Hanging Egg Chairs

The stylish addition of a hanging egg chair could be a major benefit to any outdoor patio space. These types of chairs drastically vary in price and it can be challenging to find a durable and cost-effective product to purchase. We are going to look at several of the premium top-tier product choices to try and make your product search a little bit easier.

We will only be looking at products that have a positive customer reputation on Amazon. These products will also have to be integrated with stylish design features and customization options that allow customers to purchase the colors and styles that they are looking for.

Product Reviews – The Best Hanging Egg Chairs to Buy

Option #1 – Modway EEI-739-ORA-SET Lounge Egg Swing Chair [Amazon Link]

Our favorite selection for this review has to be the Modway EEI-739-ORA-SET Lounge Egg Swing Chair. This stylish product is available in nine different color themes and it comes with a refreshing outdoor theme that is ideal for backyards and patio spaces.

The antique and old-fashioned design theme might be appealing for a large number of customers. It is important to remember that this particular egg swing chair is designed and constructed with extremely reliable materials. For that reason, it does inherit a rather significant price that some customers might not be willing to pay for.


  • Nine Different Color Styles
  • Old-Fashioned Luxurious Design
  • Extremely Durable and Reliable Materials


  • Expensive Price Range
  • Vulnerable to Rust (Not Waterproof)

Option #2 – Christopher Knight Home Hanging Chair [Amazon Link]

We are excited to take a look at the Christopher Knight Home Hanging Chair as our second product selection for this review. This hanging chair is designed to be weather-resistant and waterproof. The sturdy iron frame is crafted with strong and durable materials to ensure long-lasting reliability.

The stylish seat cushions are also a great addition to this hanging chair and they can easily be removed and washed at your own discretion.


  • Weather-Resistant Design
  • Sturdy Iron Frame with Durable Design Quality
  • Outstanding Customer Reputation


  • Limited Quantity Available

Option #3 – Island Gale Luxury 2-Person Wicker Swing Chair [Amazon Link]

The Island Gale Luxury 2-Person Wicker Swing Chair is another outstanding product that we are going to be presenting to readers within this review. This outstanding swing chair is designed for up to two people and it has several different color styles and themes. The ultra-durable design quality cannot be matched within this industry and the assembly process is also simple and convenient.

Some customers might also appreciate the stylish and breathable seat cushions that add a special touch to the design of this hanging chair.


  • Fast and Easy Assembly Process
  • Multiple Color Themes
  • Suitable for Two People


  • Expensive Price Range

Option #4 – LexMod EEI-2273-GRY-MOC Outdoor Patio Swing Chair [Amazon Link]

The fourth portion of this review section will focus on analyzing the LexMod EEI-2273-GRY-MOC Outdoor Patio Swing Chair. This outstanding chair is available in nearly a dozen different color themes and it could be an ideal selection for your outdoor patio space. This hanging egg chair is priced right in the middle of the pricing spectrum, but it does have a contemporary design style that provides customers with a stylish attention-grabbing design.

This hanging chair has a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds and it has an outstanding reputation for durability and reliability.


  • Outstanding Durability
  • Several Different Colot Options are Available
  • Mid-Tiered Price Range


  • Challenging Assembly Process

Option #5 – Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Swing Chair [Amazon Link]

Before we conclude this product review, we wanted to provide readers with one last product to look at before they start debating their purchase options. This specific hanging chair is designed to be stylish and affordable. This product happens to be the most cost-effective selection in this entire product review.

Unfortunately, there is only one color option for customers to choose from. Even still, the resin wicker construction is stylish and the chair comes with a gorgeous orange cushion that stands out.


  • Strong Steel Frame with Resin Wicker Construction
  • Affordable Cost-Effective Price Range
  • Stylish Orange Seat Cushion


  • Only One Color Option is Available


It is always challenging to look through a catalog of unfamiliar products and force yourself to make a purchase without a whole lot of product information. This review is intended to provide you with some important insight to try and help you to make your purchase.

The Pros and Cons within each individual product review could help you to eliminate some items and narrow down your options. Alternatively, you could explore the Amazon product pages for each product and try to narrow in on some specific customer reviews to learn a little bit more about each hanging chair. You will probably want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your product choice before completing the purchase transaction.