Height Increasing Insole

Walking on and wearing shoes with exaggerated high heels or elevator shoes is not an easy task to take on, and this is why many people turn to height increasing insoles for their shoes. To meet demand, manufacturers have started creating a diverse variety of these insoles, but it adds a complicated layer to picking them out.

We want you to have full confidence that you picked out the best height increasing insoles when you shop, and this is why we rounded up the top six insoles and provided short reviews. We also put together a short buying guide to help you understand the important buying points.

The Five Best Height Increasing Insole Reviews

1. SOL3 – Men’s Premium Height-Increase Insole Shoe Lift Inserts

This futuristic shoe lift insert gives you up to 2.36 inches in additional height, and you can easily adjust the height to fit your own preferences. There is a pressurized airbag unit that gives you a triple-level tier system, and it’s lightweight enough to fit into almost any shoe. The PU+ cushioning ensures you have maximum comfort for all-day wear, and it has enough support to accommodate different foot styles.


  • Has three different lift levels
  • Features PU+ cushioning for all-day wear
  • Gives you a maximum height of 2.36 inches


  • May take a few days to get used to wearing
  • Doesn’t fit well in anything but flats

2. ERGOfoot Height Increase Insoles

This black height increasing insole is more durable than others on the list due to the rubber design, but it still has the air cushion that adds a comfort layer to the design. You can crop this insole, and it comes in two, three, or four layer designs with a special arch support design. It increases your height by over three inches, and it hides in your shoe while supporting your foot for maximum comfort.


  • Available in several layers
  • Unisex design that fits most men and women’s sizes 4 to 9.5
  • Can crop them to get an exact fit


  • Slightly more rigid that other models
  • Has a steeper angle that makes walking in boots hard

3. Fuloon Unisex Four Layer Heightening Insole

This insole lets you pick from four different heights to fit your preferences, and they slip right into your shoes for a secure fit. The PU material ensures you don’t have any odor-causing bacteria that can cause problems with your feet when you wear these insoles for extended times. The shock absorption built into these insoles makes walking on any terrain easy and comfortable as well.


  • Has odor-fighting technology built in
  • Very easy to clean and maintain between uses
  • Works well in casual, dress, and work shoes


  • Insole’s middle may be too flat for adequate support
  • May not work well with lace up shoes

4. Footinsole 1-Inch Height Increase Shoe Insoles

This insole gives you up to an inch of height when you slip them into your shoes, and it has a very breathable and comfortable design. The high-quality material blocks odors and bacteria growth, and it has a universal design that fits into many different style shoes. The insoles come with a 100% risk-free guarantee that allows you to return them with no questions asked.


  • Comes in men and women’s universal design
  • Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each purchase
  • Features a padded but flexible design


  • May be too uncomfortable for all-day wear
  • Does not have variable height adjustments

5. Rise Insoles Height Increase Insoles

With these insoles, you can increase your height to match your preferences with adjustments that start at 1.2 inches and go up to 3.5 inches. The universal design makes it quick and easy to insert into almost any shoe for a snug fit. The insole fabric and design is breathable while allowing for excellent airflow, and it has a shock-absorbing design that makes it comfortable to walk on concrete or asphalt.


  • Has shock absorbers built into the heal
  • Heights adjusts between 1.2 to 3.5 inches
  • Allows for airflow between the insoles and your foot


  • Larger heights need taller shoes or boots
  • May not offer enough support for some people

Height Increasing Insole Buyer’s Guide

People add height increasing insoles to their shoes to stay comfortable while adding an inch or two of height. These insoles also make it easier to walk in certain styles of shoe while supporting your feet.

  • Material – Ideally, you’ll choose an insole with a durable but breathable material. This will ensure your feet stay comfortable each time you wear them.
  • Height – Many insoles come with varying heights ranging from an inch to over three inches. If you pick one with more layers, you have greater control over the final height.
  • Size – Pay close attention to the size of your insole. You can trim some down to a better fit, but you should be able to find insoles that slide right into your shoes.
  • Support – If you plan to wear your insoles for more than a few hours, it has to provide exceptional support. Double-check the padding and arch support your insoles offer because this directly impacts how comfortable you’ll be when you have them.


These five height increasing insoles are high-quality products that provide a few additional inches to your height while providing additional comfort when you wear them. Each insole we reviewed features different materials, heights, and good points that make them good choices for a wide variety of people.

You can take a look at all five of our product reviews and compare them to see which one will work best for you. Our short buying guide showed you what to keep in mind when you shop, and you can use all of this information to make a confident buying decision.