Inflatable Sleeping Bag

Have you wanted to try camping but worry about the discomfort? Do you worry about being cold, feeling rocks and other bumpy things under you? Are you less than comfortable about trying to relax in a tent?

If sleeping on the ground and roughing it hasn’t held your interest, or if it’s hard for you to get up and down, an inflatable sleeping bag can help. Many of these tools are also waterproof so you can enjoy a float down the river in a comfortable lounging position.

Chillbo Schwaggins Inflatable Couch

You don’t need a pump to inflate your lounger, but you will need a bit of space and some patience. There are several methods of inflation as you scoop air into the two long bags that make up the couch. The Chillbo air couch can function as a sofa or as a bed for several hours and will allow you to relax and enjoy a concert or a good night’s sleep.

It can hold up to 450 pounds and is 7 feet long, so tall campers can celebrate having somewhere to stretch out! When inflated, it’s over 2 feet off the ground, so getting up and down shouldn’t be too awkward.

The Chillbo Schwaggins floats. However, it’s important to note that water can get between the nylon cover and the heavy duty plastic lining. If you choose to take it on the water, be sure to hang it so it can dry out before you roll it and place it in the convenient carrying bag.

MaxIT Inflatable Hammock Sofa

The MaxIT Inflatable Hammock is your personal vacation in a bag. You can take this one person hammock to any secluded location, inflate it and kick back with a book, watch the sunset or take a nap.

Your MaxIT will hold up to 500 pounds and is waterproof. There’s a nylon bag for carrying it, as well as a metal stake to tie it down, pockets for storing your hear and a beer opener. Your MaxIT should hold air for at least 6 hours.

The deflated inflatable hammock 11 inches wide and 13 inches tall inside the nylon backpack. Once inflated, it’s 96″ long and 30″ high.

AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

If you love the relaxation of a hammock and are ready to take it anywhere, the AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger is for you. There’s a pillow built in for your head and neck. This floating hammock can keep you in comfort on land or water!

This lounger has two compartments that need to be filled. Each air bladder may be a little sticky before the first inflation; reach as far down inside as you can to open up the plastic liner. Run in a straight light with one compartment open at a time to fill the bag.

Your AlphaBeing lounger is only 3 pounds to ship and carry. Deflated, it approximately 10 by 12 inches and comes with a carrying bag. Once it’s inflated, it’s about 20 inches high, 29 inches wide and 75 inches long. It will support up to 400 pounds and will hold inflation for up to five hours.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger

The WEKAPO Air Sofa has a weight tolerance of up to 500 pounds. When fully inflated, it’s 75 inches long, 34 inches wide and 20 inches tall.

To inflate your WEKAPO, you will need to reach down and open the plastic sleeve as far as you can reach to make sure it isn’t sticking, then run a few steps to fill it with air. At the end of the run, seal the plastic. Do this for both sides and fold the end down to keep the air in the bags. There’s a clip attached to keep the folded fabric together.

When it’s time to go home, your WEKAPO will fold down to a 10″ x 12″ storage bag that weighs under three pounds for easy transport. It comes with a stake you can use to fasten the lounger down so you don’t have to chase it down the beach. Your WEKAPO will float, but take care to hang it to try when deflated so any water that may have slipped between the plastic bladder and the lining fabric can dry to avoid mildew.

An inflatable sleeping bag or lounger can make your camping trip much more enjoyable. Most of the products noted above will hold air for five to six hours. You can enjoy time on the water, a lounge with a good book back in your campsite and a nice long rest inside your tent.

Depending on the size of your tent and your height, you may need to shorten up your inflatable sleeping bag. If you notice that the bag has lost air in the night, you can undo the clip, roll it a bit tighter and snuggle back into your personal sofa.

An inflatable sleeping bag can make any outdoor experience much more comfortable. Between sitting back to enjoy an outdoor concert, watching a free movie at the park or just going out to gaze at the stars, you deserve this comfort! Invest in your pleasure. Take your new inflatable sleeping bag out to a local park and practice filling it until you’re confident you can do it quickly and efficiently whether it’s windy or calm.