Marijuana Detox Kits

Looking for a detox kit that can get you through your work, testing is not easy to find. There are multiple products on the market that claim to do this without follow through. You should do your homework and learn about how the circulatory system eliminates waste and toxins from your body so you can target those systems and be free and clear whenever you need to be.

How Does a THC Detox Kit Work?

A high-quality detox kit will work to accelerate your body’s natural elimination process of toxins from your body. Your body stores THC and other chemicals in your fat, which makes it difficult to eliminate from your body. Even the most athletic person still needs a certain amount of fat for their body to function correctly.

Detox kits target the places THC hides and squeeze out the toxins at an accelerated rate so you can be drug and toxin-free relatively quickly. For complete elimination, you will need to consume large amounts of water so your body will be clean when you need it to be. You should also be exercising regularly so your body can sweat out toxins as well.

What should you look for in a Marijuana Detox Kit?

1Permanent or Temporary Detox

The difference between permanent or temporary Detox is when you need to be clean and at what depth. Most people recommend a permanent detox because you never know when or where you might need to be completely clean. The permanent kits can take up to half a month to work, but they are complete.

The temporary kits are ones you can take in a hurry. If you have a random drug test at work and have only a week of advanced notice, you can flush out the surface level of toxins out of your body to pass. If they do deep level testing so you will need more time and a permanent detox kit, but it is worth it.

2Duration of Detox

A temporary detox kit can have you clean enough for a drug test in as little as a week. A permanent drug test goes in to flush out your body completely. If you combine the permanent kit with intense exercising and plenty of fluids, you should be clean in around three weeks.

3All-Natural Product

Finding a good cleanser that will work with your body and not cause you added pain or harm is important. Many cleansers on the market use harsh chemical mixtures that force your system clean in ways that can leave you with headaches, migraines, or stomach aches. An all-natural cleanser most often releases high doses of B vitamins in your body, which can help accelerate the cleansing process without harming your system.

What are the Best Marijuana Detox Kits?

The best kit for your needs is the one that gets you clean as quickly as possible as completely as possible. It is best not to rush the cleansing of your body as you could leave traces of marijuana behind if you do.

For a Permanent Cleans:

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1 Toxin Rd 

How does Toxin Rd Work?

Toxin Rd works with your body to naturally remove toxins from the cavities of your body. The human body stores toxins in the fat cells in your body. Even a body that is very physically fit will have a natural store of fat to keep their body healthy, and their body will store toxins in there. Toxin Rd is a ten-day detox that extracts chemicals like THC from your urine, saliva, and blood permanently.

What are the Features of Toxin Rd?

Toxin RD comes with three different stages of detox, including pre-rid tables, liquid detox, and a dietary fiber detox. The three-stage program works best for people who have had high levels of toxin exposure. The program flushes the toxins out of your body through your saliva, urine, and blood within an hour of taking.

The Toxin RD is an all-natural product that contains no products from animals or fillers that can linger in your body. The three-part system is safe enough to use quickly to completely detox your body for your reasons or drug testing purposes.

How does Toxin Rd Work?

The Toxin Rd three-part cleanse with one hundred fifty pre-rid tablets, one ounce of dietary fiber, and one fluid ounce of detox liquid. The way they work together is simple and easy to follow.

1Pre-Rapid Pills

On the first day of your cleanse, you take three tablets of Pre-Rid pills every five hours. You proceed to eat a diet that is full of foods high in fiber, plenty of lean meats, and drink plenty of water. The diet you assume will encourage your body to expel the toxins out of your body quickly. You will repeat every day for nine days without ingesting fifteen tablets every day.

2Detox Liquid

The detox liquid does not get ingested until the last day of the program. Two hours after you take your last set of pre-rid pills, you drink the detox liquid with sixteen ounces of water or orange juice. You cannot eat or drink anything for two hours afterward.

3Dietary Fiber

You do not have to eat the dietary fiber; it is optional yet recommended. You eat the dietary fiber four days after the liquid portion of your detox and within one hour of your test. The fiber mixes well with regular water, and you must consume the entire thing within two minutes of mixing.

Fifteen minutes after you take the fiber drink sixteen ounces of water and make sure you urinate at least two times in the next hour, but three times is better. You will then be ready to take your test.

Does the Detox Work?

If the program is followed exactly, you should be toxin-free for your test within seven days of completion. Your height and weight might be additional factors in whether or not the program works as fast as you would like. If you carry more weight, your body will have stored more toxins throughout your fat cells.

If you have a higher metabolism, you can expect the detox to complete itself faster and more completely than if you have a slower metabolism. The slower your metabolism, the longer it will take for your body to be completely free of any lingering toxins.

The detox program targets all body toxins regardless of the source, so if you are smoking, vaping, eating, or dropping the toxin, the Toxin Rd will eliminate. The time might double because of additional factors like weight, but the program will help your body to be clean within the timespan of the cleanse.

Are there any alternatives to Toxin Rd?

For a quick temporary cleans:

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2Mega Clean Cleansing Drink

Mega Clean Cleansing Drink is an alternative if you do not enjoy taking pills. It is a good alternative to Toxin Rd, especially if you have a higher body mass. You should take the drink if you will have a supervised drug test and have high toxin levels to expel from your body. The drink works to minimize the toxin levels in your body in at least an hour. It will be effective for up to five hours with an eight-hour maximum effect.

The effects of the drink are temporary, but if you consume the entire bottle of the Mega Cleansing Drink plus the size free PreCleanse supplement packets within twelve or twenty-four hours of your test, you will be clean and ready for your test.

To make the drink completely effective, you must not consume any toxins and avoid them for at least forty-eight hours before your test. Being in an environment where smoke and residue are possible can accidentally let you ingest products through your skin or into your lungs. You need to be in a sterile environment to help prevent accidentally ingesting more products into your body despite using the cleansing drink correctly.

It is also recommended for you to avoid alcohol, greasy or fatty foods before your test as it can make it more likely to store the toxins in your fat cells.

How to Use

Ingest Mega Cleansing Drink and start using the PreCleanse Capsules twelve to twenty-four hours before your test. Drink lots of water and consume light meals, healthy meals with frequent urination to help eliminate the last traces of toxins from your body.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a detox kit that works, you will need to take your time and do your research. A high-quality product should work to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins in a way that will keep you healthy, but also ready to pass a drug test if you are looking for a product that does that and have the time for a full cleanse the Toxin Rd is the way to go.

If you do not have the time to use Toxin Rd for a full and complete clean, then reach for the Mega Cleansing Drink. While it is recommended to do a deep clean with Toxin Rd because it will ensure your body is free of all traces, you will make it through your test with the Mega Cleansing Drink if time is a factor.