IP Security Camera Systems

Do you want peace of mind whenever you are away from your home? Do you want to count on the security system you have at your home or business? If the answer is yes, then you might find an IP security camera system your best option. However, they do come with a lot of features, which can make it difficult to purchase the right one.

Here, you will find reviews on some of the best IP system camera systems available on the market, and in the reviews, we will highlight both the pros and cons of each system. Plus, we have comprised a buyer’s guide that is designed to help you know what to look for in the reviews, to ensure you will make the best purchase for your individual needs and circumstances.

1. Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE 8 x Wired Outdoor Video Surveillance System

Reolink is a well-known manufacturer of different types of surveillance systems, and this one was designed specifically for outside. It comes equipped with a built-in 3TB hard drive that can support up to 16 channels all at once, which helps to ensure the security around your home or business 24/7. They designed it with night vision capability, which means that it will record quality video even at night.

Reolink understands that a quality security system is only viable if it can record no matter what. Therefore, they have designed this system with night vision capability, which means even if it is recording in a dark area, the video will still be reliable. They have an extensive app, which will allow you to view the systems footage from everywhere, and they have added a 2-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with the system.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Provides remote access from most smart devices


  • Poor and slow customer service support

2. ZOSI Full HD 1080P PoE 120ft Night Vision Video Security Camera

If you are looking for a security camera system that has night vision capabilities, this might be your best choice. It is designed with extensive night vision technology that will allow you to get clear video even in unlit areas of your property. It was designed to be easy to install and use, and it has a 2TB built-in hard drive to back up all of your security videos to it.

Realizing that this system might be used outside, they have designed each camera to be weatherproof, which will help to ensure that you will always get quality videos, regardless of how the weather outside might be. Finally, they have motion detection sensors that send out alerts to your customization.


  • Easy PoE installation
  • IP67 weatherproof on all cameras
  • Built-in 2TB hard drive
  • Motion detection and alerts


  • Minor configuration problems on reboot

3. A-ZONE- Security 1080p 8 Channel PoE Camera System

A-Zone is known for providing quality surveillance systems, and this one comes with the capability of recording a total of 8 channels at once. Realizing the difficulty of setting up these types of systems, this one was designed with an easy plug-and-play setup that makes it easy for anyone to set up this system without a lot of technical knowledge.

They also manufactured the cameras in this system with weatherproof technology that makes it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor surveillance because it’s capable of recording quality security footage regardless of the weather outside. Plus, it comes with a free downloadable app that is compatible with most smart devices, and it can help you to maintain your system even when you are not home.


  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Weatherproof cameras
  • Downloadable run app on most smart devices


  • Poor technical support staff

4. Hiseeu 8 Channel HD 1080P Indoor/Outdoor Wireless IP Security Camera System

Hiseeu is known for the quality security systems that they have designed, and this model holds up to the high standards of their company brand. They understand that customers do not want to wait for a professional to come and install their security system. So, they designed this system to be easy to set up and install, with at least a little technical knowledge.

The system comes with a 3TB hard disk pre-installed, to help ensure you have plenty of space to keep running video storage in case you need to recall footage from earlier times. However, it should be noted that this system does not have a rewind button. You have to enter in a previous time and date and then fast forward to the footage you wish to watch. Finally, they have added an easy-to-use app that will allow you to view your video remotely from anywhere via most smart devices.


  • Capable of viewing footage remotely
  • Easy to setup for DIY installation
  • Pre-installed 3TB hard disk


  • Doesn’t have a rewind function

5. Firstrend-1080P Wireless NVR Security System

Firstrend is one of the top manufacturers of security systems, and this model was designed with four top cameras and an NVR recording system. This might sound high-tech, but they understand that many homeowners are not professional technicians. Therefore, they have designed everything about this system to be an easy plug-and-play set up.

The NVR system comes with a 2TB hard drive that ensures you will be able to keep your recordings for a while in case there is any need to go back and review footage for any reason. Finally, Firstrend realizes that you are not always home when you get a security alert or need to review your footage. Therefore, they have added a free app that will allow you to review any security footage remotely from most smart devices.


  • NVR recorder with 2T HDD pre-installed
  • Easy plug-in-play setup
  • Remote monitoring capabilities


  • Doesn’t have night vision capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions about IP Security Camera Systems

We realize that there are a lot of factors that you have to consider when purchasing these types of systems, but here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before making your final purchasing decision.

Q: Do I have the technical expertise to set up this system?

A: The answer to this question will vary from system to system, but it is one that you should consider when looking around your different options. Many manufacturers have made their systems easy to set up and install with minimal expertise, but if you will require a professional to install and set up the system, it should be stated for the individual system.

Q: Can this system work both inside and outside?

A: Not all of these types of systems will be optimal for an outdoor camera system. It is important to note if the cameras of the system have any sort of weatherproof technology that will make them capable of recording footage outside. This might not be an important factor if you are searching for a camera system that will be stationed inside, but it is still nice to consider for future purposes.

Q: Does this system come with its hard drive?

A: Not all camera systems come with their hard drive already built into the system. It is important to know if the system you are considering does come with a built-in drive or not because if it does not, you will want to purchase one separately for all of your security footage to be backed up on in case there is any need to ever review specific times of past footage.

Conclusion: The Best IP Security Camera System Is…

While we understand that not every security system will be right for you, we have comprised that the best IP security camera system is the ZOSI Full HD 1080P PoE 120ft Night Vision Video Security Camera system. It provides all of the bells and whistles that you could want while remaining easy to use.

It has a built-in hard drive to keep all of your security footage safe, and the cameras are weatherproofed to ensure that you can use this system inside or outside as you require. Plus, they are equipped with night vision technology that will allow you to record footage even in areas that are not lit by external lights, which is points of access for most security breaches and break-ins.