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Our List of the Top Stocks Analysis Software & Reviews

Find the Best Tools to Analyze Stocks Like a Pro

In the following product review, we’ll divulge insider information about some of the most sophisticated analysis tools on the market. We’re going to pick apart what makes each tool worth adding to your repertoire in order to improve your trading habits.

We’ll break down the core features that set each tool on this list apart from similar offerings.

Since my brother and I have been competitively trying to outmatch each other in how well we do in the market, I’ve had plenty of time to gather perspectives about which stock analysis tools are worth pursuing.

When you pick up a top-notch stock analysis tool, you’ll have the benefit of feeling confident about your investments. In addition to verifying that your current stocks are in the money, you’ll be able to quickly research industries that are new to you.

You’ll discover new ways to become a better trader. Some of these tools have the option to link your current portfolio to their software in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of how your stocks are performing in the market.

Another benefit of using sophisticated stock analysis software is the ability to see a clear visual representation of how specific stocks are currently performing, and some of these tools offer valuable insights into how stocks will perform in the future.

Although all of these tools will augment your portfolio’s performance, you’ll need to consider how much money to invest into each product. Some of these analysis tools offer free versions of their services; you can test them for yourself.

If you become interested in one of the products we’re reviewing, you should consider how it was developed. Tools that have been developed by investors will potentially offer more useful features to apply for practical trading purposes.

Our List of the Top Essential Stock Tools: Product Review Guide

Before we get to the details that make each one of these tools worthy of further analysis, let’s take a look at the full list of tools that we’ll be discussing.

  • TradingView — Best Online Community
  • Metastock — Best Longest Running Stock Analysis Software
  • Stock Rover — Best Technical and Fundamental Screening Tool
  • TC2000 — Best Software With Brokerage Discounts
  • TrendSpider — Best Training Programs & Support for Custom Scanner

TradingView — Best Online Community and Trading Tool

Company Background:

TradingView claims that their product is the fastest way to view stocks on the internet. When you visit their website, you’ll immediately see what they mean.

The moment you arrive, you’ll notice that there are multiple options for you to click to view detailed charts of various popular stocks. This is something that many of the other stock analysis tools won’t give users until you sign up for their services.

This company has developed a free charting tool for traders to use for making their own portfolios grow, and there are plenty more enticing features that come with premium accounts from TradingView.

For instance, premium trading accounts with this company will have access to options for exporting their charts and data, and premium accounts are available on multiple devices.

When my brother downloaded a beefy program that was slowing down his computer, I was sitting in the same room with TradingView. It was running on my computer without a problem because I didn’t need to download a thing. It runs on HTML 5 codes.

When I first started seriously trading stocks for a living, their HTML 5 coding was one of the things that stood out to me about TradingView. All I needed to do was click on a link to start analyzing stock market data. It’s ridiculously simple to get started.

If you’re not already impressed by the effort they’ve put into making their product easy to use on any computer’s browser, you might be interested to find out that this company has a spectacular community of traders.

You’ll never feel alone while you trade because there are millions of other people on their network. As a member, you’ll have access to other traders’ reports. Learning from the successes and failures of other investors is how I became good at trading.

Expert Rating:

While surveying expert stock traders, we discovered they also found this tool easy to launch from any browser. Also, we find that the vast offering of fundamental screening options makes an impression on any professional using this program.

According to an industry professional, one of the biggest downsides of using this software is the lack of forecasting capabilities for automatic trading. Also, not having the ability to trade options is a huge limitation for many investors.


  • Huge Community: TradingView has one of the largest communities of investors; they’re currently at over 7 million users.
  • Learn Tricks of Trading: By witnessing how historical trades have worked for other investors, you’ll be able to learn how to predict the market for working with your own portfolio. TradingView’s community of investors has published over 4 million ideas.
  • Tool Runs on Any Browser: TradingView is easy to open on any device. It works on every operating system by using a combination of HTML 5 and mobile app technology.


  • No Options: Although you’ll have access to a virtual stock broker to help with trading, you won’t be able to work with stock options.


  • Trading Widgets for Your Website:This is one of the more interesting features we’ve seen from a stock analysis tool. While many companies offer widgets for personal use, TradingView gives users the ability to copy their unique codes, so you’ll be able to add widgets to your blog.
  • Financial Charting Capabilities:TradingView admits that charting stock performance is one of the core principles that’s required to succeed with your portfolio investments. They’ve put together an impressive charting platform that’s used throughout the world by millions of investors.
  • Great for Web Developers:Although this tool is awesome for any trader, it’s essential for web developers to take a look at what this company has to offer. Apart from widgets for your blog, TradingView offers advertising through their network to help locate a perfect audience.

Final Thoughts:

TradingView is free to use, but the premium version has incredible features that will tempt most investors. While all the versions give you access to the HTML 5 software, the premium plans come with community support, mobile alerts, and more features.

