Best Skee Ball Machines – Reviews Guide

Our modern world is filled with various hand-held, digital entertainment devices that contain millions of different forms of media. However, are you finding it harder and harder to spend quality time with your family and loved ones that doesn’t revolve around the internet?

Retro arcade games were a great way in the past for people to join together and have some quality, wholesome fun with the people they enjoy the most. What’s even better, you don’t need to go to the arcade to get this experience. You can have your very own skee ball machine in your home today.

Today we’re going to covering the Top 5 Skee Ball Machines for your home entertainment needs. These machines not only give you the nostalgic feel of being in your favorite arcade, but modern technological features help enhance these qualities to help bring the arcade to your home.

BARRINGTON Roll and Score Game Set

Our first selection comes to us from Barrington, a world-renowned leader in retro arcade and gaming machines. Their Premium Skee Ball Bowling Machine provides classic, arcade skee ball features with modern technological advancements.

This skee ball machine makes you feel like you are right in the arcade. The wood-grain design give you both the feeling of the classic arcade skee ball machines, but also makes a welcome addition to the home decor.

This durable machine features a number of modern amenities that are meant to give you and your loved ones in your favorites 80s and 90s arcades. With arcade sound effects, LED Lighting and effects, and automatic ball return, This skee ball machine is perfect for family settings as well as social institutions like fraternity and sorority houses.

This machine will provide substantial entertainment for your family barbecues, holiday gatherings and celebrations, as well as providing a perfect gift for your whole family to enjoy for years to come. It includes 4 balls and a pristine, unblemished ramp. To ensure buyer security, Barrington includes a 90-Day, Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way.


  • Audio and visual effects to bring the arcade into your home
  • Incredibly well-fortified and durable.
  • Design makes it an excellent aesthetic feature in the home.


  • Very large and heavy
  • Need Batteries to operate

MD Sports Ready AIM and Throw! Arcade Ball Game

The second selection on this list comes to us from MD Sports. Their Ready, AIM and Throw machine is tailor-made to provide you and your family with loads of entertainment that will bring you guys together.

This machine really works to make your feel like you have an arcade right in your own home. It comes with modern technological features like LED lighting and score and sound effects that are identical to the machines that still exist in retro gaming facilities today. The automatic ball return seals the deal in giving a machine that lives up the classic skee ball experience.

This machine is meant to also be a great addition to your home, with wood-style design that gives it the appearance of a rugged, yet handsome piece of furniture. In addition, MD Sports includes and fully-detailed instruction manual to ensure easy assembly.

This particular machine has both single and two-player modes, and it comes with a 90-Day, limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Designed to fit into any home environment
  • Visual and audio effects for a full-fledged arcade experience
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty
  • Parts are easy to assemble and replace if need be


  • Hard to find reliable info on replacement parts.

Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Arcade Ball Table

The third selection on this list is the Hathaway Boardwalk Arcade Ball Table. This wonderful, 8-foot machine mixes nostalgic, skee-ball design with modern effects and elements that put you and your family right in the thick of an exciting, arcade-gaming experience.

The oak-wood finish design looks to add style to your home while also mimicking the classic look of classic machines in retro gaming environments. In addition to the design, this machine contains impressive sound and lighting effects that will capture the attention of players and spectators alike.

This machine contains the option to play alone or with another competitor, and the automatic ball return provides a smooth experience that continues to add to the table’s nostalgic value. People will love playing this game at all all of your family and social gatherings providing entertainment for people young and old.

To top it off Hathaway includes a 180-Day Limited Warranty for defective or malfunctioning parts.


  • Highly durable
  • 6 Balls
  • Full-fledged technological elements that mimic the classic arcade
  • 180-day Limited Warranty


  • Semi-soft balls

Hot Shot 8-ft Arcade Ball Table

Another Hathaway machine, the Hot-Shot, 8-ft. Arcade Ball Table that really stands out in a few ways. Unlike the other selections, this particular table is lightweight enough for two, average-sized adults to move. This allows the table to be relocated, giving you the ability to play it both inside and outside.

