Best Ikea Bean Bag Chairs 2020 – Full Buying Guide

Best Ikea Bean Bag Chairs

Is your household overrun by your child’s stuffed toys? Is your child’s room inundated with uber amounts of their fluffy friends? How about a sweet place to hide all of your child’s stuffed animals where they’ll still have easy access for play and clean up?

Or, maybe you would love to choose a comfy spot in you home to read and relax without the distractions of your family’s daily activity. If this is your everyday existence, the perfect solution might be waiting for you in a bean bag chair.

Whether you’re decorating a nursery or the room of a teen, wouldn’t it make sense to include something soft, and plush in the design? Bean bag chairs provide an accent that can dramatically finish a playroom or office, as a soft, textured element in your decor.

If you’re looking for comfort, color, design, and whimsy, bean bag chairs come in sizes to accommodate growing kids, and adults will appreciate the unique design patterns currently available. The light weight and portability allows you to carry them anywhere. If you prefer something sturdier and more complacent, there are bean bag chairs available to suit your needs.

Listed below are reviews for a few of the top bean bag chairs. If you’re looking for casual seating alternatives, hopefully these reviews will offer some insight into the wide range of styles available. So, let’s explore your options.

1. WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Beanbag Chair

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This stuffed animal storage bean bag chair is the storage solution you’ve been waiting for. Finally, a home for all their stuffed toys and you get your house back! The style of this bean bag chair will transform the stuffed toy chaos into storage that is functional, and serves as a place to read, lounge or just hang out.

At a generous size, this bean bag chair can store as many as 100 stuffed toys of various sizes. The strong cotton fabric is soft and quite comfortable. It has reinforced top-stitched seams that make for a more finished appearance. For busy kids, the easy zipper closure is ideal for going in and out of the bean bag to access stuffed toys. Also, an easy-to-pull handle is installed on top for relocating or just moving the chair around.

2. Sofa Sack Beanless Bean Bag Chair

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Teens and college-aged kids would love the hip, trendy look in their room or college dorm. As a luxury accent, the Sofa Sack is appealing for an adult bedroom or lounge area. The wide range of color choices allow for endless options for any room and for any purpose you can dream up.

This beanless bean bag chair is filled with memory foam, which makes for firmer seating. However, the foam is fluffier and more contoured, so it will hold its structure over time. Built for durability, this chair can support a single man or woman, a parent and child, two kids, or two toddlers.

Small children are drawn to the cozy comfort and super soft, velvet touch of these bean bag chairs. Offering five feet in diameter of space, infants can nap, toddlers can lay out, and adults can lounge very comfortably.

The foam cushions are convenient for apartments and dorm rooms. The chair is much lighter than the traditional bean bag chair, and is a rival to most home recliners. The anticipated movie and game nights are even more enjoyable with these generous, spaciously designed chairs.

This premium bag does something that many of its competitors don’t. Here’s the secret…the covers are removable. These removable covers are not only cost-effective, they also provide you with opportunity to wash them and change the colors and styles whenever you wish. Parents appreciate this kind of versatility.

Bring any room to life with the beautiful colors offered by these chairs. Even your office will take on a new hip look and ambiance. You might even be more productive with a pop of color to get your creative juices going. They make for a great conversation piece in your game room or movie room. All your guests will want to know how you came across such a find.

3. Posh Bean Bags

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These posh bean bags offer the ultimate in comfort. Find that cozy spot in your home and bask in what could be your most comfortable spot for reading, studying, or working. If your bag gets dirty from all the usage, simply toss it in the wash. Keep in mind that you may want to grab more than one.

Let’s not forget to mention the stylish patterns offered for all ages. There is sure to be a design that suits each member of the family, with 20 options of colors and patterns. From a child’s playroom to your family room or office, you can simply choose the color and pattern that matches your space.

4. Big Joe Bean Bags

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Surround yourself in comfort with this stain-resistant chair. This is a mega bean bag chair that is easy to clean and designed with kid-friendly colors. The safety features include double stitching and dual zippers that offer durability for easy refilling of the Megha beans.

The makers of these chairs pride themselves in developing the very best chairs around. They want each customer to be pleased with the quality and attention to detail they place on each unit. UltimaX beans are sold separately for this refillable design, and the lockable zippers are easy to open. Just look on the label sewn inside the bean bag.

5. Ultimate Sack

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The Ultimate Sack is one of the most versatile bean bag chairs. It has interchangeable outter covers, and double-stitched to offer maximum strength. The highest quality zippers are used for these comfy chairs, available in multiple sizes of 30 inches in diameter for the kid’s sack, and 4-6ft in diameter for adults.

The outer covers are machine washable and stuffed with 100% shredded virgin usa memory foam for a high quality feel. When the covers are removed, they reveal an inner liner that keeps the beans and other materials contained.

As a foam-filled bean bag, the Ultimate Sack is known to rival most recliners, love seats, and sofas. It may be the answer to all your family’s lounging activities. It is useful anywhere family and friends gather, such as gamerooms, home theatres or even dorm rooms. Casual seating has never been better with this bean bag chair.

The 4000, 5000, and 6000 models offer ultimate comfort as a place to relax after a long day or invite friends for a movie night. The 6ft. in diameter size allows ample room for genuinely comfortable seating. As a sports fan, you can invite friends to enjoy the ultimate gameday experience with the spacious comfort of the Ultimate Sack.

The Ultimate Sack Corner Sack is another type of bean bag chair in their collection. It fits especially well in a corner, but it can be useful most anywhere. It’s size is similar to the 6ft. Ultimate Sack. It measures 56 inches on each side and is about 34″ in height. It weighs 50-55 pounds, however, it can be moved around almost effortlessly.

The Kids Sack offers the same comfort that the makers of Ultimate Sack are known for. This version is made for your little ones from ages 2-5 years old. It helps them to quiet down and gives them the best place to watch their favorite cartoons.

Have you been wondering what an Ultimate Sack pillow would be like? Well, here it is. This pillow has great versatility, because it can be used in so many ways. Flip it or flatten to stretch out or sit it up to make a gaming seat. The washable, removable covers and inner liner are also features of the pillow that offer convenience for cleaning.

The pillow measures a full 52″x63″x20″, big enough to pile on as many as possible. Teens will love the recreation and durability of this bean bag pillow. It weighs up to 35 pounds, with a child safety lock so that little ones will be protected. It will take a lot to rough up this pillow.

Clearly bean bag chairs are a great solution for casual and fun seating in different areas of your home. They offer variety, versatility, comfort, convenience and durability. There are designs, shapes, and densities suitable for all ages and lifestyles.

The WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Beanbag Chair is a great buy because of its multiple uses. It serves as a toy storage unit, it has fun seating for kids, it’s made of strong fabric and is easily portable.

You will be quite pleased with the purchase of the Sofa Sack Beanless Bean Bag Chair. It’s beanless, but gives you abundant comfort, super softness, and the trendy look would make a great focal point in any space.

If you love bold colors and patterns, Posh Beanbag Chairs are the way to go. Kids and adults are drawn to the unique designs and interchangeable covers. The Big Joe Bean Bag Chair is definitely the “man’s man chair.” It’s big, spacious design can seat one or hold several.

Then there is the Ultimate Sack and it’s multiple variants. This would be my recommendation, because it’s a combination of all that’s great about a beanbag chair. What you don’t find in one, you will surely find in one of the other models. If you want more information on these fabulous beanbag chairs, copy the links below each title into your browser and choose one that’s perfect for you.