Phone Holder for Car

Many people like to keep their smartphones visible while driving. While it is always wise not to talk or text while driving because of the dangers, we can use our smartphones’ voice activation features in the car. People used to purchase GPS devices for their cars to map their locations.

Today we choose to use our smartphones for navigation because it is easy and convenient, and we stream music at the same time. Although some vehicles have a built-in navigation system, many would rather use Google Maps or Waze to get to where they are going.

The truth is that smartphones tend to be more delicate and prone to break. Even if a more durable smartphone is dropped, it usually cracks the screen or breaks the phone altogether.

When you are driving and need your iPhone, it is essential to have a good quality car mount. There are various types of car mounts that can be used with the iPhone, and it is essential to find one that is sturdy. The magnetic models don’t always support the phone, and the last thing you ever want to do is have your iPhone fall out while you are driving.

Here are some of the more secure car mounts for the iPhone.

iOttie Easy One Touch Mini Air Vent Car Smartphone Holder

The iOttie car mount holder is perfect for driving with your phone because it keeps your eyes on the road. It easily installs onto the air conditioning vents in your car, and it is small and compact. You can use this car mount with any model of the iPhone, and it is made from quality materials.

The advantages of having this particular car mount include the secure flexible cradle that can be rotated and moved into position, it’s rubber finish that adheres, and the secure click lock system that holds it in place.

Some of the disadvantages to this car mount include the slightly higher price, and it will sit on your air conditioning vent, essentially blocking the flow of air.

Many car mounts for smartphones are designed to click onto the air conditioning vents; however, if the car mount is set too flush against the vents, the smartphone will only block the vent. Generally, it is not that big of an issue in spring and in warmer months, but in the winter, vents blow hot air, and this hot air gets blown right into the phone. It’s not a good idea or design.

The price on this car mount is slightly higher, but it is a decent car mount to keep your smartphone in place, and it is fairly easy to use with the locking system feature.

Vansky Car Mount with Universal Gooseneck

The Vansky car mount is a relative newcomer to the market, but they offer high-quality car mounts. They have a unique design, and they are very durable to use. These car mounts also have a dual functionality. They install into the socket for the car lighter drawing from this power source to charge your smartphone. It also works to hold every model of the iPhone securely, and they are reasonably priced.

Some of the pros of the Vansky car mount include the neck that stabilizes and adjusts, that it charges your smartphone, and it has rubberized arms for a more secure mount.

The only disadvantages to having this particular brand are that it doesn’t really offer an ideal position to view your smartphone, and it is too small for the larger iPhone plus smartphones.

All of the Vansky car mounts seem to have the problem with the position because they plug into the socket for the lighter, this makes your smartphone a little more distant and harder to view. It does work for charging, which is a major advantage. Also, you will want to remove your case from your iPhone Plus to see if the car mount will hold it.

EXSHOW Universal Windshield Long Arm Car Phone Mount

The EXSHOW car mount is a simple and durable car mount that stays in place and is easy to use. It features a long arm and a secure double suction device so that you can arrange your iPhone so that you can see it, and it stays in place. It is made from a sturdy plastic.

The advantages of this car mount are that it has a stable arm that is long and reaches the double suction device to keep your smartphone in place, and it works with all models of iPhone. It also has a one-hand easy setup. The only disadvantage is that it shakes as you drive, but it does maintain its positioning well.

It’s a durable and dependable car mount. You can clamp your smartphone in place securely, and the phone doesn’t slip because of the rubberized base.

BE Universal Smartphone Car Air Conditioning Vent Holder

The BE Universal car mount is a dynamo with its simple design, and it is surprisingly inexpensive. It holds your iPhone using spring-loaded clamps that have a rubber coating, so it is flexible to hold different smartphones. It is also an air conditioning vent clip that makes it easy to install the car mount.

Because it is a car mount that fits over the air conditioning vent, it’s easy to install and is versatile; use it on the left or right vent for convenience.

Some of the advantages of having this car mount include that it is small and sturdy, the price is affordable, it has a 360° rotation, and works well with all sizes of the iPhone, including the Plus models.

This car mount doesn’t have an extender arm, and it attaches to the vent, meaning that when your car is blowing warm air, your smartphone will be exposed to it.

The rubber coating on the car mount also keeps your iPhone from getting scratched.

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 (v2.0) Car Mount Universal Phone Holder

The iOttie car mount is a high-quality car mount. It is a little more costly than some of the others, but it is secure to keep your smartphone safe. It also has a sticky gel pad that really sticks firmly on the dashboard of your car. It doesn’t move at all, even when your car is in motion.

Some of the advantages of this car mount include its spring-loaded locking system that holds your smartphone firmly. It also works with all sizes of the iPhone and can accommodate most other phones as well. It has a versatile adjustable arm, and the sticky gel pad stays in place.

The only issue we found was when the weather was really hot outside; the sticky gel pad didn’t stick as well.

This car mount can handle the weight of your iPhone, and most any other smartphone as well, even when the arm is extended out. It is durable and stays in place. When you wash the sticky gel pad with water, it regains its stickiness and works as good as new.

Finding the ideal car mount is all about personal preferences. There are many varieties and costs to consider, and some work much better than others. You can add these car mounts to your vehicle to hold your smartphone while you drive.