This machine really looks to capture the retro-gaming feel by taking a different approach than the previously-mentioned wood-grain designs of the previous three. Instead, it contains flashy and dynamic visual style that really captures the flare that comes with retro gaming.

Another cool feature that the Hot Shot table contains comes from its folded design. This allows you to save even more space in your game room when the machine is not in use. In addition, LED lighting and scoreboard, as well as automatic ball return that delivers a classic gaming experience.

Like other Hathaway products, this machine also comes with a 180-Day Limited Warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving folding feature
  • 180-Day Limited Warranty
  • Choose between battery power and AC Adapter power


  • Missing Sound Effects

Skee-Ball: Tabletop Classic Arcade Game

The last of these selections take a departure from the other tables on this list. Our previous tables have all been rather large and were designed to copy the exact feel of arcade skee ball. However, this particular skee ball table shows that you can have skee ball in a pint-sized version as well.

While it doesn’t contain the arcade-style features and long, sleek tables that the previous 4 have, it is so lightweight that even a young child can carry it with ease. As such, this particular table not only provides plenty of home entertainment, but it can easily accompany you to the beach, park, best friend’s house and even camping.

Due to lacking modern features, these boards actually have the freedom to exercise a little creative excitement. Want to have a 2-on-2 match instead of 1-on-1? Score is kept manually, and this table can be a great way to help your children learn addition while enjoying a fun and engaging game.


  • Extremely lightweight; travel-ready
  • Inexpensive
  • Children can take it on sleepovers.
  • Allows you the freedom to customize your own games


  • No electronic features
  • Doesn’t have a warranty.

Tips For Choosing Your Skee Ball machine

These skee ball machines all have provide a quality skee ball experience. However, the first 4 tables do require some considerations before making a decision.

The first 4 machines are primarily designed to mimick the classic arcade machines as closely as possible. As such, they are pretty heavy, primarily staying in one stationary area in your home.

The whole goal is bringing you as close to the arcade experience as possible, and is a great choice if you want to share what it felt like to play these games in the arcade. They also all have the option for solo or competitive, two-player games.

Top Pick

Our top pick might shock you, as it really takes a large departure from the other tables on this list. We are talking about our fifth selection, the Skee-Ball Tabletop Classic.

Some of you may be confused with this selection, departing from the traditional arcade-game feeling. However, the primary point of getting a skee ball machine is the gather with your family and friends and enjoy the various thrills that skee ball has to offer.

As such, this particular table carries a lot of potential due to its pint-sized capacity and lack of technological features. Rather than being bound by pre-programmed game modes, you can use this machine to create all sorts of skee ball game varieties. Here are just a few ideas on how you can use this table in creative new ways.

  • College Events & Parties – We all know that partying is a normal part of the average college experience. These parties and social events often come with a number of college-originating games that students like to play in order to increase their excitement.This particular selection would be a perfect choice to include in college social events in a very similar fashion as college classics like “bags”. Students would find little trouble concocting special drinking games just for this table alone!
  • Learning Tool – A lot of young children don’t like the monotonous feel that school has. Children can easily get bored reading lessons out of a book, and this can make it difficult for children to really learn.However, this machine holds the potential for educators and parents to facilitate skills like addition in a fun and engaging way. Since this table requires manual scoring, players must know how to add correctly.This can be a great way to help children learn an important math skill while giving them something that they actually find fun.

As you can see the lightweight and simple design actually give you the freedom to use this skee ball table in a variety of conventional and unconventional ways.

With that stated, if you are specifically looking for a skee ball machine that will be a feature in a a home arcade room, than the Hot Shot Skee Ball Table is our top choice. This machine includes all the modern features that bring the arcade experience to life. However, it also is lightweight and contains the space-saving, folding feature when it is not in use.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to pick a definitive “winner” out of the tables on this list. They all would be fantastic editions to your home arcade, giving you the sights and sounds that made your arcade experiences so memorable. Even the smallest skee ball table packed the potential for near-endless variations to the classic skee ball.

We hope this article gave you the insight you need to make the best choice for your home, skee-ball needs.