Hot Plates

Hot plates are very useful for when you are camping, or living in a smaller space that doesn’t have a kitchen with a lot of room. They are also great for times when you don’t feel like using the stove but want to make something fast for breakfast like an omelet or to heat up some soup for lunch.

Hot plates are also very easy to use, and they have evolved with modern stoves. You can get induction or even ceramic electric hot plates that offer the convenience of the latest technology in cooking.

When deciding on a hot plate to buy, you will want to look at the wattage to see how powerful the hot plate will be, consider getting one with an adjustable heating setting so that you can regulate the temperature of your food. Look for a hot plate with an adequate cord length so that you can plug it into a convenient outlet.

Finally, consider a hot plate that has a good safety record, and is the size you will need to cook the dishes you love to make.

Here are some of the top hot plates we recommend:

Cuisinart CB-60 Cast Iron Double Burner

The Cuisinart CB-60 cast iron double burner is an ideal hot plate for an extra countertop cooking surface when you are entertaining large groups, or to use while you are traveling or to take a road trip. It features one large burner and one smaller burner, and the surface heats up evenly for easy cooking.

The larger burner is powerful with 1300 watts of power, while the smaller burner has an impressive 500 watts of power, and it heats up quickly.

It is constructed from brushed stainless steel for durability. Each knob is easy to use to adjust temperatures, and there are on and ready indicators. The plates are made of heavy-duty cast iron materials, and you don’t have to worry about this hot plate sliding around with its non-slip rubber feet.

Reasons We Recommend It

It is made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, cast iron, and sturdy knobs, making it the perfect hot plate for everyday use. It’s made to last.

The burners heat up quickly and cook foods evenly. Consumers like that they are reliable, and it’s a good quality hot plate that will last for years.

It’s also easy to clean and small enough to store in a cabinet. You can easily wipe the unit down once it has been unplugged and has cooled.

Additional Information

Some users find that the smaller burner does not heat up to cooking temperature. It is designed more for warming and simmering foods.

The cast-iron cooking units also rust at times. A few consumers noted that they would rust if they get wet. It’s best to dry the cooktops after wiping it down to keep it in pristine condition.

White Solid Single Top Hot Plate

This is a very simple and basic hot plate with one burner that is perfect for small spaces. This would be a perfect hot plate to take on your next camping trip, or even as a gift for a student in the dorm away from home. It’s also good for parties where you need to keep a dish warm.

The hot plate is made from a stainless steel design, and it works with all different types of cookware. The burner is approximately six inches in diameter, and it works best with pots and pans that have a flat base to them.

There are also five adjustable heat settings on this hot plate and a conveniently long 32″ cord. It’s also very easy to clean and has four rubber feet on the bottom, so it will stay put while you use it for cooking.

Reasons We Recommend It

The flat top on the burner is good for cooking foods evenly.

It is easy to operate, and it has an indicator light to let you know when it is on, and the knob conveniently sets the temperature level.

It’s a durable hot plate made of steel and cast iron.

Additional Information

It’s a really basic hot plate without a lot of extras. If you are looking for a hot plate with more features, we suggest the Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double Burner.

NutriChef Infrared Ceramic Electric Countertop Cooker

The NutriChef infrared ceramic electric countertop cooker has all of the extra features you would want in a new hot plate. It has a digital front LCD panel display that you can use to adjust the timer, power, and burner temperature.

There is a manual control so you can adjust the temperature levels and power of the ceramic cooktop. It also works with almost any kind of modern pots and pans. It heats and cools down quickly, and the glass top makes it really easy to clean.

It has a convenient feature that keeps food warm so that your meal is ready to serve whenever you are ready to serve it.

It’s also energy efficient at 120V, and it uses electromagnets to store heat so that food cooks faster.

It has a small and sleek design so that you can store it away in a cabinet conveniently.

Reasons We Recommend It

The ceramic cooktop surface makes this hot plate easy to clean. You simply wipe it down once it has been unplugged and cooled down.

The LCD display with preset settings makes this hot plate a breeze to use.

It also heats up quickly and stays warm at your preset temperature, making it ideal for meal preparation.

Additional Information

It does have a limited number of temperature settings because of the preset buttons, and some consumers would prefer more settings.

The wattage on this hot plate is lower at 1200 watts, and some users wanted a hot plate with more power.

Avalon Bay Induction Cooktop

The Avalon Bay induction cooktop is an original induction style hot plate. It features a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil, which creates a magnetic field to heat the pot or pan. With induction cooking, the heat comes from the pot or pan and not the burner.

There are eight different temperature settings available ranging from 140°F to 465°F, and the power settings are also adjustable from 300W to 1800W to conserve energy.

It also has an easy to read digital display, a timer with a countdown, and it can detect when you have a pan sitting on it. It’s a modern and smart kitchen appliance.

Because of the induction heating, it cooks food faster and evenly. You will want to look for specific cookware that allows for induction cooking like stainless steel, enameled iron pots, and pans.

Reasons We Recommend It

This is a good-sized cooktop, and it’s not too small.

It heats up quickly and efficiently and cooks food faster because of the induction feature. A pot of water can be boiled in just under three minutes.

It has accurate temperature settings, and it’s easy to use.

This hot plate is also easy to clean and is portable.

Additional Information

You have to purchase special pots and pans for induction cooking. It will not work with everything.

It can also trip your circuit breakers on the highest 1800W setting, so you will want to be careful if you have a lot of electronics plugged into the same circuits.

IMUSA GAU-80311 Electric Single Burner

This single electric burner hot plate is convenient and features 1000-watts of power in the heating coil. It is a sturdy hot plate constructed of stainless steel. There is one temperature control knob, and it has four rubber feet to keep it in place and prevent it from scratching up your countertops.

There is also a convenient indicator light that displays when the power is on.

This hot plate is good for students away at college, staying in the dorm. They can make tea or coffee easily for study time. You can also warm dishes for a pot luck luncheon or party.

Reasons We Recommend It

We like this convenient hot plate because it heats up fast with the electric coil.

There are a few very good and dependable safety features like the side handles, the indicator light, and the automatic shutoff feature.

It is a lightweight, durable hot plate that is easy and convenient to take with you camping or to the office.

Additional Information

Some users stated that the coil does not heat up evenly and that it can have hot and cool spots when cooking.

The automatic shutoff doesn’t work as it should, according to a few consumers.

Hot plates are excellent small kitchen appliances used to cook and warm food. They are perfect for camping trips, and small dorms and apartments where you need an extra burner to prepare meals.

They can often be convenient when you want to simply make a pot of tea or brew some coffee in the morning. There are many models available from hot plates with cast iron or electric coils to more modern induction cook tops. You are sure to find a high-quality hot plate to suit your lifestyle.