MetaStock — Best Longest Running Stock Analysis Software

Company Background:

This interesting stock analysis company has been around since 1985, so the developers have had plenty of opportunities to amp up their services.

MetaStock came out of a company called Equis when the founder realized how a personal computer is an effective tool for analyzing the market. In 1986, MetaStock was picked for an Editor’s Choice Award from the highly-esteemed PC Magazine.

This company has changed greatly since they first started offering tools for investors, but they’ve kept their same principles intact in order to create more automated charts and screening software to analyze trends.

Expert Rating:

Expert investors will enjoy the valuable news sources that MetaStock incorporates into its platform.

Although veteran users might disagree, the experts we surveyed were unhappy with how intricate the programs on MetaStock are for new users.

However, any investor who appreciates a company that has been around for a few decades should take a close look at what MetaStock has to offer.


  • Stunning Stock News Service: MetaStock’s news service outperforms competitors because it includes more news highlights, and they offer translations in other languages.
  • Great Coverage: This software has reliable backing from industry professionals, so you should anticipate quick global coverage of real-time data from the market.
  • Expert Advisor: This software has an automated feature that will help you figure out a winning strategy for some of your portfolio’s trickiest stocks.


  • Limited Operating Systems: Although MetaStock performs exceptionally well on PCs, this software isn’t designed to work with Mac or Linux computers.
  • Lacks Mobile Integration: This software is focused entirely on providing screening capabilities for your desktop or laptop computer.


  • Online Chat Support:MetaStock offers quick support through an online chat feature. You’ll have help troubleshooting technical issues and answering questions related to your account.
  • MetaStock R/T:Since day-trading in the stock market is preferred by many modern investors, MetaStock’s design team created a feature that incorporates real-time data. MetaStock R/T is updated as the market changes throughout every business day.
  • XENITH:This is how members of MetaStock receive news about market activities. XENITH is a compilation of insightful wisdom from stock market experts, including data from market projections.

Final Thoughts:

This company is worthy of your time because their developers have mastered the service of providing valuable insights for real investors. MetaStock has been around for a long time, so you’re bound to learn something valuable from working with this product.

Stock Rover — Best Technical and Fundamental Web-Based Stock Screening Tool

Company Background:

While Stock Rover is a project created by investors for other investors, this company is proud to incorporate user opinions into their unique product offering.

Stock Rover is driven to provide meaningful customer support. They’ve made a commitment to creating educational platforms for their customers as well, including videos and an impressive guide called Stock Research 101.

Since Stock Rover has been around for over a decade, their developers have had time to test out various features designed to help investors with picking winning stocks.

This company was founded by a group of computer engineers. Their team has a background in software development, so their products use some of the most sophisticated designs on this list. For example, the Warren Buffett Screen gives any investor a winning edge.

Expert Rating:

Our industry expert gave this product the highest possible score for its ease-of-use. The software doesn’t require installation, so you should be able to have it running within a few minutes.

You’ll feel more productive if you’re working with a system that’s easy to operate.


  • No Installation Required: You won’t need to wait for downloads, and you’ll be able to access this powerful screening tool from any computer.
  • Mobile Stock Tools: If you like to work on your portfolio on the go, you’ll appreciate the text and email alerts from Stock Rover.
  • Import Your Portfolio: Get real updates on how your portfolio is performing by linking your stocks with Stock Rover.
  • User-Friendly Design: Since this product was made by software developers, its interface is easy to operate.


  • Limits for Annotation: Unfortunately, you won’t be able to draw your own trend lines.
  • Lack of Community: Apart from some discussions within blog posts, there isn’t any active community element within Stock Rover.
  • Advanced Features Are Locked: Some of the most impressive features from Stock Rover require a premium membership in order to gain access.


  • Advanced Technical Screening Capabilities:Most of the investors who start out working with Stock Rover choose this company because of its sophisticated stock screening tools.

    Although the free service from Stock Rover will grant you limited access to advanced screening tools, you’ll need to pay for a premium membership in order to have full control over hundreds of financial metrics, data exports, historical reports, and many more features.

  • Professional Research and Recommendations:Although you might start with this tool because of their sophisticated screening features, you’ll probably keep coming back because of their exquisite research protocol.

    Stock Rover is serious about showing evaluations for competing investments. You’ll be able to access reports about trends in the industry that will determine growth and market stability.

  • Portfolios and Charts:One of the main reasons why we like this tool is because of how it makes our lives easier. You’ll have quality analytics at your fingertips. Best of all, you’ll be able to link your portfolio to Stock Rover in order to help analyze your performance.

    The reason you should link your portfolio to this tool is because Stock Rover includes valuable charts that show a visual perspective of how your portfolio is performing. They’ll chart aspects of trends, show comparisons of screening techniques, and more.

Final Thoughts:

Since Stock Rover has quite a few user-friendly features, we recommend trying a free plan just to see how this tool is set up. If you like the design of the free version, the premium plans are a great deal for a small annual investment.

