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5 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

Do you charge your phone overnight? Do you also set an alarm every night? What if I told you that an alarm clock dock lets you do both simultaneously?

Alarm clock docks are perfect for those who want to achieve multiple tasks at the same time. These alarms do more than just charge your phone and wake you up in the morning. Many of them also feature FM radios, powerful speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, Aux-in Jacks, mics for talking on the phone, and more.

Do you enjoy listening to FM radio when you wake? You may want to find an alarm dock with one built-in. Do you normally charge more than one mobile device? You may want to find one with a USB port. Do you need to set multiple alarms for different times? You may want to find a dual alarm. Keep these things in mind while searching for an alarm clock dock.

Today, we’ll be talking about 5 alarm clock docks:

Each product will have a review and a list of pros and cons. We’ve created the list below to help you find the best alarm clock dock to suit your needs. Continue reading to view the top alarm clock docks and find out which one is the best out of the list.

1. iHome iBTW39

The iHome iBTW39 is a Bluetooth alarm clock that is capable of playing music and charging your Qi phone wirelessly. It lets you control lights, smart plugs, thermostats, or any other smart device using the built-in Smart Button with IFTTT integration. You have an option to charge devices through the USB port and you are also able to set alarms and make calls from the connected device.

This dual alarm clock allows you to wake to Bluetooth audio or one of the four built-in alarm tones. It features a designer fabric that looks stylish in any setting. It also features a Snooze/Display Dimmer Cap Touch Button (located under the fabric) that allows you to dim or turn off the display. The Reson8 speakers produce high-quality sound that will make music sound great, as well as make alarms loud and powerful.


  • It charges any Qi phone/phone case wirelessly
  • It can play music wirelessly
  • It can control lights, thermostats, and other smart devices
  • It has High-quality Reson8 speakers
  • It has an optional USB port
  • It has stylish fabric
  • It has a snooze/Display Dimmer Cap Touch Button


  • The display light may be too bright, even on the lowest setting

2. iLuv Morning Call 4

The iLuv Morning Call 4 is an alarm clock that is compatible with any Qi-enabled device or accessory. You can wirelessly charge your device by placing it flat on top of the alarm. The Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad eliminates risks of radiation and overheating. It is also compatible with most phone cases.

It has a sleek, wood-like design that would fit well in any room. The overall design is simple and prevents the alarm from looking messy. It is small so it can fit perfectly on a nightstand or a side table. The large, bright numbers are well seen so you can check the time or set an alarm quickly. You can also choose between three brightness settings.

It features an FM radio that can be enjoyed throughout the day or can be used as the alarm sound. You can also set multiple alarms for different people who live in the home.


  • It charges Qi devices wirelessly
  • It has a sleek, elegant design
  • It has three brightness settings
  • It has a large LED light display
  • It features an FM radio
  • It is a dual alarm


  • It is only compatible with Qi-enabled devices

3. iHome iBT232

The iHome iBT232 allows you to stream music wirelessly or with the Aux-in jack. It features a 1 amp USB port that quickly charges your mobile device and keeps it ready to go. You can answer/end calls and talk through the built-in mic that has echo cancellation for clear calls.

You can set two separate alarms which is perfect for couples who wake up at different times. You have the option to schedule the alarms for every day, weekdays, or weekends. You can choose to wake to Bluetooth audio, built-in tones, FM radio, or the buzzer.

The designer acoustic fabric makes this alarm look clean and contemporary. It looks well in any room. The clock has three brightness settings so you can choose the perfect one for you.


  • It can play music wirelessly
  • It features an Aux-in Jack
  • It features a USB port
  • It has an echo-cancellation mic
  • It is a dual alarm
  • You are able to schedule alarms
  • It has an FM radio
  • It has designer acoustic fabric
  • It has three display settings


  • The FM radio may be hard to program

4. Jensen JiLS-525iB

The Jensen JiLS-525iB alarm has a rotatable dock that allows you to place your device in a horizontal or vertical position. This feature is great for when you want to charge your phone and watch videos without holding the device in your hand. If you are using the dock but need to charge another device, you can plug the other device into the USB port to charge. It also features an Auxiliary Input Jack and can play audio wirelessly.

The alarm has a bright blue LED display with a high/low dimmer control. It features an FM stereo receiver with 20 preset channels that can be used throughout the day or used as your alarm sound. You can also set multiple alarms for different times. It comes with a remote control that can control the volume, display brightness, time, radio, alarm, and more.


  • It has a rotatable dock
  • It has an optional USB port
  • It has an auxiliary input jack
  • It can play music wirelessly
  • It has a bright LED display with dimmer control
  • It has an FM radio with 20 preset channels
  • It is a dual alarm
  • It comes with a remote control


  • The dock is not compatible with large phones
  • You must take your phone out of its case to mount it

5. iHome iBN350

The iHome iBN350 is an alarm clock that charges your Qi-enabled device wirelessly when it is placed on the charging pad. It can also play audio wirelessly via Bluetooth and can instantly connect to NFC-capable devices by touch. The clock automatically adjusts to the time set on your Bluetooth connected device. It has a speakerphone that allows you to answer/end calls and the echo-cancellation lets you have a clear conversation.

It features a 1 Amp USB charging port for mobile devices and an Aux-in jack for playing music. It has a DST switch for automatic or manual adjusting of time for daylight savings. The stereo drivers in the Reson8 chambers produce high-quality sound. You are able to set multiple alarms and program the snooze.


  • It charges wirelessly
  • It can play music via Bluetooth
  • The clock automatically adjusts
  • It has an echo-cancellation speakerphone
  • It has a USB port
  • It has an Aux-in jack
  • It has a DST switch
  • It produces high-quality sound
  • It is a dual alarm
  • It has Programmable snooze


  • It does not have an FM/AM radio

In Conclusion

We talked about many alarm clock docks today. Though the iHome iBTW39, iLuv Morning Call 4, iHome iBT232, Jensen JiLS-525iB, and iHome iBN350 are all wonderful products, there is only one that can be the best. The iHome iBTW39 is the best alarm dock on this list because of its many features. Though it does have a small disadvantage (display light may be too bright), it is one that can be easily fixed by turning the alarm away from your pillow.

If you’re looking for a high-quality alarm clock dock, we recommend checking out the iHome iBTW39!