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Many people who are looking to apply for a new job might be wondering about the important aspects that go into producing a high-quality resume. It can be fairly challenging to craft up an effective resume without some professional software. For that reason, we are creating this important buyer’s guide with some important resume software products for you to consider.Every person that creates a resume wants to provide their potential employer with a well-rounded resume that displays all of their accomplishments, work history, and other experiences. We are going to look at five of the highest-rated programs that can provide you with these services.

Product Reviews – Best Resume Software Reviews

Option #1 – Resume Maker Professional Deluxe[Amazon Link]

Our top recommendation for this entire review has to go to the Resume Maker Professional Deluxe software. This is a convenient and affordable way for customers to gain access to a professional resume builder and there are many important features to consider using that can help to craft a high-quality resume for you.

There is an in-depth step-by-step guide that will take you through the resume-building process and you will be able to showcase your work history and experience. There are dozens of unique resume styles and they can all be customized for your specific purposes.


  • Dozens of Resume Themes
  • Several Customization Options
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Create Professional Resumes


  • Challenging User Interface

Option #2 – Win Way Resume Deluxe [Amazon Link]

If you are looking for a high-quality resume software that is capable of providing you with thousands of professional resume examples, you will probably be interested in learning more about Win Way Resume Deluxe. This program is integrated with a resume auditor and it is compatible with Windows XP or newer.

You can even use the integrated features to e-mail your resume to your potential employers. You can save your created resume in most file formats, including PDF.


  • Thousands of Example Resumes
  • Convenient Resume Auditor
  • Compatible with Windows XP or newer


  • Limited Quantity Available

Option #3 – Office Suite 2019 Professional for MS Windows [Amazon Link]

Office Suite 2019 Professional is a great Windows-based software that has integrated tools for resumes and portfolios. This software has a quick installation process and has a large number of templates and examples to choose from. Another factor that might be appealing to customers is the fact that this software is incredibly affordable and cost-effective. The premium edition also has limited support for Mac computers.


  • Fast Installation Process
  • Thousands of Templates
  • Cost-Effective Software


  • This Software Requies a Fast Computer

Option #4 – CV Maker for Mac [Amazon Link]

If you have a Mac computer, you might not have a compatible operating system for many of these alternative resume programs. The good news is that this program is completely based around the Mac operating system and it comes from a reputable brand to ensure that customers are satisfied.

There are hundreds of templates and examples that can help you to create a high-quality resume. You can also craft professional cover letters and other similar documents within the software. The installation process is fast and it will only take you a few minutes to get started.


  • Specially Designed for Mac’s Operating System
  • 200 Resume Templates and Examples
  • Also Creates Professional Cover Letters


  • Outdated User Interface
  • Laggy Software & Slow Performance

Option #5 – Resume Maker Professional Web Subscription [Amazon Link]

Customers might be intrigued by the Resume Maker Professional Web Subscription because it takes a slightly different approach than many of these alternative products. The main difference for this product is the fact that it is a subscription service instead of software and it requires a monthly payment.

Users can pay the subscription fee every month and immediately gain access to the web service. There are thousands of sample resumes and several important professional tools that can help you get started. This software is probably ideal for customers that are looking for an affordable monthly subscription.


  • Supports Windows and Macs
  • Thousands of Resume Samples and Templates
  • Powerful Tools and Step-by-Step Resume Guides


  • Requires Monthly Subscription Payments


You might be feeling a little bit more relieved after reviewing five of the most popular resume building programs that we could find on Amazon. We even included a unique monthly subscription service that allows you to build your resumes on the internet.

All of these programs are designed and integrated with professional tools that can help you to craft your resume. You can utilize these programs and create impressive resumes with your work experience and skills.

A lot of the decision-making has already been completed and now all you have to do is narrow down your options and ultimately select your favorite program. There are several great options to choose from and it is always important to take your time and make the right choice.