Top Load Washers

Are you tired of hauling basket after basket to the laundromat? Do you hate dealing with take-out laundry when the weather is cold? Does it wear on your nerves to sit there doing nothing productive while you wait around on laundry to get done? If so, it sounds like you need a washing machine.

A washing machine will allow you to get the laundry done in the comfort of your own home or apartment while you do other tasks around the house. The size and capabilities of washers differ greatly. To help you find the best washing machine to suit your living situation, we have looked at what is available on the market and have chosen four of our favorite top-loading washing machines. You can review our summaries of them below.

#1 Kenmore 5.3 Cubic Foot Top Load Washer

Our top pick for best overall washer is the Kenmore 5.3 cubic foot top load washer because it has all you could want in a washer. This washer packs a lot of features as well as laundry into its 27.9 L x 27.5 W x 38 H of space, handling everything from your finest washables to heavy sleeping bags. It best suits active families.

This Kenmore washer has a Triple Action Impeller for maximum agitation, a StainBoost feature which eliminates the need to pretreat laundry, and the Deep Fill option which optimizes water usage by load size. It dispenses your detergent, softener, bleach and oxi at just the right times so that you don’t have to babysit the washer. Being a large washer, however, it is heavy and expensive.

• Handles large, heavy loads
• Dispenses detergent, fabric softener, bleach and oxi
• StainBoost eliminates the need to pretreat

• Heavy

#2 HomeLabs 0.9 Cubic Foot Portable Washing Machine
We couldn’t resist including this fully automatic small portable washer in our lineup. This one gives you the most bang for the buck.

While it has a tiny capacity, this very affordable washer is a fully automatic washing machine that gets the job done. Impressively, this washer offers five wash programs, three water levels, and it takes wash loads up to six pounds through the washing, rinsing and spinning cycles. Using just 200 watts of power, this 44.1-pound washer runs quietly and efficiently.

This HomeLabs washer comes with carry handles, adjustable legs, a lint filter, a water inlet and a drain pump. Accessories include the connect adapter for connection to faucets and sinks, plus the supply and drain hoses.

Taking up only 18.1 L x 17.7 W x 31.5 H inches of space, this portable washer can be tucked away into a closet or set into a bathroom. It is great for use by individuals who live in college dorm rooms, apartments, RVs and anywhere else there is limited space and not much laundry to do. The main drawback is its small drainage capacity.

• Low cost
• Portable
• Suits small spaces

• Inefficient drainage

#3 Kenmore 4.2 Cubic Foot Top Load Washer
With its low-profile Triple Action Impeller, this 4.2 cubic foot Kenmore washer easily handles bulky items. Its StainBoost feature adds wash time and more agitation to knock the worst messes out of fabrics, even gentle fabrics.

We liked the fact that this smart washer analyzes the load and optimizes the water amount needed so that your clothes will come out clean in the least amount of time and with the least amount of electricity used. We also liked the fact that the cycles are highly customizable. On the down side, this washer has just has a bleach dispenser.

• Handles bulky items
• With StainBoost, it handles extra tough stains
• Durable
• Highly customizable wash cycles
• Smart feature analyzes amount of water that is needed

• Only has a bleach dispenser

#4 Speed Queen 26 Inch Top Load Washer
This top-loading electric Speed Queen washing machine measures 28 L x 25.6 W x 42.8 H inches, but its capacity of 3.2 cubic feet is on the smaller end of the regular-sized washing machines that we liked. Still, it has features we like. The tub is made of stainless steel, and the steel cabinet is made of commercial-grade steel. The agitator agitates back and forth and impressive 210 degrees, giving maximum cleaning results.

On the cautionary side, however, some customers say that changes made in 2018 to this washer made its construction less durable than it was in previous years. Bad reviews put this one in last place.

• Agitates 210 degrees for maximum cleaning results.
• Stainless steel tub and commercial-grade steel cabinet make it durable

• Getting bad reviews for the 2018 and newer models for less durability and less cleaning ability due to changes made internally.


We recommend the Kenmore 5.3 cubic foot top load washer for large active families. This one tackles tough stains and dispenses everything for you, including bleach and oxi.

We like the HomeLabs 0.9 cubic foot portable washing machine for its ability to handle small loads, fit in small spaces, and cost small bucks. The Kenmore 4.2 cubic foot top load washer effectively cleans laundry, handles bulky items, analyzes how much water is needed, and has highly customizable wash cycles. We also like the Speed Queen 26-inch top load washer for its durability and wide range of agitation.

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