Pet Barriers for SUV

When you’re trying to find the best pet barriers for SUV, your dog’s size and your vehicle’s model will be among the most significant factors. The pet barrier provides your dog with a space away from your car’s gear region, keeping everyone safe.

The most important things you’ll need to think about are the size of your dog and how much money you want to spend. Suitable barriers come in all price ranges, allowing you to make a choice where your budget can be fully taken into account.

You want to make sure the barrier is easy to fit, and also doesn’t obscure your view of what’s going on behind you, keeping you safer. Although keeping a dog out of the front seat is essential, obstructions pose a legitimate safety risk that you need to avoid.

Rear-seat barriers, known as all-inclusive barriers, enjoy easy installation, and also provide less-obstructed views. All dividers have advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to keep in mind when you are making your final choice.

We’ve highlighted the top five pet barriers for you to use in your SUV. Each of these options has benefits that you will want to consider carefully.

1. Walky Barrier Folding Auto Safety Barrier

This Walky Barrier is perfect for any SUV with an adjustable headrest, necessary to ensure a secure fit. You can quickly move the barrier as needed when it’s required to access the headrest, making having the headrest inaccessible a thing of the past.

The dimensions make this rear-seat barrier practical for other vehicles you might own, such as hatchbacks and other cars. If you alternate between cars to take your dog anywhere, being able to use the barrier in both is very helpful.

Installation is easy, and both the horizontal and vertical bars are fully adjustable for the best fit. Being able to adjust bars for both directions is very useful if you transport dogs of different sizes in your car.


  • Fully adjustable for maximum safety for you and your dog during any trip
  • Headrest mounting for maximum stability and ease of installation
  • Easily folds when not being used to save space


  • Some dogs might figure out how to pull the bars out, so seat restraint might be useful

2. Bushwhacker Paws ‘n’ Claws Cargo Area Pet Barrier

This Bushwhacker pet barrier is both tear and scratch-resistant to provide more exceptional durability. I have confidence that this barrier would stand up to the most unruly of puppies without any problem, as well as overly-curious adults.

Lightweight material makes it easier to maintain the screen’s shape and prevent a dog from squeezing past it, keeping everyone safer during your travels. Escape attempts can make even the most leisurely drive otherwise frustrating.

Keeping your dog contained in the back of the vehicle is also safer for him or her. If you have a collision, your dog has proper protection from front-seat airbags. Your pet will also have protection from sudden stops.

The barrier easily attaches to the headrests in the backseat, as well as either the seat frame, tie-down brackets, or baby seat brackets for greater overall convenience. A 46″ width and 21″ height creates a secure fit for most SUVs.


  • Easily resists the demands of active and larger dogs
  • Lightweight design makes the barrier easy to set up in minutes
  • Attachment to three other potential locations besides the headrest makes installation easy


  • Smaller dogs might find ways to slip out around the barrier

3. MidWest Wire Mesh Pet Barrier

This car barrier will help keep your dog contained to the back, ensuring greater safety for all. You can keep your eyes on the road a lot more efficiently, without having to worry about what your dog is doing. Anything that minimizes distracted driving is helpful.

One of the most significant advantages this vehicle barrier offers is quickly adjusting to fit most vehicles, from cars and hatchbacks to vans and SUVs. If you’re in a two or multi-vehicle household, you will be all set for every adventure with this gate’s features.

The mixture of steel and wire mesh is durable, easily standing the test of time. You don’t need to worry about fabric that might get torn or punctured. Durable material that resists tears is always a desirable alternative to fabric.

Another advantage of the material is cutting down on glare from the metal while driving. Anti-glare material helps minimize accidental, temporary blinding, which can turn hazardous if left unchecked. We always enjoy anything that makes things safer.


  • Keeps pets safely confined to the back, away from the gear shift and pedals
  • Adjustable for a wide vehicle size range and simple to install
  • Reduced glare due to metal coating, reducing the possibility of accidents


  • Some users need to put towels in between the base and seats to reduce vibration

4. The Original Zookeeper Auto Pet Barrier

This barrier offers the advantages of both minimal visual obstruction and an effective barrier to keep your dog out of the front seat. With this barrier, you’ll find a good mix between easy road and backseat area visibility that will help reduce accidents.

The size is considered universal, fitting vehicles of virtually any make or model easily. Moving between one car and another is easy because of the installation method. Because of its versatility, you are not bound by only one car for dog transport.

One of the best features is that the gate installs without a need for tools. An advantage of tool-free installation is reduced time spent attaching the barrier. You’ll be ready to take your dog along on your trip without any problems.


  • Design allows a horizontal or vertical fit for your seat
  • Tool-free installation has you ready to go in less time
  • Keeps the view of your rear window unhindered for better safety


  • Some “escape artists” can figure out ways to get by the barrier

5. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier

The Walky Guard Barrier is one of the most flexible confinement systems that fit a variety of vehicles. One of the advantages that we like is being able to use this barrier on multiple cars, perfect if you have a vehicle in the shop.

This barrier mounts using the poles on adjustable headrests. There is less chance of accidental slipping because of this attachment feature. The days of having to pull over to fix the barrier while you’re on the road are, thankfully, over.

This barrier is easy to remove by loosening the clamps. Powder-coated steel construction helps ensure the gate’s longevity. You are likely to get years of use out of this barrier thanks to its excellent design.


  • Generous extension size that works for many vehicles
  • Durable powder-coated steel is certain to last
  • Guard is easy to remove when not in use


  • Only for medium or large dogs, allows small dogs to get by too easily


The Walky Barrier Folding Auto Safety Barrier offers one of the best possible design for an effective pet barrier that is safe and easy to use. One of the most critical roles the gate will fulfill is keeping your dog safe during an accident.

Aside from the price, two other factors you will need to consider are visibility and easy installation. The best choice will help you keep your eyes on the traffic and your pet, as well as ensure that they stay where they are supposed to be.