iPhone Chargers

Need an iPhone charger? Consider these high-quality options

Four or five bucks might be all it takes to get an off-brand iPhone charger from that sketchy gas station behind the bowling alley.

You’ll plug it in and your phone’s battery will begin to charge. Maybe it’ll be a bit slower than you’d like, but hey, it’s a charger. It’ll get the job done eventually.

But then a week goes by and you find that your budget charger, the one that cost about as much as a latte, has all but given up the ghost. Sure, it’ll still work. Sort of. If you’re willing to twist the cord into a pretzel and apply constant pressure to the charging port.

A cheap charger will cost you in more ways than you might initially realize. Lower-tier cords also have been known to damage your phone’s charging port. Which, obviously, is somewhat counterproductive.

A higher-quality device might set you back a bit more in the short term, but consider it a long-term investment in your sanity.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose? Are you more interested in reliability and durability, or perhaps it’s more about charging speed?

Fortunately, the indecisive need not fear. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top chargers available to make things easy on you.

If you aren’t plugging directly into a computer and need a wall charger, you will need an adapter. They can be found for a very low price.

Syncwire iPhone Charger

Cheap iPhone lightning cords are notorious for breaking and fraying, even under normal use. Sometimes it seems like they’ve only got a handful of bends in them before the jacket splits open and wires are exposed.

Not so the Syncwire charger. It uses a plastic cloth jacket capable of withstanding more than 12,000 bends, per the manufacturer. And it’s designed to withstand tangles and kinks so it maintains its integrity even under heavy use.

The charger is durable in other respects as well. Its connectors are anodized, which means they’ve been subjected to an electrochemical process that helps make the surface resistant to corrosion and capable of withstanding heavy use.

The Syncwire charger also works quickly and is versatile, capable of charging multiple models of iPhone and the iPad.

Each charger comes with a premium three-year warranty and lifetime access to tech support. It’s designed to work with all major case brands, including OtterBox and LifeProof.

Quntis Lightning Cable

What’s better than one high-quality charging cable? How about three for one reasonable price?

While they’re not the most durable chargers on the market, the Quntis Lightning Cable is a versatile, high-speed option for discerning yet thrifty consumers.

Sold in packs of three, each Quntis cord stretches six feet. If you’ve got a low battery but don’t feel motivated enough to get up off the couch, you’ll appreciate the extra room to stretch out.

The plastic casing doesn’t hold up super well if you’re moving your phone around a lot while it’s plugged in. Unfortunately, with six feet of cord to work with, there’s probably going to be some scrunching.

But the eight-pin connectors themselves are durable and versatile, working on most models of iPhone and iPad. Plus they’re super fast at both charging and data transfer, reaching speeds up to 480Mbs per second.

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable

Another high-performance charging cable sold in a three-pack, the Anker Powerline is unique in that you’ll get cables of different lengths. You’ll get the standard three-foot cord, a six-foot cord and a super-long 10-foot cord.

They’re also durable. The aramid fiber sheaths can take a beating without showing signs of wear. The material also resists tangling and won’t fray or develop kinks.

Plus they’re covered by a 10-year warranty. So if you do run into any problems, the company has your back.

The connectors provide a high-speed charge with a low resistance to electricity, meaning the Anker Powerline won’t overwhelm and damage your phone.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

This six-foot cable will hold up well over time thanks to its durable braided nylon sheath and heavy-duty metal connectors.

AmazonBasics uses copper wiring to promote maximum signal quality and strength, and it works well with all Apple devices that use lightning connectors. It also has a compact charging head, making it compatible with just about every phone case imaginable.

Some would argue the connect is too compact, however, making it prone to breaking. But the cord does come with a limited one-year warranty, so some consumer protection is built in.

It’s also fairly quick, giving you maximum recharge speed while not putting your phone at risk.

The verdict…

Any of the cables mentioned are solid purchases and will provide much better results than the generic cables that populate convenience store bargain bins. Each is faster, more durable and more versatile, a solid addition to any discerning consumer’s collection.

But for my money, it’s hard to pass up the Anker Powerline Lightning Cable. Not only is it quick and efficient, but it’s incredibly durable, an absolutely essential quality for the more careless among us.

The varied sizes included in the three pack are another huge win, as you’ll always have the proper cord for a given situation. Maybe the three-foot cable lives in your car, while the six-foot cord becomes a part of workspace at the office. That just leaves the 10-foot cord for your bedroom, enabling you to get comfortable with your phone or iPad, no matter the distance from an outlet.

A phone charger is often an afterthought, a purchase made based on convenience and price. But if you take a moment to consider what you value in a product that you’ll use every day, you just might realize that this isn’t a decision to be made too lightly.

In any event, you should probably steer clear of that gas station.