Outdoor Party Patio Coolers

Outdoor party patio coolers help you get your party started right each time. These party must-haves are perfect when you have friends or family over on summer nights. The coolers help keep everything cool at a barbeque or cocktail party for maximum enjoyment.

You will want to add a party cooler to your list of patio accessories if you entertain very much. The coolers not only make serving drinks more convenient but also help you save time by not having to run back and forth to your fridge.

Being able to keep everyone’s drinks cool throughout the party is a better alternative to having everyone waiting their turn in the kitchen when they can be enjoying the outdoors.

If you’re checking out this post, you’re probably searching for the best cooler. We are sure you’ll find what you seek here. We have picked the five best options based on price, functionality, and features.


1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Rolling Cooler Cart

  • 80-quart capacity for 50 bottles or 70 cans
  • Rolls on four casters and features two locks
  • 15.5″ long, 36″ wide, 33″ high

This cooler has an 80-quart capacity that allows you to keep the maximum number of drinks ready to enjoy. The rolling design makes this cart easily portable all over your patio or deck area. You can lock the cart to keep it in place.

The cooler’s dimensions provide the perfect blend of ideal capacity and a design that is still compact. A bottom tray helps you store extra bottles and cans or supplies.

A bottle opener built into the cooler makes it easier for you to get everyone’s bottles open. The catch tray under the opener helps you avoid making a mess.


2. Giantex Rattan Cart

  • Easily moves on casters indoors and outdoors
  • The rattan style goes beautifully with any type of decor
  • Includes anti-rust metal coating on the inside

When you buy anything made by Giantex, you are getting a quality cooler that will last a long time. The rattan looks perfect in any patio or deck setting, as well as around your home. A zinc-plated interior helps to withstand rusting so the cooler will last.

The 180-quart design helps you maximize the number of drinks to keep cool. Side shelves help give you a place to put all your extras when serving drinks. An area under the cooler offers hangers for wine and other glasses.

In addition to being functional, the cart is also lovely as a piece of furniture. The casters make it easy to glide the cart across any surface.


3. Clevr Rolling Cooler

  • Large-capacity storage that you need
  • Powder-coated steel helps keep everything cold for maximum time
  • Storage tray down below for extra drinks

If you’re looking for a perfect option for your next party or barbeque, this cooler is a choice to consider. With the four wheels and two handles, you can quickly move the cooler into the right place. A brake system prevents “runaways.”

With the capacity for over 50 bottles or 70 cans, you can keep everything nice and cold easily. An insulated interior and powder-coated steel exterior are perfect for maintaining the cold temperature inside.

A storage tray provides an accessible space for additional drinks or items that need attention. There is also a bottle opener built into the cooler, along with a drip tray to minimize spills.


4. UPHA 80-Quart Rolling Patio Cooler

  • Quality steel construction
  • Keeps everything cool for more than a day
  • Wheels capable of turning 360 degrees

This cooler features steel construction, with a trendy-looking imitation rattan exterior that looks nice with all your patio or deck furniture. The legs are crafted from durable, powder-coated steel.

The design allows you to hold over 100 cans or over 50 bottles comfortably. There is also a shelf on the bottom perfect for extras, and both ends of the cooler have drain plugs.

An insulated interior keeps everything cold for over a day when needed.

You can also move the cooler quickly with multi-directional rolling wheels and handles on either side. The cooler can even detach from the base to help make everything even more portable.


5. Outsunny Rolling Ice Chest

  • Two doors offer easier access
  • 80-quart or 20-gallon capacity
  • Attached bottle opener and cap-catcher

Measuring 37″ long, 19″ wide, and 34 1/2″ high with an 80-quart capacity, this ice chest is ready to meet your party needs. Two doors provide quick access to the contents of the cooler, especially with a larger crowd.

Wheels allow you to move the cart quickly, and you can always lock two wheels to keep the ice chest in place. Durable steel helps ensure that your cooler will last.

There is an attached bottle opener that helps you get all your bottles opened faster. The cap catcher helps cut down on the number of caps that end up on the floor.

In Closing

Of all the patio coolers that we looked at, we like the Best Choice Products cooler the best. Its affordability, durability, and list of features make it an excellent choice for all your entertaining needs that enjoys a high satisfaction level among users.