Lawn Mower Lifts

Do you want to repair your lawn mower and get it into perfect shape? Are you planning to conduct a routine checkup on your lawnmower? Well, to undertake this task, the first crucial step is that the mower must be well suspended at a favorable height.

To lift the mower effortlessly, you will have to rely on the services of a lawnmower lift. Using this machine, you will spend the least energy since you can pedal the lift using your foot. Once the lawnmower is at the desired height, you can effortlessly conduct the maintenance and repair all the damaged parts.

Using a lawn mower lift, it takes less time compared when utilizing manual means. Apart from lifting the mower, the jacks can also lift tracks and cars.

Jacks can also be used on the farm to assist you in conducting simple tasks. Some lawnmower lifts are pedaled using one foot; others require you to use only one hand. A lawnmower lift saves you time.

Before you purchase a lawnmower lift, there are some factors that you ought to consider. You need to consider the weight of your lawnmower before you proceed to buy a lawn lifter. The lawnmower lifter should have a larger weight capacity than the lawnmower.

It’s also advisable to acquire a lifter that has a more significant weight capacity as it will significantly assist you in other projects. Safety is a crucial factor when handling equipment. When buying a lifter, ensure it has a safety mechanism. There should be no risks involved when the lawnmower is jacked to a specific height.

Most lifters have one pin lock technology, while others have a three lock technology. These lock systems ensure that there is no danger involved i.e., the lawnmower sliding when conducting a routine service.

A small sized lifter can’t accommodate a large size mower. Size is a significant factor. The width of the jack should comfortably hold the mower. Selecting a lift with an adjustable width can be beneficial as it will guarantee the mower is safely locked. Large lawnmowers require lifters that have an ample wheelbase.

Apontus, High Lift Jack Hydraulic Foot Pump Lawn Mower

This is a high-quality jack that can see the job done. The foot-activated lifter ensures that you save your energy since there is no hand cranking. Activating the lift is a tedious exercise. It causes muscle cramps, and the user gets exhausted quickly.

For a steady release, you have to utilize the other foot pedal. Additionally, the lifter has two wheels, which give you the freedom to use it anywhere you desire. The wheels also make it effortless when you want to position it.

This jack can excellently lift lawn mowers that range between 36 and 51 inches. Additionally, it can raise 300lbs at the height of 25 inches. When using this lifter, safety is guaranteed. It has three well-positioned pins that are correctly locked. The mower can’t slide injuring the user.

Additional features

• 300lb capacity

• The lifter has two polyamide wheels for smooth mobility

• It possesses a foot-activated pump that saves you energy

Larin, Corporation LMLF-750 Lawn Mower Lift

You will find it easy to repair your lawn mower using this lifter. It has a capacity of 740 lbs. It can lift a mower to a height of 26 inches. This mechanical jack provides enough power to ensure that you complete your projects.

Additionally, its power can also be utilized elsewhere i.e., lifting cars, farm equipment, and trucks. It entails a reliable lock system that ensures that the lawnmower is locked in position. The lock system feature guarantees safety.

Additional features

• It has a pin lock feature which guarantees safety

• Its versatile meaning it can be utilized in other projects around the farm


• The wheels are not strong enough to support heavy equipment

• When achieving the highest level going up, the lifter tends to lean inwards

Mojack, ZR Lawn Tractor Lift Capacity

This is among the best lifts in the market. Mojack ZR lifter has a lifting capacity of 250 lbs that reaches a serviceable height of 20 inches.

The weight capacity and height will allow you to quickly check the blades, repair, or replace and conduct other services that the mower requires.

The lift fits the mower perfectly, including the small ZTR mower. Its wheels measure 17.5 inches to 45 inches. These wheels support the weight of the mower when repairing. Using the lifter ensures you save a lot of energy.

For storage purposes, the jack can fold flat. When it’s in use, it only lifts the front part of the mower so that you access the lower sections of the machine repairing or sharpening the blades.

Additional features

• It has 250lb weight capacity

• It can be lifted manually using a hand crank

• The jack can be easily folded to save on storage space.

• It can lower to a flat position of about 5.74.”

Pittsburgh, High Lift Jack 300-pound for Tractor Riding Mower ATV


This is a heavy-duty jack. It entails a hydraulic pump that effortlessly lifts 300lbs to a maximum height of 25 inches. Additionally, the jack entails a one hand six-point tires that you can adjust.

More exciting, the Pittsburgh lifter has a five-position wheel adjustment that perfectly fits quads and lawnmowers that range between 36 and 51 inches. For more simple changes, the jack has five nylon wheels.

There is one pin that can easily be removed, solving your storage challenges. The jack also features a separate foot pedal for a smoother and steady release. Apart from this, the lifter has a foot-activated pump that is utilized for lifting it quickly so that you save time when undertaking maintenance exercises.

Lastly, it has a three-position lock that guarantees the load is in position when lifting.

Additional features

• It has a 300lb capacity

• It contains a three-piece lock system to secure the load in position

• It has five wheel adjustments for quads and lawnmowers to ensure they fit easily


After some time it may fail to jack up


Lawnmower lifters allow you to carry maintenance and repairs with ease. As much as maintenance is essential, so is the type of the mower lift. Acquire a mower lift that guarantees safety and meets the weight and size of the lawnmower you wish to repair.

This is the reason we recommend the Apontus, High Lift Jack Hydraulic Foot Pump Mower. It tops our list because of its amazing and reliable features. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and has three-position safety locks that guarantee safety. Its polyamide wheels ensure easy mobility.

All the lawn lifters mentioned in this review are all exceptional. They all have their unique features. However, always go for quality so that you can perform your tasks effortlessly. Don’t have second thoughts when it comes to the Apontus Jack.