Tempered Glass PC Case

Do you want to take your gaming rig to the next level? Do you want to protect your expensive pc components from foreign particles? If you treat your gaming pc like it’s your first child, then you should consider upgrading to a tempered glass pc case.

Tempered glass pc cases are a dime a dozen these days. They both look cool and keep your investment performing at its best for much longer. With so many options on the market, it can be handy to narrow down a list of the best cases currently available.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Top Tempered Glass Personal Computer Casing 

Front Panel Connectivity: It is vital to get a front panel with the right USB ports and other jacks. Make sure the case you are considering matches at least one of your motherboard’s output capabilities.

Motherboard Size: Each case has unique dimensions. You want to make sure that your existing motherboard will fit snugly in the new rig. Standard motherboards are usually compatible with medium-sized tempered glass cases.

Cooling Potential: The last thing you want is for your pc to overheat. Air vents are a great place to start. However, rigs that push graphical limits often require liquid cooling to keep higher temperatures at bay.

Lighting: While illumination effects aren’t as important as the above three factors, they look extremely nice. Choose a windowed case that you won’t mind staring at for the next few years.

Noise Reduction: One of the best things about tempered glass pc cases is their ability to muffle sound. When running many intense programs simultaneously, your pc can start to sound like a jet engine if not cased properly.

The Five Best Tempered Glass Pc Cases

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1. Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA Mid-Tower Tempered Glass

The angular design of this case will help any rig turn a few heads. There are two footpads on each side that keep your system firmly in place at all times. The built-in LED lights are bright enough to illuminate everything on your desk.

The cooling system is comprised of direct air circulation. There are two 120mm fans that blow in conjunction, You can feel a crisp breeze through the vent holes once your pc gets to work. You can also upgrade to liquid cooling if you intend to max it out.

There are also convenient cable management holes located on the front panel. This helps keep a litany of cables neat and organized while sitting on your desk. It gives you every output you need to utilize monitors and gaming headsets.

The best part about this tempered glass case is how easy it is to install. The side panel slides right off and you can place the case no problem. Overall, this is an excellent case for a majority of pc users.

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2. Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass ATX Open Frame Panoramic

This case has a unique layout feature. You can swap between three different configurations depending on your setup. You can place the case vertically, horizontally, and even mount it to a nearby wall.

The Thermaltake cooling system is liquid by default. It supports up to 480mm PSU depending on how many brackets are equipped. Each bracket holds a 140mm fan for added cooling potential. This keeps the system room temperature during gaming sessions.

The case was designed from the ground up to support modding. Everyone can open up each part of this case and upgrade components as they see fit. This allows unlimited configurations depending on your personal preferences.

There are slots for up to four additional storage devices. This allows for immense future-proofing as file sizes become larger down the road. You can also easily remove any old drive bays to free up space in the rig.

The lighting system is fully customizable as well. Every part can be fitted with an RGB component to brighten things up. If you love to tinker with every aspect of your rig, then this is the tempered glass pc case for you.

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3. Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_BR Eclipse P400 Steel ATX Mid Tower Case

In addition to tempered glass, this case features a steel frame that screams durability. It also looks incredibly sleek and pleasing to the eye. The case comes in five different color variants so you can find one that perfectly matches your setup.

The super RGB downlight has a solid array of ten colors. The case also comes with a 300 mm LED strip that you can use to further customize the appearance. You can use long GPUs of up to 15.2 inches in order to complete the look.

The ventilation system uses optimal airflow to direct the air right to your CPU and GPU. In comes with two fans in the front and rear. You can also upgrade to water cooling radiators in order to maximize performance.

There are plenty of connectivity options to sink your teeth into. Hoop-n-Loop cable ties are used to keep your cords managed automatically. This helps reduce clutter and makes it easy to swap out connections quickly.

If your room is a bit dusty, then you will appreciate the magnetic dust filters. This reduces the need to manually clean the dust out of your rig. In the end, this is a great case for anyone who wants a low maintenance shell that looks incredibly nice.

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4. Cooler Master MCY-B5P2-KWGN-01 MasterBox Pro 5

This is one of the best selling tempered glass cases for good reason. It offers a wide range of customization options and exudes quality in every way. There are multiple mounting options that make this case easy to place in any setup.

You can arrange multiple SSDs in any order you see fit. The motherboard tray has a convenient bracket that makes sliding parts in and out a breeze. Once everything is in place, you can slide the 4 mm thick side panel over your work to keep it protected.

You can equip up to four 120 mm fans on your rig. There are three slots in front and one in the back. You can also run with a hybrid setup by swapping out a fan for a water radiator. It’s worth noting that the radiator can only be placed in the front.

The included splitter cable is great for installing LED fans and strips. You can easily brighten up the case in any way you see fit. If you want a tempered glass case that is easy to work on, then the Masterbox Pro is well worth the investment.

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5. Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case

This case allows you to show off your entire internal setup with ease. There are three walls that all have robust window panels. This allows you to get a full panoramic view of the rig at a distance.

This bundle comes with four red LED fans. You can swap these lights out for different colors if you choose. Each fan is 120 mm and you can add two additional fans if you intend to push your hardware that much.

If you prefer liquid cooling, you can install a 360 mm radiator on the front, and a 280 mm radiator on top of the unit. Even with both radiators installed, there is still ample room for up to two additional hard drives.

There are dust filters on the top and front of the case. This helps keep the heat down further and reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning your internal components. Overall, this is a great case for anyone who wants to proudly display their rig.

The Final Verdict

Each of the above cases is excellent for different types of users. It is important to consider your own personal situation in order to determine the best one for you. You can’t go wrong with any of these cases if you just want something simple.

As for the absolute best pick on this list, it has to be the Thermaltake Core P5 tempered glass case. It offers the most customization options of anything currently on the market. The default case out of the box is also a great place for anyone to start.