Tablets For OSU

A good quality drawing tablet is getting easier to find in this modern age. The level of sensitivity in the pens has increased, and the quality of the pictures you can produce has gone up. There are many things you should look for when you want to have a tablet for your drawing board.

What to Look for in a Tablet

When you want to draw on your tablet, there are certain things you should consider before you buy one. Most of the modern tablets give you a good surface for drawing and hours of fun, but consider the following things before you buy one.


Drawing with a tablet is and is not like drawing on a piece of paper. On a piece of paper, you have complete control over the pencil and the paper. Your drawing tablet should have the same accuracy and produce the same quality drawings as your old-fashioned paper.


There is nothing worse than typing and not seeing your words come up on the screen. When you are drawing, it is the same way. Your tablet should be responsive to your pen and go where you want it to go as if you were drawing on a piece of paper.

3Pressure Sensitivity

Not all tablets detect your degree of sensitivity. The point of your pen should produce thicker lines if you are pressing harder or thin lines as you only lightly press. Your drawing tablet should come with the sensitivity to the amount of pressure you are exerting over your drawing implement.

What are the Best Tablets?

The best tablet for you is the one that fits your drawing style. It is responsive to your touch and helps you to produce the best high-quality art without a problem.

1Huion Inspiroy H430P OSU Graphic Drawing Tablet

The Huion Inspiroy H430P OSU Graphic Drawing Tablet connects with the Android systems 6.0 and above. The phone and tablet directly connect to your android device for seamless drawing and transfer. The tablet comes with a pen to help with your creations that are battery-free.

The Graphic Drawing Tablet provides four thousand ninety-six degrees of pressure sensitivity to ensure and high level of accuracy for your drawing and advanced performance of five thousand eighty PI resolution.

The Drawing Tablet has four customizable keys for efficiency in your creation and to make sure you can access your favorite shortcuts without taking time away from your drawing. The tablet is lightweight and convenient to carry with you while you travel.


  • The tablet comes with a battery-free pen.
  • The Huion Inspiroy Drawing Tablet lets you customize four drawing shortcuts.
  • The tablet connects with your Android device.


  • The tablet does not work with iPhones and older Samsungs.
  • The tablet can have difficulty maintaining a connection with your phone.

2VEIKK S640 6 x 4-inch Ultra-Thin OSU Tablet

The Veikk S640 6 x 4-inch Ultra-Thin OSU Tablet Drawing Tablet is the perfect tablet for beginners to learn drawing on. It provides a solid foundation to learn drawing, sketching, inking, sculpting, and painting. The pen is touch-sensitive and battery-free for hours of responsive and accurate drawing.

The tablet gives your drawing eight thousand, one hundred ninety-two degrees of pressure, and comes ready to customize for left or right-handed drawers. The tablet has four rubber feet to provide stability for the tablet, while you sketch and is lightweight enough to carry everywhere.


  • The Veikk Drawing Tablet works for right and left-handed drawers.
  • The Drawing Tablet is lightweight and ultra-thin.
  • The Drawing Tablet provides eight thousand, one hundred ninety-two degrees of pressure.


  • The tablet does not sync well with MACs.
  • The software does not come with a guide.

3OSU Tablet VEIKK S640 Ultra-Thin 6×4 Inch Graphics Drawing Tablet

The OSU Tablet Veikk S640 Ultra-Thin 6×4 Inch Graphics Drawing Tablet is ready to draw when you are. The tablet requires no installation to start its operation.

It comes with a battery-free pen that provides eight thousand ninety-two degrees of pressure and sensitivity for the finest drawings. The pen produces ultra-fine drawings with easy and transfers those drawings through a USB port.

The Tablet is only two millimeters thick and is not a burden to carry around. It is perfect for right and left-handed drawers, which use it with equal ease.


  • The tablet requires installation to use.
  • The tablet has a battery-free pen.
  • The pen has eight thousand, one-hundred ninety-two degrees of sensitivity.


  • The cursor can be too sensitive.
  • The tablet has trouble running on a Mac.

4Huion 420 OSU Tablet 4 x 2.23 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet

The Huion 420 OSU Tablet 4 x 2.23 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet has almost complete compatibility of most graphics programs, including Corel Painter, Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop, SAI, 3D Max, Autodesk Maya, and Comic Studios. The compatibility allows you to transfer images from your tablet to your computer seamlessly.

The tablet comes with a ready-to-use battery-free pen that is ultra-sensitive and three programmable express keys. The pen has a sensitivity of two thousand, forty-eight, and works with the latest versions of the Windows and Mac Operating systems.


  • The tablet works with most digital drawing programs on the market.
  • The Huion Graphics Drawing Tablet comes ready to use with a built-in battery.
  • The Drawing Tablet works with Windows and Mac systems


  • The drawing tablet does not fit the full screen of your computer.
  • The pen could have a greater sensitivity.

5Huion 420 OSU Pen Tablet 4 x 2.23 Graphics Drawing Tablets for Windows and Mac

The Huion 420 OSU Pen Tablet 4 x 2.23 Graphics Drawing Tablets for Windows and Mac works well for OSU gaming, painting, sketching, and digital drawing. The tablet is compact and easy to carry without taking up much room.

The Drawing Tablet has an ultra-sensitive pen that comes with two thousand, forty-eight degrees of pressure. It also has two customizable buttons to let you seamlessly draw without taking your eyes off of your tablet.

The drawing tablet is compatible with the most updated versions of windows and Mac. The software also works with different types of drawing software, including Adobe Photoshop and illustrator, Core Painter, SAI, and Comic Studio.


  • The Huion Tablet works with the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • The Tablet is customizable.
  • The Tablet works with different types of drawing software.


  • The USB port can become weak.
  • The tablet is not for advanced drawing.

Final Thoughts

The right tablet should have the right amount of functionality with professionalism. It should be a long-last tool for you to draw with and should be sensitive to a very basic touch. The best tablet for all of these things is the Veikk S640 6 x 4-inch Ultra-Thin OSU Tablet Drawing Tablet.

The Veikk S640 6 x 4-inch Ultra-Thin OSU Tablet Drawing Tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system as well as a host of support drawing programs like adobe. The Tablet has a battery-free pen that offers a fine touch and a high level of quality to any drawing.