Gifts & Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

In our review, we will be featuring the best five toys and gifts for 7-year-old boys to help you make the best buying decisions. When you’re buying items as gifts, it’s essential to know about the unique features and benefits that are offered.

You’ll be able to read information about product specifications and brief descriptions of each product. We hope that our information will help you make the right choice when buying.

#1 IQ Builder STEM Learning Toys

These STEM toys will give boys a science, technology, engineering and mathematics foundation.

Problem-solving, reason, and critical thinking skills can quickly be developed using these types of toys. Educational professionals recommend these toys, making them a good choice. The approval of teachers provides assurance of the kit’s educational value.

Instructional ebooks are also included to enhance the experience of using these toys. Everything stores easily after use, which always meets with parental approval.


  • The sets included help increase kids’ creativity
  • Kids of different ages can easily play together with this set
  • All the pieces are sturdy, yet separate easily


  • A second set might be necessary to build everything pictured

#2 Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad

This starter kit not only helps kids access fun games, but also provides a fully interactive experience.

The games range from beginner to expert, providing stimulation for the coming years. Activities available to kids include games related to spelling and vocabulary, counting, drawing and shapes, and problem-solving.

This kit comes with five apps, tiles and pieces, and the Osmo base. Most newer iPads are compatible with the kit.


  • The use of a pen and tiles reduce the amount of screen time
  • An effective method for teaching basic math
  • Ideal for playing along with siblings and parents


  • Incompatible with larger iPad Pro models

#3 Toch RC Robot Toy

This cute robot uses some of the most advanced technology available for a toy geared towards this age group.

Gesture-sensing technology allows a child to control the robot’s movements with motions, as well as with a remote. Sensors allow the robot to “learn” more about what is going on around it.

Dancing and singing are two of this robot’s unique abilities. With a battery that charges quickly in 120 minutes with a USB cable, your child can easily enjoy 60 minutes of playtime.


  • Very easy for your child to use with minimal supervision
  • Dance moves work well on many surfaces
  • Sensing abilities help the robot avoid obstacles


  • The robot might require extra practice to learn your gestures

#4 Adventure Kidz – Outdoor Exploration Kit

This exploration kit gives kids a greater appreciation for nature, as well as science in general.

Included binoculars and a magnifying glass allow kids to check out what is going on around them in greater detail. Both of these items feature designs ideal for the youngest users that encourage involvement in all kinds of outdoor fun.

A flashlight helps keep outdoor adventures after dark much safer, and the light operates without a need for batteries. There is also a compass in the kit that helps a child learn more about learning directions when outside.


  • The kit has items that are both sturdy and functional
  • Perfect for all activities from camping to hiking
  • A whistle comes in handy if kids get lost during their adventure


  • Some have reported binoculars or other items breaking after a few uses

#5 WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball

This soccer ball set makes indoor soccer play easier, and also has possibilities for indoor soccer play as well.

The hover soccer ball works well on different surfaces, and will not damage your floor. Bumpers attached to the ball also help keep it from damaging furniture that it encounters.

LED lights make the ball easier to spot in the dark. There is also an inflatable ball included that further adds to the fun.


  • Ideal for indoor play on any floor surface
  • Made using safe, non-toxic materials
  • Also safe around your home’s furniture


  • The batteries in the hover ball might fall out of the compartment easily

Which is the Best?

You’ve had a chance to learn more about these toy and gift ideas that are ideal for 7-year-old boys. Each of these five options is an outstanding choice for your son, grandson, or another loved one.

However, out of these five options, we recommend the Toch RC Robot Toy the most for its interactive features and overall quality. This robot will provide hours of fun for your 7-year-old, as well as his playmates.