Industrial Fans

The best type of industrial fan is one that will work for the space you need to use it in and will last as long as you need it. When looking to purchase a fan, consider all your options before you purchase. There are plenty of fans on the market, but the best one for you is the one that fits the space and comes ready to work just as hard as you.

Things Consider when Looking an Industrial Fans

1Type of Fan

aFloor fan

A floor fan is good for smaller spaces or for directing air in a particular direction. You can move the fan around the floor and put it in different places, which makes it easier to put it in places that need cooling like directing it towards offices or through a warehouse space.

bceiling fan

Installing multiple industrial ceiling fans is good for warehouses and other wide-open spaces where you have a lot of space to cool. It is also good to keep out of the way of mechanical work or industrial process going on.

2Location of the Fan

Choosing the type of fan is the first step to considering what you want in your fan. The second step is knowing where you will put it for maximum effect and efficiency of use. Consider where you will be putting your fan, and storing it while not in use.

3How Powerful does it need to be?

A larger space requires a more powerful motor. Looking at motors to see the type of motor it is and the maximum speeds it can achieve. The motor for a fan comes in varying degrees of strength, and you will need to decide how strong it will need to be for your workspace.

What are the Best Industrial Fans?

1iLIVING ILG8F12 3-Speed High-Velocity Floor Fan

The iLIVING ILG8F12 3-Speed High-Velocity Floor Fan is a twelve-inch fan. It comes with sturdy aluminum blades that can operate at high velocities without bending or making too much noise. The fan comes with three speeds to choose from when setting the fan in motion.

The fan has a permanently lubricated motor for constant airflow, and it has the ability to tile 360 degrees for complete room air circulation. The airflow capacity is twelve hundred-eight CFM.


  • The iLiving Floor fan comes with three rotating blades.
  • The Blades of the floor far are made of aluminum to prevent them from degrading over time.
  • The airflow capacity of the fan is twelve hundred-eight CFM.


  • The rivets on the fan can become loose with use.
  • The grate over the fan can rattle on high settings.

2Maxx Air | Industrial Grade Air Circulator

The Maxx Air Industrial Grade Air Circulator can take the abuse of a workshop. The fan has high-quality steel in its construction and comes with a powerful, powder-coated motor to keep the fan turning on either of the two settings. The fan has four blades to produce extra air-flow for the industrial setting and operate quietly.

The fan can tilt one hundred eighty degrees, as needed, and has non-skid legs to help hold it in place during the busiest of days. The fan also comes with snap-on wheels so you can move it from area to area easily.

The grill of the fan is rust-resistant and comes with an eight-foot power cord so you can use it wherever you need. A UL and CUL rating applies to the fan because of its durability and safety while in use.


  • High-quality steel helped construct the fan.
  • The fan has a twenty-two gauge steel housing.
  • The Maxx Air Fan comes with UL and CUL ratings.


  • The wheels of the fan do not fully attach.
  • The fan vibrates a lot.

3Lasko Stanley Max Performance High-Velocity Floor Fan

The Lasko Stanley Max Performance High-Velocity Floor Fan comes with three speeds to choose from, making it ideal for any setting. The head pivots to direct airflow in whichever direction you choose with, the fan being ideal for ventilation of a work area or cooling one down.

The fan comes ready to sit on a floor or mount on the wall as you require and comes with the brackets to mount it. You will not need to purchase extra supplies for assembly or repair as the fan will last in a work zone or home setting because of its quality construction. The fan comes with rubber feet for both to ensure it won’t move around the floor while in use.


  • The fan comes with a pivoting head to direct airflow.
  • Brackets come with the fan so you can mount it on the wall.
  • The fan has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around.


  • The fan makes noise on higher settings.
  • The buttons on the fan can be faulty.

4Air King 9314 14-Inch Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan

The Air King 9314 14-Inch Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan is a versatile fan with multiple mounting capabilities, including the wall, ceiling, and I-Beams. The fan is powder-coated steel, as are the blades, the guard, and the mounts, which make it durable and strong.

The motor is just as strong as the frame and can move up to sixteen hundred fifty CFM of air. The motor can withstand the same stressors as it produces 1/20-horsepower while it is operating at nine hundred thirty-four RPMs. The fan operates quietly in all kinds of settings producing only forty-eight decibels of sound on low speeds with fifty-eight decibels at its maximum speed.


  • The Fan is quiet, operating on at forty-eight decibels on low and fifty-eight at high speeds.
  • Multiple mounts come with the fan so you can attach it to your ceiling and walls.
  • The Air King Fan can move sixteen hundred fifty CFM of air.


  • The fan can hum in all settings.
  • The motor can shake after frequent use after a couple of years.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right fan for your garage or space can take time. You cannot buy just anything and expect it to last. If you are looking for a fan that can take a beating, the best fan is the Air King 9314 14-Inch Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan.

The Air King 9314 14-Inch Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan is a high-quality fan. It has multiple settings and can produce up to sixteen hundred fifty CFM of air while in use. The powder-coated steel components help it be long-lasting, and the mounts will help to put it wherever you need it.