Ice Therapy Machines

If you’ve had a recent operation, you may choose to purchase an ice therapy machine. This type of machine is for long-lasting therapy, so it’s important to get one as quiet as possible that can cover large areas of your body effectively. If you have injured joints, you may want to consider one that comes with pads. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best ice therapy machine for your needs.Considerations When Buying an Ice Therapy Machine
Ease of Use
Ease of use, set up, and tear down is important when considering an ice therapy machine. Durability is also an important quality, so you want to make sure your machine is well-built and will last a while. It’s always worth spending just a little bit more to make sure you get a durable and reputable device.

Run Time
Many ice therapy machines on the market feature multiple settings that let you decide how long you want it to run before it switches off automatically. There are those than can for up to eight hours before they will shut off, which can be a great feature if you want to sleep while your machine works to get the most out of your healing.

Regulating Temperature
A big benefit of using an ice therapy machine is the ability to control and regulate the temperature easily and quickly. This is a great safety feature that allows you to run it for more than just a couple of hours at a time, so make sure to look for a therapy machine that has a few temperature settings as you shop.

Wrap Attachment
Often, you will find a pad that comes with your ice therapy machine, which you can wrap around the area that needs to be treated. Keep in mind that this pad might not work when you try to use it on a joint. If your machine doesn’t have a joint wrap attachment, then make sure to buy one that will work with your machine.

Top Ice Therapy Machine Reviews

Cold Rush Therapy Machine by Ossur

Offering soothing and long-lasting treatment, the Cold Rush Therapy Machine helps you recover quickly by relieving your muscle pain without ice packs. Designed specifically for post-op swelling and pain, the Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System helps patients recover easier at home. You can use the machine at the hospital thanks to its very quiet motor, which won’t disturb those around you.

Only weighing 4.6 pounds, the Cold Rush Therapy Machine features a powerful motor with one of the stronger flow rates on the market. It also comes with a very impressive water to ice ratio. A pad also comes with the machine, but you can also buy additional pads or pads separately if necessary.

This is a great product for the price, especially since it comes with a motor that is commercial-grade. This motor can support deep compression that provides great cooling capabilities, especially at higher elevations.

You can get therapy for up to six hours thanks to the reduced amount of heat that is transferred from the water ensuring continuous treatment. These pads are also good as a post-op bracing system after intensive surgery. It also comes with elastic straps that allow you to secure the included foam wraps or any other types of therapy pad.

Made to be used with a wide range of Cold Rush pads, this system is helpful in alleviating issues with your spinal cord, hands, shoulders, hips, and knees. This is an easy to operate holistic approach to therapy that is also easy to wear and take off.

It comes with a powerful motor that is built-in
It is simple to take the pads on and off
The motor is quiet, and the unit is transportable
It is a little on the expensive side

Active Ice Therapy Machine

Specially designed for treatment of joint and knees post-surgery, the Active Ice Therapy Machine comes with its trademark timer allowing it to be set at regular periods based on your therapist’s recommendations. With its whisper-quiet but powerful motor, patients can relax as the machine does it work. Using the compression belt, your bladder is held in place while you get even pressure that is adjustable and gentle to each of your knees.

Once you are done with therapy, it is simple to disconnect the coupling, so you can take it to a different place. You can also use the universal bladder feature to treat other areas of your body including your feet, back, and shoulders. With its unique design, this machine can also be used for therapy that is targeted on the joints throughout your body.

By simply adding ice and water to the machine, you can begin to use it in minutes. It has temperature control that is adjustable allowing you to customize your therapy to a constant temperature. The timer also comes with an overcooling feature which stops the machine after 30 minutes to allow you to check for indication on your skin of extreme cold on your skin.

It has a great overcooling safety feature
The universal bladder feature is a nice bonus since you can easily replace it with another brand
You can use it on areas all over your body
The plugs and valves tend to leak

Cryo Cuff System

Scientifically engineered, the Cryo Cuff System can reach a specific temperature before it needs to reset. This system will get rid of the possibility of hemarthrosis, allergy, trauma, and swelling. The water is chilled and then directly delivered to the machine by putting the machine at a cooler temperature and after the water has reached the system, it will automatic compressions and instantly relieve pain.

Through cyclical compressions, the cold water placed inside the Cryo Cuff machine continues its therapy for up to 30 minutes when it can be reset again. This intermittent use helps to work with a physician’s discouragement of excessive cold therapy use. It also has a universal fit that makes it easy to wear on either of your knees.

You can use the Cryo Cuff system on other areas of your body, but you should make sure to ask your doctor before using it on your knee where a loose-fitting cuff can disrupt the flow of water and make it ineffective. With its structural design, ice and water can stay cold all through the day let you use it regularly, and, then when you are done, just lower the cooler under the cuff to drain out the water quickly.

It doesn’t need batteries to work
You can wear it on each knee with the universal pad design
It is pretty affordable and comes in various sizes
You have to be near an electric outlet when you use it

Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy

Featuring cryptherapy techniques, the Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy uses a constant circulation of cold water to reach the best results. Other systems can miss areas around the impacted area, but the Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy machine gives you the best results over the total area using compression.

You can use the machine for three and four hours at a time without interruption. While cold water that is supplied uninterrupted may harm tissues, using a regular water circulation will reduce the possibility of damaging your skin. With the 360-degree flow, you can also let different parts of your body vibrate softly so that they can recover faster.

With a patented semi-closed loop system, the Arctic Water Therapy System is able to maintain a consistent temperature compressing your joints. Before the water reaches the therapy pad, it is insulated using a pressurized tube. This type of system will also help to lower your metabolism while reducing vascular permeability helping to reduce the internal flow of fluids.

It covers a larger area of your skin than other models
It is simple to use and connect
The water bottles are easy to fit into the machine
When you use it for a long time, the pump mechanism will malfunction

Cold Rush Compact Machine by Ossur

Compact and durable, the Ossur Cold Rush Compact System only weighs 4.6 pounds and, after you fill it, it’s not even too heavy to move. Using a single flow setting, you get a controlled and consistent pressure on your joints that create a relaxing feeling. After you place icy cold water inside the container, your machine will stay for up to six hours.

The tube in the Cold Rush is designed to give you more pressure when placed at a higher elevation. This is an easy to operate machine that includes clear instructions and the tube connects easily to the reservoir. The lid on the pump is simple to access, and it has a very quiet motor, which makes it usable in rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

It operates smoothly and quietly
It is simple to assembly and very flexible, plus it comes with a pad
You can reach almost any area of your body with the long tube
It’s a little on the big side
The motor area takes up a lot of space

The winner of the best ice therapy machine is the Cold Rush Therapy Machine. With soothing and long-lasting treatment, this therapy system is designed specifically for swelling and post-operative pain. Weighing only 4.6 pounds, the Cold Rush Therapy Machine features a powerful, but quiet motor with one of the stronger flow rates on the market, plus it comes with a very impressive water to ice ratio.

Featuring a commercial-grade motor, this therapy machine can support deep compression that provides great cooling capabilities. Plus, you can get therapy for up to six hours thanks to the reduced amount of heat that is transferred from the water ensuring continuous treatment. It also comes with elastic straps that allow you to secure the included foam wraps or any other type of therapy pad.

The definite winner of the best ice therapy machine is the Cold Rush Therapy Machine hands down.