Outdoor Misting Fans

One of the best ways to relax in the summer heat is to sit down in front of a comfortable outdoor misting fan. These fans are specifically designed to blow cold mist to try and cool down the surrounding areas in the summertime.

There are many different types of misting fans and we are going to look at five of the best options on the Amazon marketplace. These products vary significantly in price, but they are all relatively similar in design quality.

In each product review, we are going to discuss specific features and attributes that contribute to the quality of the product. We will also lay out a list of comparable pros and cons that you can evaluate to try and narrow down your product search.

Product Reviews – The Top Outdoor Misting Fans

Option #1 – Arctic Cove Water Mister [Amazon Link]

This Arctic Cove Water Mister is one of the top-rated products within this industry because of its reliable design quality and effective performance. This fan can be adjusted to several different speed settings and it is ideal for outdoor activities in the summertime.

The battery compartment is completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the durability of your battery from potential water hazards. The longer battery time for this misting fan is one of the additional reasons that many customers have shown great interest in this product.


  • Several Adjustable Fan Speeds
  • Waterproof Battery Compartment
  • Longer Battery Life Span


  • Battery and Charger are Not Included
  • Water Bucket Not Included

Option #2 – HydroMist Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan [Amazon Link]

The second product that we are going to review within this buyer’s guide is the
HydroMist Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan. This premium misting fan is available in several different configurations, including two size options and three color styles. The mounting bracket is also included and a one-year product warranty is available for all purchases.


  • Two Size Options are Available
  • Multiple Color Options (Black, Brown, or White)
  • Mounting Bracket is Included


  • Premium Price Range
  • Limited Warranty Coverage

Option #3 – Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan [Amazon Link]

We are extremely impressed with the Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan because of its unique customization options and overwhelming popularity within the industry. There are four color options and three configurable speed settings that allow customers to use this fan effectively and efficiently.

The weather-resistant design is also ideal for outdoor use, even during poor weather days. This product has earned so many positive reviews and it has been elevated to a #1 Best Seller on the Amazon marketplace within this industry.


  • Four Color Options are Available
  • Three Custom Speed Options
  • Weather-Resistant Design Durability


  • Noisy During Operation

Option #4 – H&G lifestyles Outdoor Misting Fan [Amazon Link]

It is time to take an in-depth look at the H&G lifestyles Outdoor Misting Fan. This device is crafted with the highest levels of quality to ensure the ultimate level of customer satisfaction. This cooling fan system is extremely simple to install and it is also equipped with several features that have proven to be popular among customers.

This product is energy-efficient and comes with a money-back warranty if you are not satisfied with your purchase. This could easily be one of the best products that you will find within this review. If you are looking for a premium fan cooling system, you will certainly want to consider this device for purchase.


  • Simple Installation Process
  • Extremely Energy-Efficient
  • Money Back Guarantee (Warranty)


  • Limited Availability
  • Minor Durability Issues

Option #5 – NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan [Amazon Link]

Our final product review will take a look at the high-quality features that are integrated onto the NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan. This cost-effective oscillating pedestal fan is equipped with three gentle mist nozzles and is available in two separate configurations.

This fan can easily be used outdoors for long periods and it is completely weather resistant. With that being said, it is also extremely user-friendly and comes with simple button controls that can easily be configured to your desired settings.


  • Three Misting Nozzles
  • Weather-Resisant Design
  • Simple Button Controls


  • Minor Durability Issues


We will conclude this buyer’s guide by advising you to conduct the appropriate product research to ensure that you make the right purchase choice. If you have ever stressed out about researching the market for a high-quality misting fan, you now have the chance to compare five of the most reputable products in the entire industry.

It is highly recommended that you analyze the different features and compare the pros and cons of each brand. By conducting this research from this buyer’s guide, you are giving yourself the best chances to make the right purchase decision.