Best Ikea Futons Of All Time

Best Ikea Futons of All Time

Ensuring that you purchase the correct futon can be life-changing. Regardless of the space for which you are purchasing the futon, you’ll want to make sure it meshes with your lifestyle perfectly and improves your overall quality of life.

You’ll want to consider style – how will the futon you purchase fit into your space? Are you moving into a new place and designing the house of your dreams? Is your child fleeing the nest and going off to college? Futons are versatile pieces of furniture, and purchasing the correct futon for your space and budget is a key part of bringing a space together.

What’s more, you’ll need the futon you purchase to be comfortable. In order to purchase a piece that will bring your friends and family together, and save everyone from the aches and pains that prove to be the consequences of purchasing lesser quality pieces of furniture, you’ll want to ensure you’ve done all the research you can before committing yourself to a purchase.

Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and done a lot that important research for you. Ikea is one of the most popular furniture brands worldwide, and for good reason. Their practice of providing customers with disassembled, high-quality products ready for quick and easy assembly makes them one of the most convenient places to purchase furniture. What’s even better is that you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to get it in your home!

Read through our reviews of the top Ikea brand futons and find the perfect futon for you.

#1. Balkarp

Ikea’s Balkarp futon is the ultimate choice in both comfort and convenience. This futon mimics the traditional futon design without sacrificing comfort. This futon is made of 100% polyester cushions, providing a soft yet firm surface, perfect for rest and relaxation.

We recommend this futon not only because it is sturdy and comfortable, but because it has the added benefit of being convertible. The Balkarp is easy to switch between an upright, reclining sofa position and being folded down into a bed.

The Balkarp’s versatility makes it the perfect addition to any office space, spare bedroom, or college dorm.

Comfortable and sturdy, with a frame of galvanized steel
Sleek and stylish

Some may find the Balkarp to be too firm, depending on their personal preference

#2. Nyhamn

Ikea’s Nyhamn sleeper sofa comes in a variety of slightly different styles and mattresses, but we’ve decided to group them together here as the main concept of the sleeper sofa remains the same.
The Nyman works similarly to the Balkarp in that it has a classic futon design. It also functions similarly to the Nyhamn as it also offers a convertible option. What sets the Nyhamn apart is that the mattress provided is foam. Lovers of softer mattress would likely prefer the Nyhamn over the firmer Balkarp.
A variation of the Nyhamn functions as a pullout sofa, with additional storage boxes underneath the frame. For those looking for the most functionality from their chosen furniture, the Nyhamn is the way to go.

The Nyhamn’s design is basic, which allows for easy customization. The customization options available for the Nyhamn are endless, as you simply need to find a cover to fit the frame. This makes the Nyhamn the perfect addition to any design layout.

Extra storage space makes the Nymamn versatile
Easily customizable

Foam material might not be appealing to everyone

See the Nyhamn here!

#3. Flottebo

People looking for a more upscale seating solution and are willing to pay for it may be interested in Ikea’s Flottebo option. The Flottebo unfolds into a daybed, with extra storage located under the mattress, similar to the Nyhamn.

As a sturdier option, the Flottebo will likely take up more room in your space and should be used as an option for those willing to give their futon a more dedicated area within their living space.

What makes the Flottebo really stand out is that rather than have an imposed backing, this futon’s cushions are easily removable. This makes customizing your seating options simple. The Flottebo is also compatible with multiple shelving units from Ikea.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, versatile piece of furniture, the Flottebo is a great option. This piece accomplishes so much by the way of seating and storage.

The trade-off is that the Flottebo is not a piece that folds and unfolds, meaning it stays in its daybed size and positions permanently, while the cushions are added and removed to transform the piece from sofa to daybed.

Storage and comfort all in one
The cover is easily removable, making for easy cleaning

A larger, clunkier piece

#4. Ypperlig

The Ypperlig stands out amongst many other Ikea futons, as its size is truly unique. Where the Flottebo is a larger piece overall, the Ypperlig feels longer and deeper than it is tall.

By implementing a wide angle between the cushion and backing, the seats of the Ypperlig feel roomier than those of a typical futon. What’s more, the Ypperlig is long, its length amounting to a full 78”.

Those looking for a futon option that most closely resembles a small sofa will like the space offered by the Ypperlig. This futon is built like a mattress, meaning it’s ready for you to sleep on at any moment!

The Ypperlig does not pull out into a daybed, but the superior length and comfort make it so that it doesn’t really have to. For a no-fuss futon experience, consumers can’t go wrong with the Ypperlig.

Functional as both a sofa and bed as-is
Long and comfortable

Does not pull out into a bed

#5. Lycksele Lovas

See the Lycksele Lovas here!

The Lycksele Lovas is a simple solution for those looking for a futon ready to turn into a bed for two. With a cover made from a quilted polyester, the Lycksele Lovas has an entirely different feel from the other futons mentioned on this list.
While many of the aforementioned futons function as sophisticated pieces easily incorporated into any space, the Lycksele Lovas has a quirkier design perfect for nouveau art-deco spaces or college dorms.

Ikea promises the quilt of the Lycksele Lovas has been tested and proven to be able to withstand around 30,000 wash cycles, meaning the owners of this futon won’t have to worry about getting the most bang for their buck.

Even better, the cover is easily replaceable, meaning this futon is in it for the long haul. We’d recommend this one to anyone moving into a dorm, as it’s likely to last throughout all four years of college, long into one’s first apartment and beyond.

Simple and easy to care for
Gets the job done

The quilted design may not be for everyone

See the Lycksele Lovas here!

The bulk of Ikea’s appeal is that it offers a variety of furniture options engineered toward any living situation. Many of the aforementioned futons are versatile, and what’s even more impressive is that no two of Ikea’s versatile futons are the same.

For overall comfort, versatility, and appearance, we’d recommend the average consumer go with the Nyhamn futon. A sleek, modern piece, the Nyhamn will likely fit into any space and function well.

For those looking for a simpler piece that won’t break their budget, the Lycksele Lovas is a great, functional piece that would prove functional in any space.

Decide for yourself what futon is best for you and check out Ikea’s selection of varying and functional futons today!