TC2000 — Best Analysis Software With Brokerage Discounts

Company Background:

This company offers a downloadable version of their analysis software. It works with Macs, Windows, and mobile devices.

Since TC2000 continues to come out with updated versions of their fantastic scanning software, they remain a favorite of many loyal veteran traders.

Expert Rating:

One of the main reasons that expert traders crave TC2000 is because of the considerable discount that this company offers to its customers in association with their brokerage services.

Also, this software is incredibly easy for any level of investor to start using.


  • Easy Trades: Unlike more complicated programs, TC2000 lets you trade stocks from their charts.
  • Strong Add-On Products: StockFinder is one example of an add-on product that will greatly assist with your trading strategies.
  • Loads of Technical Indicators: This software has over 70 technical indicators to keep you satisfied with their reliable program.


  • News Ticker: The news updates on TC2000’s software aren’t as sophisticated as those from other tools on this list.


  • Three Levels of Training:TC2000 offers free tutorial videos to anyone who’s interested in their product. They also offer nationwide training courses and online classes for premium members.
  • Pre-Market & Post-Market Modes:Two of the most fascinating features of TC2000 are these advanced data streaming services. You’ll be able to get updates about the market before and after it’s open.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to work with an analysis tool that will connect you with a broker, this product is one of the best on our list.

TC2000 offers a discount when you purchase stocks through their broker, and you’ll be able to make your decision with a few easy clicks on any active chart.

TrendSpider — Best Training & Support for Innovative Custom Scanner

Company Background:

When you read over the specs of this product, you might think that it sounds like TrendSpider was designed by tech gurus. There are plenty of innovative design elements that set this tool apart from similar stock screening software.

Even though a few of the founders have a technical development background, it’s important to realize that this company was started by investors. Dan and Rus are investors who were fed up with the current offerings for creating and planning charts.

Even though this company started in 2016, it has caused expert stock investors to turn their heads due to its powerful, custom scanning options.

They even have a great training program for new stock investors. Spider KnowledgeBase and TrendSpider University will help newbie traders tune up their portfolios; experts might need to review these items in order to become acquainted with this system.

Expert Rating:

The expert analysts that we’ve spoken to have recommended this company for a variety of reasons. For starters, the customer service at TrendSpider is friendly and knowledgeable.

Professional investors love the way that TrendSpider incorporates automated scanning technology, and their Market Scanner was just released in 2020 to help investors find relevant stocks that match their typical criteria.


  • Automatic Trend Lines: The automatic charts that TrendSpider generates are impressive because you’ll be able to represent multiple time-frames on the same chart.
  • New Innovations: This company is constantly coming up with new ways to help investors spot trends in the market. For instance, they just released something called Market Scanner that uses artificial intelligence to track lucrative trends in any industry.
  • Quality Customer Care: If you like to have an actual person to talk to, you’ll be happy with this company’s support system. TrendSpider works hard to connect members with a live agent.


  • No Community Element: Even though you’ll have access to customer support, TrendSpider University, and other training opportunities, there isn’t a real network of investors to communicate with on this platform.
  • Confusing Data: The innovative features from TrendSpider might be confusing to new users. Complex reports for stock forecasts that other software doesn’t offer might be overwhelming to an investor who’s accustomed to seeing traditional scanning technology.


  • Training:Although training is usually an extraneous offering, you might need it to understand how to use TrendSpider’s intuitive design. Fortunately, this company is able to offer personalized training sessions whenever one of their members needs assistance.
  • Brilliant Platform:The all-in-one design of TrendSpider’s platform puts you in control of an arsenal of tools, including descriptive charts, real-time market data, and a variety of technical stock analysis tools.
  • Sophisticated Market Scanner:You’ll have the ability to use previously designed scanners, or you could test out your own skills at building a custom stock scanner on TrendSpider. In addition to scanning the market, you’ll be able to assemble a long list of your favorite stocks to watch.

Final Thoughts:

Although there are issues with veteran stock experts using this system, the company offers a great training program to help people understand how their scanners work. TrendSpider offers an outstanding value for a beautifully designed stock analysis tool.

Putting It All Together

You’re finally ready to invest in a toolkit to make you a better trader, so it’s time to decide which stock analysis software is right for your needs. All of the tools on this list are worthy of your attention, so you should take time to try out each one.

To recap our list, TradingView is great for investors who like to be involved in a large community of other investors.

Stock Rover lacks a strong community. However, this software is super easy to use, and you’ll be able to link your own portfolio.

If you’re not afraid to learn new tricks, TrendSpider is an innovative software, and they’re willing to teach you how to use it.

For an investor who wants to quickly have access to analysis tools from any device, I’d recommend TradingView. TrendSpider is my second pick, but you need to have more time to invest in learning how to use their powerful scanner.