 pounds, and it is easy to assemble.

Very realistic playset
Perfect size for an average 5 year-old
Makes noises and comes with its own light
Easy to assemble

Not for very small spaces

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Whether you are male or female, 5 years-old or 55 years-old, you know how fun it is to watch Hot Wheels do their race car thing. Don’t deny it. If you see a Hot Wheel and a track set together, you will jump right into action. Just imagine how exciting your kindergartner will be, having his or her own wild, double crash track.

This set features 16 feet worth of track, with twists and turns all over the place. Your child will love the high speed design of the tracks, which work perfectly with just about any Hot Wheel model. All your child needs to do is place the car, or a whole line of them, on the car feeder.

The track features motorized boosters that let the cars do all kinds of twists and turns until each car finally flies off the track and crashes. The best part is that this happens with two cars at a time since it is a double track. The unit operates with 4D batteries.

Motorized boosters for instant action
Elevated design so your child can more around the track
Great gift for eye-hand coordination

Not recommended for very small places

Mimtom Drawing Stencils

Help increase your child’s dexterity, coordination, and creativity with this amazing set of stencils, which range from simple to more complex to fit your child’s developing needs. The kit comes with stencils, pencils, sharpeners, and a wide sketchpad. All comes in a neat, portable case that kids can take everywhere they go.

This means less time staring at the tablet or phone screen and more time engaging in meaningful, creative play. With this kit, kids learn basic skills, such as holding the stencil against the paper, tracing, coloring, sharpening pencils, and keeping the kit organized. It is hard not to want one of these for any child.

Over 300 shapes to choose from in 20 stencils
Hardshell case
Bright, inviting colors

15 pencils total per kit, means your child may need or want more colors.

Hauck’s Power Pedal Batmobile Go-Cart

Many of us were denied “rights” to owning a go-kart when we were kids because they were classified as dangerous. Not anymore. This much safer version of the same thing features rubber wheels, a frame made of steel, and a clever design that resembles a lot the top of the Batmobile.

Who does not want to be Batman or drive the Batmobile?

In addition to its clever design and sturdy engineering, there are additional features that add to the “wow” factor. The bucket seat, for example, can be adjusted to fit your child’s height. Both front and back wheels get their own hand break. Also, the bucket seat is raised above the front panel for better visibility.

Great and creative design
Safe and sturdy
Easy to use

Never let a child ride alone on the streets without supervision.


I curated these 5 toys out of a list of nearly 100, considering safety, convenience, and the opportunity to teach my child something new. These are all amazing choices. However, I am all about portability and minimalism. For this reason, my first inclination would be to keep it simple with the stencil and pencil set.

Kids gift themselves each time they create something. They feel proud of themselves and super industrious. Check out the toys and see for yourself which one will wow your child the most.